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Winning the name game

Learn how these businesses are making it easy for Bostonians to shop local – even when shopping online

Since the start of the pandemic, Bostonians have increasingly embraced the shop local movement, supporting mom and pop shops, neighborhood artisans, and local professionals and service providers. Better service, higher quality support, and a desire to support local vendors and keep money in the local economy are just some of the motivations behind the shop local movement.

African-American business owner holding a "Thank You for Buying Local" sign in front of her store with shopper in the background.Shopping local doesn’t mean you have to eschew the ease of shopping online.

But shopping local often conflicts with the ease and convenience of shopping online. Big box retailers and scrappy global e-commerce start-ups offer a dizzying variety of products and services that make it increasingly hard for small Boston-based businesses to compete.

That’s why the City of Boston launched the .boston domain.

.Boston is the official domain extension of the City of Boston, created as a public benefit to help give Bostonians a competitive edge in building and branding their online presence.


Showcase your connection to Boston

A man with glasses and a big beard wearing a plaid shirt walks pensively through Boston Common.William Peacock, a classical musician and composer

“I’ve always felt at home in Boston, and for me, it was important to reflect that in my domain name.” That’s what William Peacock, a classical musician and composer, said about his website — The .boston domain “has given me a way to stand out online in a crowded landscape of local musicians and artists using more generic names.”

“I have put in a lot of work to be the best musician I can be,” said William, “but it’s pretty difficult to market yourself when you’re working so hard to be excellent at your craft.” For William, his website is the main way that he promotes the music he writes and performs – and how he hopes to attract the interest of a major publisher or record label. For now, he says, “my website is how I find new fans, followers, and opportunities to perform in Boston.”


Make your online brand stand out

A chef with glasses stands over a counter while holding orders.Derrick Teh, owner of Malaysian pop-up restaurant SEKALI

Your domain name is often the first thing that people will see when they learn about your product, service, or business online – so making a strong first impression is vital. Aside from the instant recognition that you’re Boston-proud, using the .boston domain for your website can help you to stand out from the competition and make it easier for people to remember, share, and recommend your brand to others.

For Malaysian pop-up restaurant SEKALI, choosing the right domain extension was easy. As owner Derrick Teh describes, “we promoted ourselves as ‘SEKALI Boston,’ so it was only fitting to brand ourselves online as The domain gave them a cohesive online and offline brand, making it easy for foodies to find, remember, and recommend them. “Creating a strong brand identity from the onset has allowed us to evolve from being a once-a-month pop-up restaurant to a once-a-week venue” – recognized as the “Best Pop-Up Restaurant of 2021.”

Elevated Design is a local engineering firm based in Quincy that serves the greater Boston area. As a leading engineering firm designing buildings that reduce clients’ carbon footprints, “reaching new clients and getting found by the people who need our services is vital,” says owner Mark Schow. “Our domain name,, helps people to recognize our business as local and relevant to their needs from the moment they see the website name or email address.”


Grow your business

Having the word “Boston” built right into your domain name indicates to potential visitors that your product, service, or business is authentically affiliated with the City of Boston. That means when people in Boston are searching for what you offer on Google (or any other search engine), you’re more likely to be found in the search results since the search engines already know where you’re located.

George Washington Monument at Public Garden in Boston, domains show your love for the city you call home.

Skyline Landscapes is an up-and-coming design/build landscape firm that prides itself on its ability to build relationships with contractors in the field, clients, and architects alike. They create “flourishing landscapes through horticulture.” Their website – – attracts homeowners, developers, and architects who want to construct landscapes that are intended to last for generations.

According to landscape architect and key member of the team Kara Lam, “we’re proud to be serving Greater Boston and the South Shore.” In addition to helping Skyline to grow their customer base year after year, they hope their website will “attract talented horticulturalists and arborists to help grow their team.” As a proud Boston-based firm, Skyline relies heavily on its website to both inform and educate clients as well as to sell future projects.


Get your .boston domain

As a relatively new domain option, .boston still has a wide-open selection of short, memorable .boston domain names available. For a limited time, you can get yours at for the special price of only $9.99.

This content was written by the advertiser and edited by Studio/B to uphold The Boston Globe's content standards. The news and editorial departments of The Boston Globe had no role in its writing, production, or display.