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The table is set for 2019

At the crossroads of what-has-been and what-will-be stand four shoppers eager to share where 2018 has taken them and embrace what the coming year has in store.

In the midst of the holiday hustle, take a minute to reflect: What did you accomplish in 2018 that makes you the most proud? Did you land a new job, find a new beau, make a big move? Looking ahead, what events have you eagerly adding X’s to your calendar in giddy anticipation? Since the new year is an occasion everyone’s invited to, now’s the time for us all to celebrate the things we’ve already accomplished—as well as those we still have yet to achieve.

In honor of this special time of year, Primark—the four-story fashion destination in Downtown Crossing—made reservations for dinner. The guests? Four lucky shoppers with plenty of reasons to raise a glass. From weight loss to marriage proposals to dreams of becoming a police officer, the stories shared by these four individuals are as exciting as they are inspiring.


Meet the shoppers + get their look

Kira, through her wide smile and infectious enthusiasm, radiates passion. By day, she’s a music therapist who helps disabled youth and senior citizens through the power of song. In her off-hours, she’s on stage performing in a band and in the spotlight of various stage productions. In 2018, she starred in her first paid musical, All Shook Up, and went on a retreat for aspiring actors that she will tell you literally changed her life. She also traveled to Europe with her partner where she said, “Yes!” to his marriage proposal. In 2019, she’ll be hard at work planning her dream wedding and applying to graduate school to receive her MFA in musical theater.

Inspired by Kira’s artistic interests and academic pursuits, Meredith Wish, a Boston-based style blogger, dressed her in a look that’s sleek, semi-professional, and just a little sexy. “I wanted Kira to feel like the boss she is,” Wish says. “She has so much to look forward to, and I wanted an outfit that made her feel capable of achieving it all.”

Wish paired a shapely black leather skirt ($18) with a burgundy lace bodysuit ($10), all layered with a faux fur vest ($29) that adds a dash of luxury and texture. For the details, she adds a pair of black suede ankle boots ($19), a gold statement necklace ($5), and burgundy purse ($10). She tops it off with a beret ($6) to highlight Kira’s creative side.

“I feel like I could conquer whatever comes my way,” Kira says. “This outfit is so me, and this beret is so chic. It’s perfect.”

Kira on stage performing at the Hackmatack Playhouse in Maine.

Maria is living the American dream. After being born in South America and later growing up in Italy, she and her family moved to the United States in 2003. Since then, they’ve worked hard, always hoping to cement their status as citizens of their new home country. This year, Maria turned this dream into a reality by passing the exam to officially become an American citizen. On top of this, her family bought their first house this year, finally upgrading from the apartment they’ve shared since their arrival. In 2019, Maria is ready to start a family with her husband and hopes to continue to help her family achieve the dream they’ve all had for over a decade.

With such a momentous achievement to celebrate, Wish styled Maria in an outfit that’s equal parts mature and fashion-forward. “Maria deserves to feel proud, and I wanted to dress her in a way that gives her the confidence to own what she’s worked so hard to achieve,” Wish says. “I mean, she’s officially a citizen!”

Wish paired a sleek, knee-length black swing dress ($14) with a green faux leather biker jacket ($20), achieving a layered look that’s both cool and casual. To that, she added studded black leather ankle boots ($19) for a little attitude, as well as some glitzy jewelry ($5), a black weekender bag ($20), and a tan fur scarf ($17) for a touch of opulence.

“I feel amazing in my new outfit,” Maria says. “This caps off a truly exciting year in style and I can’t wait to see where I go from here.”

Maria after receiving her citizenship and traveling abroad with her husband.

Brett’s newfound dedication to his health and fitness was the silver lining of a very dark cloud. This past year, nine of his family members suffered major health issues, with three of his grandparents passing away. To ensure he left nothing to chance when it came to his own health, Brett began a journey that led to him ultimately losing 40 pounds. After his boyfriend started his residency around Boston, Brett and his new self packed up home in Los Angeles and moved across the country. Now sharing a place with a partner for the first time, Brett is looking forward to settling into his new home, continuing his fitness journey, and keeping in touch with his loved ones.

Since Brett has a new body to flaunt, Wish made it her mission to find him an outfit that shows it off. “After losing all that weight, I figured Brett felt like a new person,” she says. “I want his clothes to capture that new spirit and show him how much his hard work has paid off.”

For his base outfit, Wish paired a patterned button down ($15) with a striking pair of burgundy slim-fit trousers ($15), all accented with a brown pair of chelsea boots ($28) and belt ($8). Over top, she layers a light grey scarf ($5) over a thick navy blue peacoat ($58) that stops at his mid-thigh. For one final pop of color, she adds a maroon watch ($14) to ensure Brett arrives to dinner on time.

“I feel like a new me,” Brett says. “Now in a new town with someone I love, I’m excited to embrace every opportunity. And wear this jacket everywhere.”

Brett with his late grandfather, a major inspiration for his health journey.

Taciane is dedicated to making a difference. Currently employed as a social worker helping at-risk youth reintegrate into society after being released from prison, she works to give young men the opportunity at a full life. She also ran her first half marathon in Vancouver this year. Building off of her career experience, she hopes to take the civil service exam next year to make the leap from the rehabilitative side to the punitive side, with her ultimate goal being to become a police officer. She hopes in 2019 to move out of her parent’s home and into her own place. She thinks it’s time to concentrate a bit on herself after years of helping others.

With Taciane’s goals of updating her career and living situation in mind, Wish puts together a look that’s casual, comfortable, and confident. “Taciane knows exactly where she’s going and how she’s going to get there,” Wish says. “This outfit makes sure she looks good doing it.”

To convey a sense of authority, Wish uses a predominantly black palette, with a pop of pink to show Taciane’s playful side. She pairs a black denim skirt ($13), black stockings ($5), and knee-high black boots ($30) with a blush-colored chenille turtleneck ($16) and black fur vest ($29). All paired with a black and gold-accented purse ($15), this outfit conveys that Taciane is ready to get stuff done.

“This look is awesome,” Taciane says. “Totally something I would have picked for myself that makes me feel like a boss. Bring on 2019; I got this!”

Taciane with her family at home in Quincy.

This content was produced by Boston Globe Media's Studio/B in collaboration with the advertiser. The news and editorial departments of The Boston Globe had no role in its production or display.