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Take a sidewalk stroll through Boston’s charming South End


Boston’s South End is like stepping through an urban looking glass. Take a walk just beyond the city’s bustling downtown and you’ll find yourself in a neighborhood with a character all its own, adorned with historic Victorian brownstones, peppered with parks and green spaces, and enhanced with art, creativity, and open-mindedness around every corner.

The highlights of the South End come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From the doughy rounds of fresh-baked donuts and the long petals of fresh-planted flowers to the high balconies of a beloved performance space and the sprawling views of a rooftop pool deck. Take a tour of the main streets and hidden alleyways of this wonderland of cobblestones and café awnings by watching the video above. Then, scroll down to learn about all the residences, restaurants, gardens, and galleries that are featured.

Boston’s South End neighborhood from above.

The residences around the South End take modern living in a new direction, bringing together historic architecture, forward-thinking design, and the iconic brownstones that epitomize Boston’s urban neighborhoods.

The Lucas in the South End.

The Lucas

This one-of-a-kind boutique condominium houses 33 luxury residences that blend classic and contemporary architecture, all built into the South End’s historic Holy Trinity German Church. This blend of modern design and landmark architecture perfectly encapsulates the aesthetic of the South End.

Ink Block

The modern apartments and condominiums at Ink Block offer a variety of distinct styles, including upscale, edgy, and refined. With shopping and athletics—from Whole Foods and Sweetgreen to CorePower Yoga and Turnstyle cycling—steps from the complex, these residences represent the hip, convenient future of the South End.

To learn more about the residences around the South End, visit to get in contact with a neighborhood real estate expert.


Home to some of the most beloved eateries in the city, the South End has culinary destinations for every taste, mood, and meal.

The Beehive

With its traditional menu given an upscale twist and throwback atmosphere with a musical soul, this funky neighborhood restaurant is perfect for celebrating any occasion. The quirky décor ensures there’s always fun to be had while serving up delicious food, inspired cocktails, and a hearty helping of live music, with an affinity for jazz.

The South End Buttery

A neighborhood staple (as seen in the movie Spotlight), this café, bakery, and casual brunch spot is known for its delicious coffee and iconic yellow awnings. Take a stroll and grab a chair among its sidewalk seating to enjoy a snack and gorgeous view of the surrounding neighborhood.

Fresh-baked raspberry lime doughnuts from Blackbird Doughnuts.

Blackbird Doughnuts

Ready for a sweet treat? When you first walk into this neighborhood doughnut shop, the first thing you might notice is large chandelier encased in a big black birdcage. But soon after that, you’ll see the hundreds of doughnuts being prepared in the back kitchen. From classics like vanilla glazed and chocolate sprinkles to fruity favorites like lemon coconut and raspberry lime, this artisan bakeshop has a five-star reputation for a reason.

Parks and green spaces
The South End’s public parks and gardens not only give the neighborhood a burst of color, but also a place for friends to hang and neighbors to meet.

Berkeley and Worcester Street Community Gardens

The fountain at Blackstone Square makes for an impactful centerpiece at the green space.

Local community gardens allow residents to tend to their own plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables while adding a touch of nature to the urban neighborhood.

Blackstone Square Park

An urban oasis of sorts, this large patch of sprawling grass with a statement fountain at its center is the perfect destination for a morning dog walk, early afternoon coffee break, or lunchtime picnic.


Art + culture
Embedded in Boston’s rich arts scene, the South End and SOWA district are home to performance spaces and galleries showcasing the city’s most creative spirit. 

The SOWA district

This district has a creative culture unmatched by any other part of the city. Secondhand clothing shops, open lots for weekly flea markets, and boutiques showcasing everything from hand-crafted greeting cards to fine leather goods are located throughout the area, which gets its name for its location: “South of Washington.” Free-to-the-public gallery spaces also allow local artists to open their studios for perusing and purchasing. Meet some of the most creative people in the area and browse an impressive assortment of paintings, sculptures, jewelry, glass blowing, and more.

Stephen Silver works on new paintings in his studio in the SOWA district

Calderwood Pavilion
A theater hub and cultural landmark for the city since 2004, this performance space houses two separate theaters that presents shows by the Huntington Theater Company and smaller arts organizations. Located right on along the hustle of Tremont Street, a visit here and to one of the many notable restaurants and wine bars in the area makes for a perfect date night.


This content was produced by Boston Globe Media's Studio/B in collaboration with the advertiser. The news and editorial departments of The Boston Globe had no role in its production or display.