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2021 Salute to Nurses letters: Hospitals U-Z

UMass Memorial HealthAlliance

Kristin Blomgren, UMass Worcester, UMass Memorial HealthAlliance

Always puts the patient first.—Nominated by Pat Dow

Irene Butler, UMass Memorial HealthAlliance-Clinton

Irene is my mother and a nurse of 30-plus years. She raised me to be a nurse, but I have a long way to go to be compared to her. She cares about everyone, deeply. She is an old-school nursewashes every patient, challenges doctors when she doesn’t agree, advocates always. These seem like basic nursing responsibilities, but speaking from experience, it is so difficult to fulfill these tasks anymore. It takes dedication, compassion, skill, courage, and confidence. Irene has worked for the same hospital for 20 years and she is currently working the night shift on the COVID-19 unit. She works double shifts frequently to help out. She is the very person who needs to be nominated for praise because she is everything a nurse, especially during a pandemic, should be.—Nominated by Amy Baker

Douglas Cook,UMass Memorial HealthAlliance

Doug has been an ICU nurse at UMass for many years. He can care for the sickest patients in trauma, transplant, burn, COVID-19, or what have you. He volunteered to care for the ICU’s COVID patients. He has a wife and three boys, and he lived in his trailer in his driveway to keep his family safe. Always putting patients and coworkers first, he tirelessly cares for others, and is always willing to precept students and new nurses and share his knowledge and compassion. Doug is a humble, hardworking nurse, always giving back, who deserves recognition.—Nominated by Jennifer Riggs

Emergency Department, UMass Memorial HealthAlliance

All of my peers, the nurses who work in the Memorial ED in Worcester, have been through a very tough year emotionally, physically, and mentallymany of us in our personal lives as well as our work lives. We don’t always like one anotherwe are a tough bunch with many strong personalities. But one thing we always do is come together to provide our patients with the best care we can, and support each other along the way.—Nominated by Amy Brassara

Mary Fay, Waltham Cancer Center, UMass Memorial HealthAlliance

It has been a privilege to work closely with Mary over this past year, which presented numerous challenges to the care of our patients diagnosed with cancer. Mary is our lead nurse at the MGH Waltham Cancer Center, and she has worked hard with our leadership team to provide compassionate care to our patients during the pandemic. She has also demonstrated commitment to the well-being of our nursing team and medical assistants.—Nominated by Amy Comander


Deb Fenton, UMass Cancer Center, 5th Floor North, UMass Memorial HealthAlliance

Deb works with the Surgical Oncology and Medical Oncology team at the UMass Cancer Center. Having Deb as a partner has been so incredibly critical in the care of our patients. Daily, Deb brings humanism, professionalism, and expertise to every interaction. Of course, every day before, during, and after the COVID-19 surges, Deb exemplifies these qualities and so many more in the very darkest of situationsbe they the scary COVID workflows, the time of diagnosis, or the end-of-life discussions. Deb is selfless. I am grateful to be her teammate.—Nominated by Jennifer LaFemina

Gail Frigoletto, UMass Memorial HealthAlliance

My mother is a superhero. She is the best, most giving person I know. Throughout my entire childhood, she would work overnights, come home to three daughters, and still be on call if her patients needed her. She puts everyone else ahead of herself. She is everything I wish I could be. I am lucky to have her in my life, and each and every patient she has ever had contact with has definitely been lucky to have her.—Nominated by Sally Leger

Kelly Gosselin, UMass Memorial HealthAlliance-Clinton

Kelly always puts her patients first. She is kind, compassionate, and very knowledgeable about every patient she cares for. When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I asked Kelly to be her primary nurse because I trusted her to give my mom the best care possible.  My mother feels safe and well cared for with Kelly as her nurse. Kelly also takes care of the other nurses. She is the best charge nurse, making sure every other nurse has a fair assignment and can take a lunch break. She is always willing to help in any way to take care of the patients and the staff. Kelly can make a very stressful day tolerable. She always has a smile, and her laugh can make you smile no matter what kind of a day you are having. A day without Kelly is like a day without chocolate. I often hear compliments regarding Kelly from her patients. She makes them all feel as if they are her only patient. It is a privilege to work with Kelly every day.—Nominated by Barbara Wilson

Tina Henry, UMass Cancer Center, 5th Floor North, UMass Memorial HealthAlliance

Tina works on the 5th Floor with Surgical and Medical Oncology. In health care, we are sworn to demonstrate the absolute highest of ethical standards. Tina is the shining example of this central pillar in every interaction with a cancer patient. At the same time, she brings her amazing expertise and humanism to every conversation and every interaction. Without a doubt, COVID-19 has upside-downed workflows in ways we could not have imaginedthings are unpredictable, and often simply crazy. Through this Tina has alwaysincluding before and since the surgesbeen a pillar in our team, in the hardest of times. She is a fierce advocate for the highest quality of patient care. I admire her daily and feel exceedingly fortunate to have been given the gift to work with her.—Nominated by Jennifer LaFemina

Wendy Hodgerny, UMass Memorial HealthAlliance

In the past nine years that I’ve known her, Wendy has served as a shining example of an incredibly skillful nurse, who epitomizes leadership to patients and team members by example and who is the consummate professional in the hardest of times, be they COVID-19 or a cancer patient at the end of life. She brings humanity to patient care in ways medicine should always strive for. Daily for nine years I have been grateful for the honor to share patient care alongside Wendy.—Nominated by Jennifer LaFemina

Theresa Mahan, UMass Memorial HealthAlliance

We were in the hospital for my son, who was having breathing issues. Theresa was thoughtful, knowledgeable, and compassionate. While assisting my son we found out her boys had gone to the same karate school as my children do! It was so nice to have a “familiar face” to care for him.—Nominated by Kate Ulibarri

Vyvian Morris, UMass Memorial Medical Center, UMass Memorial HealthAlliance

Let me just say this: Every night that Vivian Morris is on-shift, the staff and patients feel safe and cared for.—Nominated by Melissa Munroe

Alyson Quinn, UMass Memorial Medical Center, UMass Memorial HealthAlliance

My mom helps to manage the Oncology Infusion Center at UMass Memorial. Watching her go through the pandemic has shown me how much strength, endurance, and compassion she has. She worked 60-plus-hour weeks for most of the past year to ensure that her staff and their patients were all safe, had enough PPE, and had a safe environment of care. She opened an ambulatory COVID unit for their cancer patients in less than 10 days last spring to ensure that the oncology patients would be protected from any potential COVID-positive patients who were undergoing treatment and required support. She worked with volunteers to coordinate donations of over 500 scrub hats for her staff and many other departments. She helped to arrange meal donations for her staff members. And my brother and I volunteered with her to hand out donated flowers to hospital staff, just to brighten their day. My mom is an amazing nurse who always takes time to make people feel safe, listened to, and cared for.—Nominated by Nourayer Karakouzian


Gisele Sullivan, Marlborough Hospital 

Compassionate, kind, and knowledgeable, Gisele has worked at Marlborough Hospital for many years and never loses sight of the fact that every patient deserves the best care possible. She is a wonderful example of how nurses continue to provide excellent medical treatment for all patients.—Nominated by Joseph DUrso

Debra Waugh, UMass Memorial Medical Center, UMass Memorial HealthAlliance

Debi runs our Comprehensive Breast Center and is the nurse navigator. Our large, busy center sees hundreds of patients annually. Debi schedules them for their diagnostic workup, coordinates their care, and gets them in promptly to be seen by our multidisciplinary breast team. She schedules the patient for mammograms/MRIs/ biopsies, and also schedules all the different breast team docs to see the patient. She is loved by both staff and our patients. She is compassionate; she makes patients feel at home and well taken care of during a difficult time. She is an advocate for all of our breast cancer patients and helps them navigate our system in their hour of need. She is the best nurse with whom I have worked, and I have been in practice over 25 years.—Nominated by Maria Cicchetti

Debra Waugh, UMass Memorial Medical Center, UMass Memorial HealthAlliance

Deb understands the complexity of both the medical and emotional needs of breast cancer patients and their families. She approaches her work with a positive attitude and understanding of illnesses that may affect the patients in devastating ways. Day in and day out, her compassion and kindness are commendable. Deb performs a remarkable number of roles. She is flexible as nurse navigator, innovative in coming up with new ideas to develop the program, patient when dealing with patients, kind and sensitive in managing staff. A self-motivated nurse, Deb sees a need or a job that needs to be done and she just runs with it. She is detail-oriented, highly trained, and motivated to always learn more. She takes time with MDs and NPs, seeking to keep everyone up-to-date and informed. Her empathy and compassion come through when she deals with families struggling with a breast cancer diagnosis. Her colleagues see Deb as the go-to nurse for help or ideas. Her co-workers have the utmost respect for her.—Nominated by Madhavi Toke



Rachael Grace Morison Cooper, COVID Traveling Nurse

Public Health is Rachael’s passion. She has traveled, and continues to travel, both globally and now domestically caring for those in need. Rachael is a leader who never says “never.”—Nominated by Heather Whitney  

Judith Guertin, Freelance

Judith is a religious sister in my community. Her ministry is to active members suffering from serious illness. In December 2018, I was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer. Since then, she has accompanied me to all chemotherapy appointments and stayed with me for days on end until she is certain I can stay alone. Her life is often interrupted because of my treatments, but she never complains. She is an angel of patient reassurance and hope-filled presence.—Nominated by Nancy Y. Sheridan  

VA Boston Healthcare System

Gail Cahoon, VA Boston Healthcare System

Commutes from Reading to Boston every day. Has both great nursing skills and empathy for her patient. Goes beyond her normal nursing to keep in touch with her highly needy patients.—Nominated by Kathleen Cardillo

The Village at Willow Crossings 

Louise Gallagher, The Village at Willow Crossings

Louise has been our resident care director for the past five-and-a-half years. Louise always places our residents at the heart of everything she does. She treats them all as family, and they know how much she cares for them. Louise also has a wonderful rapport with family members, keeping them informed and updated on their loved one. If she feels a decision is being made that is not in the best interest of our residents, she will not hesitate to voice her opinion and advocate on their behalf. Louise is kind, compassionate, gentle, loving, and an excellent nurse.  We are proud to have her as a member of our family here at Willow Crossings.—Nominated by Anne DeMinico

Kerry Harlor, The Village at Willow Crossings

Kerry is an absolutely integral part of daily life at the Village at Willow Crossing. As a member of the team, she brings in coffee for the other staff members and frequently comes in on her day off to help out. She is always willing to jump in to assist the CNAs with care, serving meals, or helping with transfers. For our residents, she often goes beyond her duties. Recently, she scheduled time for a memory care resident who loved golf to go to her family’s indoor golf business to safely enjoy a few golf swings. She takes her personal time to make special treats for the residents, and her reassuring presence always puts residents at ease when they’re feeling upset or anxious; Kerry calms residents by offering to make a call to a family member, offering them a treat, or by simply taking the time to speak with them and let them know they are safe and loved. Her interaction with residents will melt your heart, and we are so thankful for her.—Nominated by Cindy Chancey


VNA Care

Julie Wilson Kelly, VNA Care

Julie is one of the longest-serving nurses at our agency. She precepts other nurses on a routine basis, myself included. She never compromises on her teaching, proper documenting, or skills. She’s one of the most thorough nurses I have ever met. Julie is also our union representative, and fights tirelessly for every nurse in our union. She’s a great listener and an effective communicator. When bargaining, she puts forth our statements in a professional manner. She’s willing to speak up for any nurse and guide them when needed. Julie is the kind of nurse who always has your back, and she never complains. She often works overtime to do her work the right way, never compromising. She is the primary head of her household. She paid her daughter’s way through college and supports her husband. I respect Julie for never compromising her morals or compassion, and as a nurse to look up to.—Nominated by Catherine Bendeck

Wareham Pediatric

Shelby Fernandez, Wareham Pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital

Shelby is such a lovely person. She has such a calming vibe and is always able to bring my children down when they’re scared or anxious about their visit. She’s very compassionate and you can tell she loves what she does. If anyone deserves the award, it’s her. We love Shelby!—Nominated by Sara Ligon

Wellesley Primary Care Medicine

Kaitlin Lipsky, Wellesley Primary Care Medicine

I am the practice manager, and nurse practitioner Kaitlin helped me as clinical advisor for five months last year when the pandemic first started, while our medical director worked from home. She helped me set up a safe environment for patients and staff and was always happy to help. She helped me every day and never took a day off from the office, even while others worked from home. She saw her patients remotely at first, and then in the office when it was safe to do so. Kaitlin also went to the hospital on her days off to help give out COVID-19 vaccines. She is a mother of two young children and does it all. She is one special person. Our staff and patients love her.—Nominated by Paulette Neivert


Wenham Health Department

Maribeth Ting, Wenham Board of Health, Wenham Health Department

I am 85 and disabled after several strokes. I get around, with difficulty, using a cane. My wife got a COVID-19 vaccination and told me of standing in line in the cold outside the vaccination site. When Maribeth Ting heard of that, she arranged for me to attend drive-through clinics in Wenham, where she is the volunteer town public health nurse, as well as a middle school nurse. She has worked at MGH in the past, and has traveled to El Salvador to volunteer in a clinic for eye care for camposinos, all while taking care of her four daughters. Best of all, she is my darling daughter!—Nominated by Joseph Bowlds

Whitman-Hanson Regional School District

Lisa Tobin, Head Nurse, and all the nurses of Whitman-Hanson Regional School District

School nurses no longer just take temperatures or put Band-Aids on playground cuts. They’re deeply involved in the situations that the coronavirus presents each day. As a retired teacher who’s had the opportunity to work as a substitute teacher, I’ve seen first-hand how this pandemic has changed routines. This team, from Head Nurse Lisa Tobin to her staff of professionals in each school, truly demonstrate that nursing isn’t just a profession, but a vocation. The coordination and copious paperwork required to keep the district in compliance with the state’s mandates is, I’m sure, overwhelming at times, but they’re doing the job. Each nurse goes beyond the call of duty every school day to make sure that every parent who has a question or concern gets an answer, even outside of school hours, if necessary. These professionals are on duty each day, and every parent in the Whitman-Hanson Regional School District should feel comfortable and confident that their child is being well cared-for, from preschool to high school.—Nominated by Lauren Kelley


Winchester Hospital

Ashley Bouchard, Winchester Hospital

Ashley is kind and thoughtful. She cares deeply about her patients and their care. But she is also excellent at working with the Operating Room team for the best care and outcomes for the patients.—Nominated by Kurt Gress

David Bousquet, Winchester Hospital

David helped my family during one of the lowest times in our lives. During an ER visit, my mom had a stroke. David explained what my mom was going through and what the next steps were going to be, and he was spot on with everything. 

When we asked about the chaplain, David got right on the phone and in the middle of the night the chaplain came and gave my mom her last rites. It was so moving, knowing that my mom was being taken care of by someone with such a huge heart. My sister and I were there when my mom passed, but my brother was a few minutes late. David knew that, and he stayed with my brother for the longest time, consoling him. To have someone like David with you was such a breath of fresh air. He definitely deserves this recognition. —Nominated by Barbara Malone

Maureen Celata, Winchester Hospital

Maureen is one class act. She is the ultimate team player and patient advocate. She always asks others how she might help them, taking on added duties without being asked, from making sure every patient she cares for is getting comfort and excellent nursing care to sorting, organizing, and cleaning whatever she can during any down time. She is an inspiration. All nurses should aspire to be as caring, compassionate, and driven to do for patients and coworkers as Maureen is.—Nominated by Terry Bomal

Caroline Coleman, Winchester Hospital

I am an RN, and I was hospitalized on Unit B3 at Winchester Hospital with COVID-19 in May 2020. I was on the other end of the stick caring for patients with COVID when I got infected. After I received my diagnosis I felt so dirty, like I was a giant germ that nobody was going to want to care for or be around. Each time a staff member would come into my room to care for me, I would feel awful — like I was exposing them to this awful virus.

Caroline was a young RN who literally got on her knees next to the chair I was sitting in and told me her experience of being infected with the coronavirus. She told me I had a ways to go, but I would make it through just like she did and be back to caring for patients before I knew it.

Caroline checked on me several times through the night, always wanting to be sure I was comfortable and asking if there was anything at all that I needed. That meant more to me than she could ever know. She made me feel like a human being. Those few minutes she spent with me meant the world to me. It made me feel comfortable being in my own skin, and at that point I had decided I was not going to let the beast (COVID) win. I was sick for 10 days before I went into the hospital because I was so afraid that I would die and never make it home. After meeting Caroline, I knew I was going to get back to my family and beat this virus. I got my life back thanks to Caroline.—Nominated by Terry Haley

Iliana Coreas, Winchester Hospital

Iliana is a hard-working, smart, kind, and innovative RN. Every day I work with her, she not only focuses on helping her patients but also helping the physicians and her coworkers. Her kindness knows no bounds. It is pleasure to care for patients with her and I am proud to have her on my team.—Nominated by Kurt Gress

Maria Dalton, Winchester Hospital

Maria is a dedicated and thoughtful nurse who always strives to give the best possible care to her patients. She is always kind and empathetic. She is a team player, assisting both physicians and nurses without asking. You would be hard pressed to find a better RN.—Nominated by Kurt Gress

Brittany Dipirizio, Mary O’Connor,  Joseph Viveiros, Winchester Hospital

These three nurses were part of a dynamic and skillful perioperative team who took care of my husband Mark in the operating room while he underwent repair of a severely displaced fractured patella. 

Mary, who worked at associated venue, volunteered to stay late so that Mark could have his surgery without delay. Joey assisted the surgeon and explained the procedure to my husband before the anesthetic. When Brittany came into the Holding Room she had a calming and reassuring presence about her. This immediately evoked our trust and demonstrated she had a deep sense of compassion for her patients. 

We are truly grateful for all of their nursing skills, compassion, and positive energy in caring for Mark.—Nominated by Susan Carzo

Brittany Dipirzio, Winchester Hospital

Brittany has a special touch with patients and works SO hard, both in front of their eyes and behind the scenes, to make sure their operative experience is comfortable and they feel safe.—Nominated by Jessica Hellums

Pamela Linzer, Winchester Hospital

On March 11, the one-year anniversary of COVID-19, I reflected on how Winchester Hospital survived the pandemic of a lifetime. Every frontline person who came to work under harsh and unbearable situations should be the nurse of the year. Tears flowed constantly as we tried to save dying patients, but there was one person we could count on for support—Pamela Brown Linzer, the assistant chief nursing officer of the units most impacted by COVID-19. There were no textbooks on COVID-19 or guides on how to keep staff safe. Pam’s leadership is inspiring. She welcomes everyone with a smile, and she makes you want to do a better job. In the beginning of the pandemic, I impressed upon Pam the importance of well-being, peer support, and self-care. Pam made sure her staff had access to talk to professionals and peers if needed. I’m a psychiatric nurse practitioner. COVID-19 has been very challenging for me and my patients. I can honestly say that I would not have made it through COVID-19 without Pam’s support.—Nominated by Rochelle Ettlinger

Rebecca Masone, Winchester Hospital

Rebecca is an excellent nurse who runs the OR at night. She is always compassionate and kind to her patients. She make things work every night and is very resourceful on her own. She is excellent at assisting the anesthesia team and coordinating every OR case. She defines excellence in nursing.—Nominated by Kurt Gress

Bernadette McNally, Winchester Hospital

Bernadette is a great nurse, friend, and mentor. I start working with Bernie in 2018. When I met Bernadette, I knew we would get along great. I see how she interacts with patients, and she’s always there to help them. If a patient needs something, she runs to help them. When Bernadette discharges patients, she always gives them an education sheet to ensure that they understand what they have. When our charge nurse is out, she steps up to the plate and becomes charge nurse. She makes sure the nurses get their breaks before she takes her own break. If you ask her anything at all, she’ll answer nicely because she says no question is silly. When nurses are needed at the hospital, Bernie is the first to volunteer to go. Bernadette is a fantastic endoscopy nurse. When I am getting a procedure done, I want Bernadette as my nurse.—Nominated by Kristina Cervizzi

Marion Norris, Winchester Hospital

If you were sick you would want her taking care of you. She has compassion for her patient, serves as an advocate for her patient, and takes special care of her patients.—Nominated by Irene Brown

Nursing Supervisor Team, Winchester Hospital

I nominate the RN Supervisor Team at Winchester Hospital for an outstanding display of courage, care, concern, and compassion toward patients, staff, and each other during the past year while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. These professionals show a tremendous amount of endurance, clinical expertise, and administrative skill while keeping patients first and always being a phone call away to support each other.—Nominated by Theresa Bomal

Lindsey Price, Winchester Hospital

Lindsey is my daughter-in-law to-be. I recognize that this is not the usual way it’s done, but as we know, this year has been anything but usual in the life of a nurse. I, too, am a nurse (for over 40 years) and I offer this perspective as a family member/nurse from the outside looking in.

Lindsey is a Float Pool R.N. in the medical-surgical department at Winchester Hospital. She works three 12-hour shifts. She was newly off orientation when COVID-19 patient admissions were surging at her hospital—still figuring out her role in a new job, when the job was suddenly new to every nurse.

She amazed me with her show of strength, courage, and determination to give the best possible care to her patients in a situation that evolved on an hourly basis, shift by shift. She assumed the dual roles of caregiver and support person, providing warm, compassionate, ongoing, and end-of-life care to patients whose families couldn’t be present due to visitor restrictions. She once admitted to me that she felt bad for crying in front of a patient as he said goodbye to his family through an iPad. I cried just listening to her. These caregiving experiences became Lindsey’s new normal. She provided the best care possible for her patients, and I know she left a positive impression on each of them.

Lindsey also faced unexpected changes in her personal life during this time. The wedding planned so perfectly for May 2020 was canceled, briefly rescheduled for later in the year, and then rescheduled for September 2021. She handled it all so gracefully, with a sense of humor—the venue and date changed, but the groom (my son) stayed the same (!) and our family can’t wait for their official wedding day to celebrate this lovely couple.—Nominated by Carol Landry


Mary Roddy, Winchester Hospital

Mary is one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated nurses I have ever worked with. Her talent and compassion provide laboring patients with the best possible care. She is excellent at assisting the anesthesia team and always knows what you need without being asked. As a colleague, she is always available to assist and is a role model as a leader. One cannot find a better labor and delivery nurse.—Nominated by Kurt Gress

Carolyn Rosa, Winchester Hospital

My 86-year-old mother contracted COVID-19 during the third week of January. We could not accompany my mother to the hospital or take care of her. I finally understood what it meant to be helpless during this pandemic. My heart broke for my mother, going through this horrible virus all alone.

Through the grace of God, my mom was able to receive love and care from her nurse, Carolyn Young. She treated my mother with dignity and respect, as if she was her own mother. The most touching part for my family was Carolyn’s ability to ease my mother’s fears and support her emotionally through this troubling time. I tear up every time I think about my mom and how alone and scared she felt in the hospital. I will be forever grateful for the care and love of the Winchester Hospital staff, and Carolyn for being there when we were unable.—Nominated by Jane Bergin

Diane Scali, Winchester Hospital

Diane is an amazing post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) nurse who not only gives compassionate care to her patients but also shows remarkable leadership with her colleagues. She can always be trusted to care for even the sickest PACU patients with skill. I would want her to care for my family member.—Nominated by Kurt Gress

Cameron Sullivan, Winchester Hospital

This young nurse has the clinical acumen, critical thinking, and patient advocacy skills of a seasoned nurse. He effectively communicates his concerns regarding patient care and patients’ needs. He frequently anticipates a clinical change and is already working on possible therapeutics while alerting the provider. He is a premier nurse with a bright and long future.—Nominated by Kristen Norris

Cameron Sullivan, Winchester Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Admitting yourself into an ER (in my case, for an infected cracked tooth gone really, really bad) is scary—even more so during a global pandemic. As a patient, you look to the faces of the doctors, nurses, and staff to comfort you. Now, all masked up, that’s hard for them to do.  

Yet, this young, male nurse, Cameron Sullivan, did just that, conveying concern and compassion through his eyes, along with providing a precise professionalism that assured me I was in good hands. “Eyes are the window to the soul,” my Irish grandmother used to say. Cameron connected to me, eyes to eyes, soul to soul, as I sat on the table in an ER room at Winchester Hospital for a few hours, getting my vitals checked, IV needles inserted, leaving for CAT scans, etc., before getting admitted to a room upstairs, where I stayed for four more days.

From my ER room, I observed first-hand not only how gentle, kind, and professional Cameron was with me on a busy Saturday night, but how patient and understanding he was with the rush of patients that flooded the ER that night. Besides his knowledge and professionalism, I sensed a real passion and energy for the work he was doing. He told me that he had started working there at age 16 while in high school and continued to study nursing at UMass Lowell. Cameron is in his early 20s. But his care spoke years of experience. My college freshman daughter is studying at Merrimack College to become a nurse. I told her I hope she becomes one like Cameron Sullivan.—Nominated by Kathy Shiels Tully

Surgical Service Staff, Winchester Hospital

Even the most prepared nurses face surprises, and the global pandemic was one for many of us. For me, I found myself on the other side of the bed as a patient. Nothing prepares you to be a nurse through a pandemic, let alone getting diagnosed with cancer. That experience reminded me of the integrity and fulfillment of being a caregiver. That is why I want to nominate the entire Surgical Services Team at Winchester Hospital. In order for a surgery to run smoothly, there are many team members who carry out important responsibilities. I was very well cared for by my team not only on a professional level, but also a personal level. I cannot thank my team enough for their endless kindness and unwavering support during such a time of uncertainty, for me and for all patients!—Nominated by Ashley Bouchard


Surgical Service Staff, Winchester Hospital

I want to honor all of my team members in surgical services, as it takes a village to do what we do every day. During the pandemic, staff were asked to work extra shifts, float to critical care areas, and care for patients who were extremely sick. The care didn’t stop at the bedside. Many patients’ families needed attention, too, as they couldn’t visit a sick or a dying loved one.

The staff were also dealing with their own fears of the virus, keeping up with PPE guidelines, working long hours, and tending to the battle scars on their faces from the masks.

Speaking as a nurse, we go into this profession to care for the sick; this pandemic was much more than that. Everyone came together to ensure patients were cared for and families were reassured; we could not have done this without the whole team. This team exhibited not only commitment but compassion for the patients, their families, and each other.

From floating to other units to caring for patients who needed emergent surgery, this team did it all with smiles. I salute them all for going the extra mile for their patients, families, and profession.—Nominated by Sheila Dugas

Brittney Troisi, Winchester Hospital

Brittney works in the Progressive Care Unit (PCU). Britney began her nursing career during a global pandemic, and has excelled in doing so. After only a few months on A1 (the Tele and PCU unit at Winchester Hospital), she was asked to begin training in the ICU. As a new nurse, Brittney worked both day shifts and night shifts tirelessly to provide the best care for her patients. Starting a career is hard enough, but to begin it during a global pandemic is another thing. On the job, Brittney strives to learn the best methods of care she can provide. She has had to be patients’ hand to hold when their families could not. Her ultimate goal is to provide comfort and a sense of loving care. Brittney always has her patients in mind. I hereby nominate Brittney, my ardent, hard-working, empathetic twin for the endless hours she has dedicated to being the best caregiver for ALL of her patients.—Nominated by Nicolas Troisi

Joseph Viveiros, Winchester Hospital

Joey Viveiros was part of a dynamic and skillful perioperative team who took care of my husband Mark in the operating room while he underwent an emergent (after hours) repair of a displaced fractured patella. Joey offered to stay late and care for my husband as soon as he heard Mark needed surgery. This compassionate gesture allowed my husband (who has been dealing with prostate cancer and cardiac issues for many years) to have his surgery as soon as the operating room schedule and availability of the surgeon allowed. 

Mark had his surgery at 5 p.m. He had fallen at 7:40 a.m. that day and was experiencing acute pain and discomfort from the displaced fragments of the patella. This time-efficient and coordinated team planning provided Mark with much-needed pain relief. He would have his surgery without delay and be able drift under the comforts of anesthesia sooner. 

Joey functioned in the role of a registered nurse first assistant (RNFA). He assisted the surgeon after ensuring, along with the other team members, that all needed equipment and supplies were available in the operating room. Joey came out to greet my husband in the preoperative holding room and quickly alleviated any fears with his comforting manner. He explained to Mark what to expect while he was in surgery and answered all his questions with such ease and expertise. Joey conveyed a sense of trust as he spoke with Mark. It was extremely comforting for me to witness this nurse exude the skills it takes to advocate and care for a patient, especially since that patient was my loving husband.—Nominated by Susan Carzo


Wentworth-Douglas Hospital

Laura Eldridge, Wentworth-Douglas Hospital

Laura is such a skilled nurse. These are tough times, and the fact I can see her smile through her mask makes all the difference.—Nominated by Carrie Eldridge

Samantha Kazakis, Wentworth-Douglas Hospital

Sam is amazing. She is always willing to help out and do whatever is needed. She is positive and upbeat. She is never negative and promotes a healthy and safe work environment. Sam is one of the nicest people I have met while working there and she deserves recognition. She is a great advocate for her patients and does all she can to make sure they are all cared for.—Nominated by Sally Weston

Rachel Porter, Wentworth-Douglas Hospital

Rachel puts a smile on my face.—Nominated by Matthew Porter

Wingate Healthcare

Erin Johnson, Wingate Healthcare

Erin is a genuine, considerate, and beautiful person who often cares more for the residents in this facility than she does for herself. She shows such care and love for them, even when they are not being their calmest or easiest to care for. She gives so much of herself every day and rarely ever takes a break. She should be praised for the kindness and beauty she displays for others.—Nominated by Amanda L.

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