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Provided by Clarke

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Save time and stress by starting your kitchen design with appliance selection

For many, starting a kitchen design project begins with the cabinets. But while it’s helpful to clarify your personal style, great kitchen layouts actually start with appliance research. “Often homeowners don’t realize how appliance selection impacts the layout and design of the kitchen,” says Jennifer Stuart, a designer at Metropolitan Cabinets and Countertops. “Doing appliance research up front saves time and helps to prevent costly redesigns when they realize they really want to add a convection steam oven, built-in coffee system, or wine storage.”

When you think about it, it makes sense. Your layout may be very different if you select a 48” Dual-Fuel Range than if you envision an induction cooktop and built-in wall ovens. You might also like to incorporate Sub-Zero refrigerator drawers (rated by many designers as their favorite appliance) or include warming drawers to ensure every meal is held at the perfect temperature even when family or guests arrive at different times.

Or, perhaps, you’ll follow in the footsteps of many Clarke Boston visitors and envision your kitchen with a Wolf Convection Steam Oven stacked with another built-in. According to Showroom Manager Jeremy McCulla, eight out of ten visitors who tour New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf & Cove Showroom and Test Kitchen end up doing just that. 

“Once homeowners see the Convection Steam Oven in action at our showroom, they just have to have one,” says McCulla. “It’s the perfect second oven for reheating leftovers to original restaurant perfection. Plus, with Gourmet Mode, once your oven knows what’s inside — a soufflé, a crown roast, a few sweet potatoes — Wolf’s climate sensor takes over. It detects the volume, shape, and consistency of these dishes, then adjusts the time, temperature, and humidity for guesswork-free, delicious results every time.” 

Imagine learning about this oven after you’ve just completed your kitchen remodel! “We often hear laments of buyer’s remorse from visitors who come for an event at one of our showrooms after they have invested in a major kitchen redesign,” explains Sean Clarke, president of Clarke, the award-winning company founded by his father 30 years ago to introduce New Englanders to these world-class appliances. “Our full-scale kitchens show more models of Sub-Zero and Wolf than you can see anywhere else in New England. And you see them in unique installations that you might never consider on your own.”


Why should I visit Clarke?

Clarke is unique by any measure. The company operates three showrooms in Boston’s Seaport; Milford, Mass; and South Norwalk, Conn. In dozens of full-scale kitchens, created by the region’s top designers, homeowners can browse for inspiration and have all their questions answered by Clarke’s showroom consultants. “Our consultants aren’t designers,” says Sean Clarke, “but they are the people designers rely on for appliance recommendations, because they are so knowledgeable about these brands.” 

Many showroom consultants have decades of experience working side-by-side with homeowners and designers, and they’re extremely knowledgeable about each product. “They know every model, every update, every feature and can help you select exactly what will work best for your home and family,” Sean Clarke adds.“When you are going to make a significant investment in your kitchen, you want to be sure you are choosing products that will last for decades.”


Here are the top five reasons to visit a Clarke Showroom:

  1. Tap into superior knowledge — and undivided attention — from the Clarke Showroom consultants.
  2. Explore dozens of different full-scale designer kitchens to find ideas and inspiration.
  3. See the appliances in action in a product demonstration or personal test drive to help you make the perfect selections for your needs.
  4. Compare more models of Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances than anywhere in New England.
  5. Zero pressure. You don’t buy anything at Clarke. Your visit is for research purposes only. If you find appliances you would like to purchase, you’ll be connected with your local authorized dealer and Clarke will brief them on your selections. Clarke’s staff are product experts, not salespeople. 

Plus, every Clarke appliance comes with a chef…

“Most people are surprised to see a chef in an appliance showroom,” says Corporate Showroom Director Marco Barallon. “However, we don’t feel that you can truly understand all that Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances can do for your life until you taste the results.” For that reason, a chef is available during your visit and may offer you a ‘small bite,’ which is Clarke’s signature tasting of whatever the chef has prepared that day. In addition, you can attend a Wolf product demonstration to see the appliances in action or schedule a private test drive if there is a particular feature that you’d like to understand before selecting your appliance. “We’ve had serious bakers want to compare the results of two different ovens with their own pie recipes, which we welcome,” says Barallon. “Others aren’t sure whether they want to add a griddle or a grill atop their gas range, so we invite them to see the results of both.” 

Even after you purchase your appliances, Clarke offers you a “chef for the lifetime of your appliances.” In fact, homeowners call Clarke chefs year-round to ask how to modify an old family recipe to fit the new technology and features of their appliances, or to learn the best way to prepare their holiday turkey. Clarke is very serious about being there for homeowners before, during and after their new kitchen is installed. 

“We are a family business and when you come to our showrooms, you become part of our family,” says Sean Clarke. “Our consultants become friends with customers because they are working together on the most important room in their home. The decisions they make will actually change their lives and we want to make sure they are happy with those selections.”


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This content was written by the advertiser and edited by Studio/B to uphold The Boston Globe's content standards. The news and editorial departments of The Boston Globe had no role in its writing, production, or display.