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Your game plan to scoring cheap Celtics tickets: Five tips for the budget baller

Everyone wants to score a good deal, but everything from the opponent to the day of the week can have significant impacts on the price of a Celtics ticket. This guide will help you to find the best prices.

As any Celtics fan will tell you, the team is one of the most storied franchises in the NBA, having won more NBA titles than any other squad. But all of this success can lead to fans paying up when it comes to tickets, as Celtics fans near and far flock to TD Garden to see the team in action.

Regardless of demand, savvy fans know all the tricks when shopping for Celtics tickets. This guide outlines five different tips that will make sure that you get in the arena at the lowest possible price.

  1. Sneak out of work early
    While the vast majority of fans prefer to attend events on the weekend, those that can get to TD Garden for games early in the week are likely to save a significant amount of money. Looking over the past five years of Celtics games, the average ticket sold for a Monday game on SeatGeek has cost 52 percent less than those sold for Saturday games. That means that fans are paying less than half for early week games compared to weekend games. If you can swing attending a Monday or Wednesday game, you are almost certainly going to pay less than those attending on the weekend.
  2. Procrastination can pay off
    While your first instinct might be to purchase tickets the second the schedule comes out, those who wait until the week of the event typically spend the least. Looking at the past five years of Celtics data on SeatGeek, the best time to purchase tickets was within the week of the event, when tickets cost on average 22 percent less than those purchases more than a month out from the event. While for many teams buying the day of the event actually offers the lowest prices, in the case of the Celtics prices actually typically go up in the final 24 hours before the event.
  3. Early season games offer good value
    October is an amazing month for sports fans: the MLB playoffs are taking place, the NFL and college football seasons are in full swing, the NHL season gets underway, and at the end of the month the NBA season tips off. With so much going on, the early season Celtics games can get lost in the mix, which is a good sign for fans looking for a deal. On average, tickets for games in October are 21 percent less than those in February, the most expensive month of the regular season. Fans can also find good deals in April, although if the team is making a playoff push they may actually see the opposite, where prices are trending up.
  4. Check the schedule
    Across the league, one of the single biggest impacts on ticket prices is which team is sitting on the away bench. No matter what city it is, when a player like LeBron James or Steph Curry comes to town, demand for tickets skyrockets. This means that games against the Warriors and Lakers are significantly hotter tickets than games against teams like the Pistons, Kings, and Nuggets. Over the past five years, the average ticket to a Pistons at Celtics game has been $63. As a point of comparison, the average ticket against the Warriors has cost $273. This means that a family of four can attend the Pistons game for less than a single ticket to the Warriors game. The opponent has a massive impact on prices, and fans just looking to see the Celtics should keep an eye out for some of the less popular teams mentioned above.
  5. Where to sit
    Fans that just want to get in the door for as little as possible know that their seats will almost always be high up from the court, and in the corners of the arena. Historically, the section with the lowest prices on SeatGeek has been Balcony 322. But fans who care more about value than strictly price may want to look down in the lower level. Based on SeatGeek’s Deal Score algorithm, the section with the best deals over the past five years was actually Lodge 7, in the lower level behind the basket.

With the above tools, fans should be able to save significantly when it comes to attending a Celtics game this season. Most of the above suggestions can also be combined to find savings, so if you can find an early season, weekday matchup against a low-demand team, be sure to wait until the week of the game and find the best deal you possibly can.

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This content was written by the advertiser and edited by Studio/B to uphold The Boston Globe's content standards. The news and editorial departments of The Boston Globe had no role in its writing, production, or display.