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14 gifts to sweep her off her feet

Need a present for your gorgeous girlfriend that conveys just how much she means to you? A romantic gesture that will leave her swooning? Something more meaningful than a store bought card? The right gift can bring you both closer and make this Valentine’s Day one she’ll always remember.

Keep in mind, though, that commitment is the most romantic gift. If you’re thinking about taking that next step, skip this list and browse engagement rings instead. A custom diamond ring on a beautiful band makes an unforgettable gift. Order now, and you’ll be ready when the moment is right.

If you’re not quite ready for that, never fear. Here are some other ideas:


14. Teddy bear

If she loves to cuddle, get her a stuffed animal. They aren’t just for kids anymore, you know. She’ll be comforted by a soft, squishy pal when you’re not around. Go the extra mile by dressing it up to look like you.

13. Zodiac pairing necklace

Or bracelet, or ring, or constellation print. If she’s always analyzing your moon cycles or intrigued by your Sagittarius rising, get her a unique piece to let her know that your energies are cosmically aligned. Or if she’s less into astrology, think about matching birthstone jewelry.

12. Romantic crystal

Rose quartz is pretty in pink, but different stones have different meanings. Ruby for confidence, garnet for healing, or lapis lazuli for communication. Get yourself a matching piece, and let them anchor your spiritual connection.

11. Wine subscription

Set up a regular delivery to remind her that your feelings flow nonstop. If she’s less into drinking consider a monthly snack box, cheese board, or crate of farm-fresh veggies. She might even share some with you, so pick something you’ll both enjoy!


10. Ridiculous amounts of chocolate

A single box of chocolate is so last year. Chocolate is always a safe bet, but go the extra mile this year to really wow her. Get her a Kiss for every time you’ve kissed her. Get a mystery box so that you can guess the flavors together. Or customize a bar with her initials and favorite flavors.

9. Gift from her artsy friend’s small business

You know that one friend of hers with impeccable taste and the online store for selling their handmade goods? Support that friend by picking something out from her boutique. You can even ask for her advice if you aren’t sure where to start. That’ll mean more than sending your cash to some box store billionaire.

8. Shopping spree

There’s nothing riskier than picking out clothes that she might not like. Save the stress by taking her shopping so she can get exactly what she wants. You’ll get to spend quality time together and learn her preferences for next time. Don’t forget to hit the food court for maximum nostalgia.

7. Sonnet

If your budget is limited, you have options. Many homemade gifts feel a little childish, but an earnest love poem is classy and moving. You might not be a writer, and you may feel a little goofy sharing it with her. But just take the time to put your feelings for her into words, and it’ll mean much more than any price tag.

6. Classic spa night

She’s been working hard and deserves a relaxing homemade spa. Pull out the face masks (the fun kind, not the COVID safety kind), give her a massage, and draw a bath. A few candles and her favorite music will help set the mood. You’ll be saying “ahhh” in no time.

5. Staycation

Take her out and explore her neighborhood with a new perspective. Check out the played-out tourist spots. Stop by the local businesses. Book a fancy dinner at a swanky restaurant. Spend the night at an upscale hotel in town, or head home and order room service. Who needs to travel to have a good time?

4. Vacation

If a staycation sounds boring, try the old fashioned getaway. Satisfy her wanderlust with a romantic escape to her favorite destination, or surprise her with tickets to somewhere entirely new. Whether you fill your time sightseeing, sitting on a beach or climbing a mountain, you’ll go home closer and share those memories for years to come.


3. Start a new viral challenge

Don’t score easy points off the latest TikTok trend. If you’re really about it, be about it and create a new viral challenge in her honor. She will go down in meme history, and every like and retweet will be another reminder of your love. What challenge, you ask? To answer that, you’ll have to look within.

2. Shoutout in an acceptance speech

What’s stopping you? Win an award, bring her to the ceremony, and start your acceptance speech by thanking her for being your best friend and most reliable cheerleader. From the Oscars to the Dundies, she’ll be proud to see you thriving and satisfied knowing that it’s thanks to her influence.

1. Therapy (for yourself)

Taking care of yourself never goes out of style. Working on your own mental health will help you keep your relationship healthy. If you find yourself venting to her about all your problems and relying on her for emotional support, save all that processing for a professional. It’ll take the pressure off her, and you’ll both be better for it.

This content was written by the advertiser and edited by Studio/B to uphold The Boston Globe's content standards. The news and editorial departments of The Boston Globe had no role in its writing, production, or display.