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2023 Salute to Nurses: Letters A-B

Addison Gilbert Hospital

Robert Bowen, Addison Gilbert Hospital

Robert is always going over the top for his patients. He is always polite, gentle, and understanding. Robert’s charm made a patient feel at ease even when it felt like the world was crumbling around her. Through her entire time in the emergency room, the patient was not worried or stressed, but instead listened to the doctor and her nurse tell her she was going to get better. Robert displayed compassion every step of the way. – Nominated by Kendra Miller

Adelaide of Newton Centre

Robinah Pamilton, Adelaide of Newton Centre

Robinah is always kind and gentle when dealing with the residents, who all have dementia. She’s skilled, knowledgeable, and tireless, and she always encourages everyone to look at the best side of an outcome. – Nominated by Virginia Connelly

Robinah Pamilton, Adelaide of Newton Centre

Robinah practices compassionate caring for many of the memory care residents at Adelaide. While she is a nurse, she is also a friend to many of the residents. Adelaide would be lost without her. – Nominated by David Montague

Atrius Health

Sandra Gillis, Atrius Health

Sandy works as a liaison between Dr. Michal Tomczak and his patients. Sandy has great compassion for the patients. She answers all their questions with expertise and clearly relays instructions and advice in a way that they can understand. She is thorough and thoughtful and is able to put patients’ minds at ease. – Nominated by Theresa Kavanagh

Benchmark Senior Living

Toyin Adeniyi, Benchmark Senior Living at Putnam Farm

Toyin is the gentlest, most compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly nurse at Putnam. Her attention to detail and kindness to residents and family members is heartwarming. Toyin is the nurse you want caring for your family member. She is nothing short of wonderful. Putnam, the residents, and their families are lucky to have Toyin in their lives. Thank you, Toyin, for your incredible service. – Nominated by Blair Bencal

Brendalin Alger, Benchmark Senior Living at Forge Hill

Her work is endlessly committed. Brendalin puts in 110 percent daily and loves her work and the people she provides for. She is truly one of a kind. Her honesty and loyalty do not go unnoticed. As her co-worker, I would be lost without her. – Nominated by Christine Harper

Michelle Allard, Greystone Farm at Salem, Benchmark Senior Living

Michelle shows my mother compassion, loving care, and empathy. My mother’s ability to communicate is difficult at best, and Michelle is patient with her. I am comforted knowing that she is part of my mom’s life. – Nominated by Karin McCarthy

Mimi Almonor, The Arbors of Bedford, Benchmark Senior Living

Mimi is always available to help. She knows what Jeanne needs and likes in terms of food, activities, general help, and bathing. She is always pleasant and kind. – Nominated by Jeanne Mader and Susan MacLennan

Cintia Andrade de Menezes, The Commons in Lincoln, Benchmark Lifecare Community

Cintia has cared for my mother as if she were her own for the past four years. Cintia is a calm, caring, loving nurse with excellent medical knowledge who cares as much for her individual patients as she does for their families. Thanks to Cintia, I’m confident that my mother will be cared for and protected as if I were there by her side.  I have complete peace of mind. My mom thinks the world of Cintia and all the attention and love Cintia shares with her. Cintia is always smiling (I can see her eyes smiling while her mask is on) and she gives each patient and family member as much time as they need. Cintia is what all nurses should strive to be. Cintia is the nurse I would want caring for me. – Nominated by Kimberly Jaeger

Kathleen Asquith Barker, Ashland Farm at North Andover, Benchmark Senior Living

In the several years that my mother was at Ashland Farm, Kathy treated her like the queen my mom thought she was. No matter how many times my mother called for Kathy, stopped by her office to chat, or teased her, Kathy was compassionate and caring and never lost her patience. When you have a loved one in a facility, it’s difficult to depend on strangers to take care of them. I was always at ease when I knew Kathy was working. We had a great relationship. She knew what I wanted for my mom and could be there when I could not. Kathy is an excellent nurse clinically, which helped get ahead of illnesses that Mom might have had.

I am thankful beyond words that in my mother’s last days, Kathy was with her. She was working the day my mother fell, and that fall ultimately led to her passing. Kathy is one of the most humble people I know. She does what she does because she truly cares about the residents and families and expects nothing in return. I hope that Kathy receives the recognition she deserves for her outstanding career. – Nominated by Toni Burke

Anna Bilodeau, Benchmark Senior Living at Leominster Crossings

Anna is the resident care director at the Leominster Crossings, where my dad is a resident on the traditional side. Anna first assessed my dad when he was a patient at The Highlands in Fitchburg. He had just lost my mother, his wife of 69 years, in December, and he suffers from moderate dementia. Anna was professional yet caring. We were going to have dad go into a room that had a living room and bedroom. I was a little worried about that, but let my family override my fears. Anna felt that the room would be overwhelming for Dad; she felt that dad could go to the traditional side, but we might be looking at memory care in six to 12 months. She was willing to give him a try because she knew that’s what we wanted. 

Anna has been truly compassionate, caring, and professional regarding my dad’s treatment. He has continued to decline and has exhibited some serious behaviors. Anna reassures us that, “it’s OK; this is what we do. We know how to take care of your dad.” I cannot tell you how much she has lessened our worries over my dad’s residence at The Crossings. In addition, her communication skills are excellent. She always emails or calls with questions and concerns and responds to our e-mails and calls very quickly. We’ve grown to really love The Crossings and all of the staff there, especially Anna. – Nominated by Cathy MacEwen

Maura Boone, The Branches of North Attleboro, Benchmark Senior Living

Maura connects with each resident individually. She has personally gone out and purchased clothing and other items for them. She never does it for attention; she does it from the goodness of her heart to make a resident feel special. Maura shows great concern for her residents and watches for any changes so that she can advocate for them. She also has much respect for and great relationships with the certified nurses’ aides who work with the residents. Maura encourages, supports, and educates the aides throughout their shifts. – Nominated by Krystal Garrigan

Nurses, The Branches of North Attleboro, Benchmark Senior Living

The nurses at The Branches of North Attleboro have been working tirelessly since COVID began (at least). They respond in a timely manner to all concerns and are compassionate to both the residents and their families. I am so grateful for the work these women do. – Nominated by Susan Lougee

Lori Brusco, Benchmark Senior Living at Billerica Crossings

Benchmark has had a few new nurses join their team. However, Lori was one of the first nurses we met when my dad moved into assisted living. Lori knows each resident’s individual health concerns and is an excellent resource for any questions. Recently, when my father was dying, she visited every day. Her compassion and knowledge were invaluable to our family. Lori checked on him even when she wasn’t assigned to him, and checked on us as a family during this difficult time. – Nominated by Lynn Scannell

Elizabeth Burrows, Bay Square at Yarmouth, Benchmark Senior Living

Elizabeth guided my mother and our family through her final days with grace, skill, compassion, and a positive attitude. She patiently explained everything and shared her expertise so we knew what to expect, and we took comfort in knowing that our mother was getting the best care possible.
Nominated by Laurie Madison

Elizabeth Burrows, Bay Square at Yarmouth, Benchmark Senior Living

Elizabeth makes sure the residents are happy and comfortable living at Bay Square. She advocates endlessly for the safety and quality of their care. – Nominated by Angela Hinkley

Elizabeth Burrows, Bay Square at Yarmouth, Benchmark Senior Living

Elizabeth guided my mother and our family through her final days with grace, skill, compassion, and a positive attitude. She patiently explained everything and shared her expertise so we knew what to expect, and we took comfort in knowing that our mother was getting the best care possible. – Nominated by Laurie Madison

Susan Cote, Benchmark at Rye, Benchmark Senior Living

Susan has been helping us monitor my dad’s treatment every day. He is new to Benchmark, and it has been a struggle to figure out which medications and treatment are most appropriate. Every day seems to bring a new challenge, and yet Susan calls me as often as needed and keeps us all informed. The first day that Dad arrived at Benchmark his back was very stiff and he could not stand. Even though there were several other caretakers in the room, Susan immediately stepped forward and started light massage on Dad’s back until he was loose and ready to stand without the usual complaints of pain and stiffness. I was so amazed that she would do that for any patient. It made all the difference on that first day, and was a sign of how extra meticulous his care at Benchmark would be from then on under Susan’s watchful eye and compassionate care. – Nominated by Christen Doucet

Brianna Dearborn, Ashland Farm at North Andover, Benchmark Senior Living

Brianna is always available via phone, email, or in person to answer any concern we might have about my mother. She is thorough and always carries out her work with professionalism. She cares for each resident and knows all of their medical issues. She’s an asset to Benchmark and Ashland Farm.
– Nominated by Donna Ferlito-Brown

Christine Harper, Benchmark Senior Living at Forge Hill

Christine shows compassion at all times, never lacking in skill and always willing to help out. She makes a difference in the everyday life of the residents in Harbor at Forge Hill. – Nominated by Christie Sherrill

Mary Hill, The Falls at Cordingly Dam, Benchmark Senior Living

Mary is one of the hardest-working people I’ve ever met. She takes care of the residents and is always “on call.” Her first priority is compassion for the residents and their families. She helps out wherever she’s needed. – Nominated by Linda Jones

Nurses, The Branches of North Attleboro, Benchmark Senior Living

The nurses at The Branches of North Attleboro have been working tirelessly since COVID began (at least). They respond in a timely manner to all concerns and are compassionate to both the residents and their families. I am so grateful for the work these women do. – Nominated by Susan Lougee

Angela Hinkley, Benchmark Senior Living

I absolutely love working with Angela, who comes to work with the most positive attitude and a smile. Our residents love her warm and bubbly personality. – Nominated by Tatiana Deforest

Sara Kimplen, Bedford Falls Assisted Living, Benchmark Senior Living

Sara has shown compassion for my mother-in-law and me many times. She responds to requests in a timely manner and “goes the extra mile” in helping my mother-in-law receive kindness and care for her many cognitive, behavioral, physical, and emotional needs. She demonstrates knowledge and expertise through her assessments and collaboration with other team members. She listens to my concerns, discusses options, and finds resources. Sara’s professional, caring approach makes both of us feel supported at this very difficult time in our lives. – Nominated by Debra Nelson

Tom Lapointe, Greystone Farm at Salem, Benchmark Senior Living

No matter how busy or stressful it gets in our memory care unit, Tom always makes time to talk to residents about their daily routine. – Nominated by Jacqueline Garcia

Jennifer Martinez, Orchard Valley at Wilbraham, Benchmark Senior Living

Jennifer makes sure that every resident is cared for and that each resident care assistant (RCA) is on-task and performing at their best. She communicates clearly and concisely, whether about taking out trash or passing medications on time. When on-shift, she is very approachable and willing to assist in any way that she can. She puts the residents’ well-being first and uses her nursing knowledge each day. Jennifer not only cares for the residents, but the RCAs as well. I’m currently in nursing school, and she has offered a plethora of knowledge and tips to get through it. I appreciate all that Jennifer does, and I look forward to working with her each shift. – Nominated by Madison Bonneau

Anita Martinson, The Atrium at Drum Hill

Anita is one of the most caring nurses that I know of. She regular updates me about the

condition of my relative, Kathleen Grant, and she’s very affectionate, which I know Kathy appreciates. Her sunny disposition is always so welcome. – Nominated by Gloria Grant

Maureen McNamara, Blenheim Newport, Benchmark Senior Living

Maureen anticipates what our patients need and provides a high level of care with compassion, attentiveness, and thoroughness. – Nominated by Sheryl King

Doreen Nakiyemba, Benchmark Senior Living at Waltham Crossings

My aunt (in Harbor care) adores Doreen, who keeps me informed as to how she is doing, when she is low on supplies, when items (like glasses and clothing) are missing/broken/needed, and the general happenings in the facility. She addresses any issues I bring up. She is a true professional. – Nominated by Cheryl Anderson

Doreen Nakiyemba, Benchmark Senior Living at Waltham Crossings

Doreen embodies compassion, clinical competence, excellent communication, trust in care, and advocacy for my uncle. She promptly notifies me of any clinical changes, and her advocacy led to a clean-shaven uncle. He had struggled with being straggly and unkempt and was beginning to look like a deranged Santa, but Doreen helped procure a razor and now my uncle has pride in his appearance again. The team at Waltham Crossings keeps on top of any COVID outbreaks with regular testing. Doreen is a compassionate leader, and I can tell by their smiles and easy banter that the staff are managed with dignity and respect. I trust her judgment and appreciate her warm phone calls. She is well-deserving of recognition for her quiet, consistent, and caring professionalism. – Nominated by Linda Goff

Doreen Nakiyemba, Benchmark Senior Living at Waltham Crossings

As a resident care director of the Habor unit, Doreen is always hands-on with her residents. She’s compassionate, kind, a good listener, and goes an extra mile to provide care wherever there is a shortage of certified nursing assistants on their floor. She is also encouraging, and listens to us, the CNAs that she supervises. – Nominated by Winnie Itaza

Doreen Nakiyemba, Benchmark Senior Living at Waltham Crossings

As the Mind and Memory Program director, Doreen is responsible for ensuring that all the residents are afforded the highest quality of life possible. Doreen has been remarkably dedicated and effective and is noted for her superb communication and advocacy with families. Doreen has a clinical tenacity and will overcome any barrier, working tirelessly to guarantee that every detail is checked so that the residents can have their best day possible. Doreen’s wisdom, patience, and compassion are is felt by all. Many people have praised her, and one family member commented that “Doreen is a true gift and should be treasured.” All who know her have seen her exceptional practice and know that she’s a nurse worthy of being saluted. – Nominated by Rafael Wainhaus

Doreen Nakiyemba, Benchmark Senior Living at Waltham Crossings

Doreen has always been on the top of everything. She is the nurse, but also a social worker, a family member, and a best friend to her residents. Her consistency, kindness, and efficiency give stability to the facility despite the difficult nursing care communities.– Nominated by Lisa Watanabe

Jane Namulando, Benchmark Senior Living at Waltham Crossings

Jane is the only nurse who can efficiently give my wife her medicine, partly because she approaches her in such a friendly way. – Nominated by John Erb

Rashida Nantege, Benchmark Senior Living at Waltham Crossings

Rashida is a wonderful addition to the nursing profession. She keeps calm and level-headed, is compassionate and caring, and is extremely knowledgeable. She is a wonderful team player who gets along with management, her peers, her patients, and resident care assistants. We’re all glad she is here with us. – Nominated by Diane Elliott

Ucha Opie, Benchmark Senior Living at Shrewsbury Crossings

When my mom had a COPD episode, Ucha worked with the doctor to provide care and comfort during a major snowstorm and communicated with the family. We appreciate her efforts. – Nominated by Michelle Lord

Jennifer Petrarca, Greenwich Farms at Warwick, Benchmark Senior Living

Jennifer always takes the time to address my questions and act on my concerns when necessary. Working in the memory unit is not an easy job, and I appreciate her dedication to her residents.
– Nominated by Jennifer Rappoport

Christine Quirion, Benchmark Senior Living at Leominster Crossings

Chris is very caring and compassionate toward all of the residents. She gets to know each of them in detail and always goes beyond the extra mile to help in any way that she can. She has a unique relationship with all staff and residents. – Nominated by Valery Ingemi

Sophia Randall, Benchmark at Rye, Benchmark Senior Living

Sophia is the best, most compassionate nurse I have ever worked with. She’s a pleasure to work with and always has a big smile. Her knowledge of dementia is so beneficial to our team and families, and she’s the go-to for redirection tools and tricks. No one deserves recognition more than Sophia. – Nominated by Meghan Wentworth

Keri Robey, Benchmark Senior Living at Robbins Brook

Keri stepped up and stepped in when we were going through a very difficult time with Covid, maternity leave, resident deaths, and short staffing. In assisted living, we encounter residents who truly don’t have anyone to advocate for them, or who have outlived their family. Keri takes the time to visit these residents and gives them extra attention. She arranges medical visits and care plans through our visiting nurse practitioner, and sometimes even attends medical appointments to be sure that all these residents’ medical concerns are addressed and that follow-up instructions are noted. Keri’s caring attitude, professional handling of all situations, and strength make this place feel like home and family to our staff, and especially to our seniors. – Nominated by Brian Newton

Paula Rollins, Benchmark Senior Living at Nashua Crossings

Paula is dedicated to my 90-year-old mother each time she sees her, which is easily over 10 times a week. She’s patient and caring and encourages Mom to live life to its fullest, even on days that seem hard for her. – Nominated by Zia Khadaroo

Pauline Roy, The Branches of Marlboro, Benchmark Senior Living

Pauline consistently is kind, professional, empathetic, knowledgeable, and just a pleasure to work with.
Nominated by Lisa McCarthy

Pauline Roy, The Branches of Marlboro, Benchmark Senior Living

Our community has undergone very rapid changes in management this past year. Last August, we were staffed with only two nurses and the resident care director (RCD). One of the nurses was on vacation, and the RCD unfortunately lost her position. That left Pauline as the only nurse in the community, working seven days a week. Yet residents were well cared-for, all necessary tasks were completed, and she communicated with families. Pauline was really a Branch Hero for the community. There’s a shortage of nursing staff, and it’s really wonderful when the nurses that we do have rise to the occasion and take on challenges with a warm heart and compassion. As noted by Lenore Cortez, MSN, RNC in “Chocolate and Tissues,” nursing is truly a work of heart, and Pauline shows that every day. – Nominated by Valerie Nyaigoti

Sara Shaw, Bedford Falls Assisted Living, Benchmark Senior Living

Resident Care Director Sara is outstanding with our residents and families. She has been with Bedford Falls for years and her dedication is like no other. She runs nursing with professionalism, enthusiasm, and empathy. Families and staff alike adore her. Sara exceeds every aspect of an exceptional nurse with grace. She is humble, kind, and irreplaceable. Sara deserves to be recognized for all the lives she touches. Role model for all, second to none. – Nominated by Lynn Jutras

Sara Shaw, Bedford Falls Assisted Living, Benchmark Senior Living

Health care is a business, so it’s rare to find someone who remembers that it’s all about the patient. Sara does this every day. No matter how much she works, no matter how tired she is, she continues to push for what is right for the resident. She always keeps their quality of life at the forefront of all her decisions. We’re very lucky to have her and I am honored to work with her. – Nominated by Jeanna Rodriguez

Sara Shaw, Bedford Falls Assisted Living, Benchmark Senior Living

Sara puts everyone around her at ease. She is confident, compassionate, knowledgeable, and is a strong educator. Families and residents have said they love her reaction to difficult scenarios, because she is solution-oriented and always does the right thing for our residents, families, and staff. Every day that Sara is in our community, I know our residents are well cared-for. We’re lucky to have Sara on our team.
– Nominated by Ashley Tino

Christie Sherrill, Benchmark Senior Living at Forge Hill

Christie is the very best nurse — passionate, loving, and kind. She can put a smile on a resident’s worst day, just by how she is with them. She knows instantly who to call when a doctor or family member is needed. She follows up on each resident’s health and keeps us med-techs and RCA informed of any changes we need to know about. She loves what she does, and it shows. – Nominated by Elizabeth DeJesus

Christie Sherrill, Benchmark Senior Living at Forge Hill

Christie is dedicated to her residents and staff. She shows patience and compassion, and is quick to serve her duties. – Nominated by Anne Kelland

Christie Sherrill, Benchmark Senior Living at Forge Hill

Christie is amazing with residents, family, and employees here at Forge Hill. She has gone out of her way to serve our residents on her time off. One resident was getting a bench dedicated to him and his wife. He wasn’t going to make it to the ceremony, so before he passed Christie took pictures and videos of the area to show him. She has gone to the store to get residents their favorite item, food, or dish. She visits residents in rehab on her off time and calls families to reassure them that their loved one is in good hands. She truly cares with all her heart, and it shows. She is loved, praised, and hugged daily by both residents and their families. Even after residents have passed, the families visit to thank her. – Nominated by Heidi Mayers

Marissa Smith, Benchmark at Hanover, Benchmark Senior Living

My aunt recently moved into assisted living. We’ve never been through this process before—changing pharmacies, changing doctors, and just all-around health issues and questions. Marissa has been amazing every step of the way. She calls or emails when she sees something of concern and works feverishly to get my aunt appointments when she needs them. – Nominated by Kristin McDonald

Kristen Utera, Benchmark Senior Living at Plymouth Crossings

Kristen is known for ensuring that her residents feel cared-for, loved, and that they belong. Her Alzheimer’s residents are a case in point. She finds ways to go into their world, comfort them, and calm their nerves. I can’t begin to list her countless acts of kindness and compassion. Kristen is a role model for everyone who gets to meet her. – Nominated by Taylor Carter

Frederic Viel, Benchmark Senior Living

Fred is always vigilant about what’s going on with my mom. He is extraordinarily dedicated and goes out of his way to ensure that she’s receiving the proper care, as he does with all the residents. He has a calming demeanor, which is vitally important in dementia care. Working with this population cannot be easy, but Fred does it with compassion for both the residents and families. – Nominated by Katherine Evitts

Lisa Winn-Afonso, Benchmark Senior Living at Haverhill Crossings

Lisa handled an emergency with my dad by keeping me informed and in the loop. She’s very caring. – Nominated by Patricia Hersey

Lisa Winn-Afonso, Benchmark Senior Living at Haverhill Crossings

Lisa works as a member and leader of my mom’s care team in a memory care assisted living facility. She cares for my mom as if she were her own mom. She’s responsive to any questions, and my confidence in then facility is built primarily on interactions with Lisa and her leadership. Without Lisa, I’d be concerned about Mom’s well-being. – Nominated by Elizabeth Lowell

Linda Zacchini, Benchmark Senior Living at Chelmsford Crossings

Our resident care director, Linda, goes out of her way to accommodate our residents with kindness and compassion. It’s not unusual to see her go shopping during her off-time to pick up items for a resident, or visiting them when they’re out on medical leave, or even ironing their clothes for them. She’s always available to do whatever she can to help our residents, employees, and other department managers handle whatever comes up. She is a selfless caretaker who’s loved, admired, and respected by everyone here. We’re very fortunate to have her. – Nominated by Joyce Massa

Beverly Hospital

Karen Wieber, Beverly Hospital

I’ve worked alongside Karen for more than 12 years, and every shift I’ve worked with her has been inspirational. The care that she provides is filled with endless compassion, grace, empathy, and kindness. You’ll never find Karen at the nurses’ station, as she’s always at a patient’s bedside, cleaning them, feeding them, or just keeping confused patients company. Our motto on our floor is WWKD (“What would Karen do”). She’s full of knowledge and experience, yet always calmly willing to help anyone with any patient. Her generosity does not stop with her patients; she’s also the most supportive and loving co-worker. I hope to be half the nurse she is. – Nominated by Arianna Marquis

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital – Needham

Caroline Daley, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital – Needham

I have the pleasure of being the mentor for Caroline Daley in our Nurse Residency program. Caroline is a new graduate nurse recently off orientation, and she gives me hope for the next generation of nursing. She is professional, kind, committed, and compassionate. In her short time as a nurse, she has already demonstrated her clinical expertise by identifying a medication near-miss on a transfer patient, and through her in-depth knowledge of her patients during interdisciplinary rounds. In fact, one of our case managers thought she was a seasoned nurse because of her confidence, sound clinical judgement, and poise. 

Her care of a patient at the end of life, and the support she gave to this patient and her family, is a good example of her compassion. She was realistic, yet supported the family’s need to move through the process at their own pace. You never would have known that Caroline did not have a lot of experience with comfort care and end-of-life issues. She is a great team member and staff really enjoy working with her. Caroline is the person everyone would want as their nurse. Although it’s still early in her career, she’s clearly going to make a difference for patients and for colleagues as time goes on. We are so lucky to have her at our hospital. – Nominated by Heidi Alpert

Barbara Doherty, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital – Needham

Barbara works as the senior advanced heart failure nurse at our community heart failure practice. She recently helped an end-stage patient and his family to understand the prognosis and cope with the diagnosis, and then set up hospice care in the home. She spent countless hours on the phone with them and even made house calls to ensure that the patient was comfortable and to keep him company. Thanks entirely to her tireless work, he eventually passed away peacefully and comfortably at home with his family. Barbara’s dedication to our patients and her compassion for their struggles inspires me to work harder and be better. She more than deserves this accolade for her efforts. – Nominated by Lisa Fleming

Emily Howland, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital – Needham

Emily Howland takes pride and has compassion for her patients. She works with vulnerable women and takes the time to listen, support, and comfort them in difficult times. – Nominated by Brian Coughlin

Stacey Smith, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital – Needham

Stacey has been working as a primary care nurse for eight years, practicing phone triage and care coordination as well as in-person visits. Stacey speaks calmly, listens to her patients’ needs and requests, and advocates for them. Stacey is always there to lend a hand to her co-workers and the medical assistants, or anyone else in need. Stacey trains new staff weekly, can be counted on to provide quality care, and her communications with the primary care providers is excellent. – Nominated by Lily Connolly

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital – Plymouth

Taryn Madden, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital – Plymouth

Taryn worked tirelessly on the front lines of patient care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. She volunteered to care for COVID patients, even when personal protective equipment was in short supply and there were many known and unknown dangers. She is a jewel in the crown of the nursing profession. – Nominated by Joleen Connolly

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 

Julia Barry, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Julia is by far the most thorough and personable nurse I have ever met. Her professionalism and passion for good care make her stand out at the hospital. She’s enjoyable to talk to and a very good provider.
Nominated by Christina Snyder

Kimberly Campbell, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Calm, composed, gentle, emphatic, thorough, and a keen partner in the Sleep Wars, Kimberly Campbell is an absolute joy to work with. An eager learner willing to put in the extra hours for optimal care, and a somewhat fearless practitioner, she can convert the MD’s lofty therapeutic goals into reality. She thinks deeply about the complexities in each patient, though sometimes her clinical note is a mini thesis. Only a complete fool would not want her on their team. – Nominated by Robert Thomas

Maureen Carr, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

When I had hip surgery last November, I was in great pain from nerve damage. The doctors kept giving me opioids, but they do nothing for nerve pain. Maureen stepped in, discussed medications that could help me, and advocated for me. My neurologist called the surgeon’s team and advised them to start Gabapentin. When I was transferred to rehab, Maureen tirelessly communicated with the doctor there about dosage and times for administering the meds. I was in too much pain to advocate for myself. Maureen oversaw my care, and continues to check in with me. – Nominated by Eileen Lawlor

Janine Caruso, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Middle-aged woman with graying dirty blond hair wearing blue shirt with scalloped neckline.
Janine Caruso

Janine works tirelessly to prepare our endometriosis patients for their surgeries. After a long road of chronic pelvic pain, patients are often understandably nervous for their upcoming surgery.

Time and time again, my patients tell me how much they appreciate the extra time she takes to answer their questions and help to work through their concerns. She continues their care post-operatively as well, doing whatever she can to make their recovery easier. I am thankful for Janine’s hard work and excellent patient care. – Nominated by Emily Parent

Lindsay Duphiney, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Young blond nurse with rectangular black framed glasses smiling genuinely.
Lindsay Duphiney

Lindsay’s advocacy helped to stabilize one patient’s care. A young woman with an active mental health disorder was on our unit for several weeks. Nurses did an incredible job caring for her, but it was an emotional challenge for everyone. Team meetings were held weekly to discuss her progress. Lindsay was a constant nursing presence at these meetings.

Lindsay Duphiney advocates for patients with psychiatric and mental health disorders. In today’s understaffed and overworked health-care environment, these patients are spending extended time in medical-surgical units as they await placement at a psychiatric facility. Understandably, this poses a challenge for the patients, their families, and us as health-care providers. – Nominated by Ann Marie Darcy

Grace Exum, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

She reminded the team of the patient’s progress and potentials for setbacks, constantly keeping her well-being in mind. Where the patient did not have a strong advocate in her personal life, Lindsay provided the support and encouragement that she didn’t know she needed. That patient’s progress was in large part due to Lindsay’s support. This is just one example of many where Lindsay advocates for those who do not have a voice. Grace goes all-out to make sure her patients are satisfied and can enjoy their stay at the hospital.
Nominated by Lily Albano

Jane Foley, Lank Cancer Center, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Jane Foley was my mother-in-law, Edna’s, primary nurse for over three years. Jane is kind, pleasant, and hardworking. She has clinical expertise in oncology and can explain disease and treatment plans in easy-to-understand terms. Edna had a cancer that was treatable, but not curable. Edna enjoyed going to the clinic and always felt well cared for and safe. When the medicine was no longer helping Edna’s cancer, the decision was made to stop treatment. Jane was there with words of encouragement. I am a nurse, and I’ve worked with many outstanding nurses. Jane Foley is one of the best I have ever met. She allowed me to be a family member, not a nurse, in this situation. Our family is forever grateful.
Nominated by Jill Benoit

Danielle Gott, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Danielle is a consummate professional. When leaving her previous position, Danielle answered numerous questions and emails about what the role was like and took time away from her new position to help train and support me (the new nurse taking her previous job), and has continued to be a champion for the program and staff that she left. It’s amazing to watch Danielle at work, supporting patients by supporting and encouraging nurses. Her confidence leads to improved outcomes for patients and increased retention of staff. Danielle is an amazing example of all that nursing can and should be. Thank you for leading by example. – Nominated by Amberly Ticotsky

Julia Gregorio, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

As a recent RN graduate in 2022, I’ve watched Julia put her life on hold to work challenging nursing schedules. As a cardiac unit nurse, Julia jumped right into performing CPR and other lifesaving procedures. The 7 a.m.-7 p.m. shifts last at least 13 hours, including transition. They rotate from mornings to nights in two-week intervals. The toll on the body and mind is not easy, and you have to be completely dedicated to focus on the job and the patients. Beth Israel and other hospitals need alternatives to ensure the health and well-being of their most important resources…their nurses and other medical staff. Yes, I’m her father, and I would like the Globe to recognize Julia and the many other wonderful nurses who dedicate their lives to others. – Nominated by Nunzio Gregorio

Rena Holzer, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Rena Holzer is a Jedi warrior in the Sleep Wars, slaying beasts and monsters that populate sleep clinics and laboratories. Seriously, this is a person with an extraordinary work ethic, organized to a fault, an eager learner, a courageous practitioner willing to embrace that which is unconventional, and incredibly patient-centric. It would be difficult to imagine my academic life without her guarding the fort.
Nominated by Robert Thomas

Nicole Keenan, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Nicole Keenan is my hero. She is an incredibly talented labor and delivery nurse who made me feel extremely well cared for, safe, and heard. During the scary, out-of-control experience that is childbirth, she cheered me on and gave me excellent care every step of the way. I was so lucky that Nicole was on shift during the birth of both of my daughters, almost three years apart. She is an incredible human being and truly a gifted nurse. – Nominated by Abigail Thoele

Kaitlin Morse, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

I’ve worked with Kaitlin, our infectious disease (ID) clinic nurse, for the past five years. She showed amazing dedication to patients and the hospital itself during the early stages of the COVID pandemic; that continued through the surges of 2021 and 2022. For nearly two years, Kaitlin was our primary ID clinic nurse, providing vaccinations, patient counseling, and care coordination in a busy clinic. I cannot think of a better nurse to honor for her service in 2022. – Nominated by Matthew Lee

Rebecca Nichols, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Rebecca Nichols completely encompasses what it means to be a nurse. Rebecca admitted my daughter to Farr 11 after a very scary admission in the ICU. Rebecca greeted us with a big hello and smile, but also with real compassion. She knew my 26-year-old daughter was probably going to be hospitalized for at least three more weeks, and quickly advocated to get her a single room. This helped my daughter’s comfort dramatically. Rebecca always explained the plan for the day, but more importantly, she asked about our thoughts and concerns. 

Quirky nurse with tortoise shell glasses wearing dark hair up in a topknot cinched with a pink scrunchy and a thick grey sweatband.
Rebecca Nichols

She took excellent physical and psychological care of my daughter. She advocated for her with the physician team and helped coordinate the care. She always had a smile and always was so upbeat. She struck up conversations with Caille that helped her focus on something other than pain. She made up a special knock on the door that always made us smile. On our last day, who was there to discharge us, but Rebecca Nichols, once again making sure that all care, medications, and post-discharge appointments were in order. My daughter has had multiple hospitalizations over the past three years and I was comforted whenever Rebecca was the nurse. Florence Nightingale would love Rebecca’s caring, compassionate, and upbeat practices. Thank you, Rebecca. – Nominated by Diane and Caille McAleer

Emily Pietrantozzi, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Emily is a phenomenal nurse who takes her time caring for patients with delirium. She can always be found sitting on the edge of the bed, meeting the patients where they are. In the busy environment of bedside nursing, she doesn’t hesitate to spend a few extra minutes with her patients. – Nominated by Lindsay Duphiney

Jeanne Quinn, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Jeanne treats her patients like family. She is caring, compassionate, kind, and has the best bedside manner. She’s a valuable nurse practitioner whose patients always feel seen, heard, and cared-for. Salute to NP Jeanne Quinn. – Nominated by Michelle Torres

Denise Studley, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Denise works every day with patients suffering from opioid use disorder and other addictions. Her outstanding clinical skills and ability to establish a rapport with patients from diverse backgrounds have allowed her to improve the lives of many patients. – Nominated by Kevin Hill

Caroline Torney, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Caroline models compassion toward those who are experiencing great anxiety. She frequently cares for older adults with dementia/delirium. Caroline always treats them as a whole person. One patient with dementia who was being treated for an infection didn’t know that she was in the hospital. One morning she got dressed, and politely but anxiously told us that she was done being here and was ready to leave. Our attempts at redirection made her more anxious until Caroline joined her nurse as a calm and comforting presence. The patient insisted on paying the man who was helping her (her nurse) before she walked out. Even when told that that was not necessary, she persisted. Caroline sat next to the patient’s bed for a long time, chatting casually to redirect her. This lessened her aggression, but Caroline saw that the patient couldn’t mentally move on from this payment. Caroline told her, “I think I know where your checkbook is. I’ll go get it for you.” She returned with a fake checkbook, handed it to her, and asked, “Is this yours?” The woman slowly examined it. Just when we thought it was going to backfire, she softly said, “Yes, yes—this is mine.” We both exhaled in relief.  Caroline gave her a pen and told her a false name to address the check, and the patient finally felt that she could do what she intended. I wish you could have seen Caroline in action—she was amazing. Caroline met this patient in her own reality to keep her safe. Her extensive time commitment and skill exemplify the respect and dignity that she provides to all patients, and the role she models to her peers. – Nominated by Ann Marie Darcy

Boston Children’s Hospital

Julisa Burgos, Boston Children’s Hospital

Julisa has been my son’s nurse since he was a baby. Last year, he needed his seventh open heart surgery. As always, nurse Julisa was by his side, making sure he was comfortable, watching him carefully, when his monitors alarmed. My son loves her as much as we do. I don’t think I could have cared for my son as well without her helping and teaching me what to do. – Nominated by Susannah Kelsall

Annmarie Conroy, Boston Children’s Hospital

Annmarie was our daughter’s primary nurse practitioner throughout her cancer treatment. She’s kind, smart, and makes the extra effort to ensure that her patients and families are well-informed and comfortable. She makes sure that every need is met, and if something isn’t being done, she’ll do it herself. Anyone who has been lucky enough to be cared for by Annmarie would say the same. – Nominated by Anna LeBlanc

Linda Haynes, Boston Children’s Hospital

Linda Haynes is a nurse practitioner at Boston Children’s Hospital’s Primary Care Center caring for patients with asthma. Linda examines every child holistically, considering the range of factors that contribute to their asthma: social, emotional, physical, or environmental. She tirelessly advocates for resources to mitigate health stressors on our patients. From distributing tablets to ensure that high-risk patients received virtual care during COVID, to training BPS nurses in asthma treatment, to teaching families how to economically protect their homes against pests and rodents, Linda never shies away from a fight to improve patients’ health. – Nominated by Fiona Unsworth

Emily Kenneally, Boston Children’s Hospital

Rosy faced nurse with bleach blond hair smiling.
Emily Kenneally

Our daughter, who spent 11 days in the ICU after an auto accident, was blessed to have Emily as her nurse. We never saw Emily stop for even a minute. She was constantly working, yet simultaneously giving our daughter her complete attention. Emily explained everything to her — every reason for her pain, every change in her status, every tube placed, every blood test, every CAT scan, and every ultrasound.

She comforted her and put her at ease and distracted her, talking about all matters important to a 14-year-old girl. Nurse Emily treated our daughter kindly, empathetically, lovingly, and with positivity. Our daughter and entire family will always appreciate the care she provided and the light she brought to a difficult situation. – Nominated by Laura Fisch

Erin Morrissey, Boston Children’s Hospital

Erin Morrissey

It’s hard to describe a real-life hero in just 300 words. Erin has been my nurse for many years, working directly with my surgeon, and I’ve had four surgeries so far. I always felt like Erin was doing her absolute best. Thank you, Erin, for giving your all every day to help me get through my darkest times. – Nominated by Jacqueline Lopez

Ediri Ogege-Abedi, Boston Children’s Hospital

Ediri was a lifeline during the first few months of my daughter’s life. She was patient, kind, and took her time to explain what she was doing. I could tell immediately she cared tremendously for her patients and would do whatever it took to do her job well. As a new mom, I greatly appreciated her care and support when I was struggling with my daughter’s diagnosis. My daughter will be five soon, and I still think about how wonderful Ediri was. I try to find her to say hello when we have our return visits. – Nominated by Virginia Musiek

Brianna Starkey, Boston Children’s Hospital

Brianna provided extraordinary care to a patient whose type is not normally seen on her floor. Brianna communicated effectively and maintained her commitment to compassion and clinical competency. – Nominated by Patrick Raeke

Christopher Zerrip, Hale 9, Boston Children’s Hospital

Corpulent man with blue eyes, dark hair, and a goatee giving an open-mouthed smile.
Christopher Zerrip

Chris took care of my granddaughter after emergency open heart surgery. She is only eight months old. He is so extremely caring that she and the rest of our family haven fallen in love with him. We can’t thank him enough. We leave Ella with comfort, knowing she is well taken care of. – Nominated by Amele Ambrosino

Christopher Zerrip, Hale 9, Boston Children’s Hospital

Chris was my seven-month-old daughter’s nurse when she had emergency heart surgery. Chris was her main nurse after she left the ICU. Because we have another young child, my husband and I had to split our time. Whenever Chris was with her, we knew she would be cared for as if we were there. She always smiled when he was in the room. He was amazing, he was very helpful, and super knowledgeable. – Nominated by Brianna Marchant 

Boston IVF

Jessica Camprone-Susky, Boston IVF Albany, New York

Jess has been our nurse for the last couple years. I am now 38 weeks pregnant and due any day with our miracle baby boy. Jess was prompt in her responses, both via email and phone. She was patient, kind, and always had time to answer our questions and bring our concerns to the doctor. She was supportive and knowledgeable about all medication and administration. I couldn’t have gotten through the last two years of this journey without her. – Nominated by Emily Pearce

Barbara DelSignore, Boston IVF Portland, Maine

Barbara is possibly one of the most important relationships I had throughout 2021 and into 2022. After I tried to conceive for four years, and finally decided to do IVF, Barbara was there for every phone call, talking me through the next steps and easing my anxiety. Barbara made numerous calls to tell me that the transfer had not worked. Each time we decided to try again, she was always there to encourage us. When the test finally came back positive, we both cried happy tears. Barbara truly cared for us. We weren’t just a number to her, but patients that she really cared about and wanted to see succeed. She will always hold a special place in our hearts. Without her care and thoughtfulness, we might not have had the courage to keep trying. We credit much of our little family to Barbara. – Nominated by Jessica Riley

Amanda Dervishian, Boston IVF

Amanda is very kind. Besides being very professional and attentive, she explains things in ways I can understand. I don’t speak much English. I’m especially grateful for her patience, and that such an educated and kind person tries to help me with everything she can. – Nominated by Luz Salas

Angela Dubowik, Boston IVF Waltham

Angela has been more than just a nurse to me. Going through IVF isn’t easy, and having someone like Angela by my side helps. She consistently checks to make sure I have everything I need and gets my case to whatever doctor it needs for approvals. She is always willing to go to bat for me when it comes to insurance approvals. Sometimes I wake up to an email before I can even reach out. She is kind, thoughtful, and is great with communicating with her patients. She understands my needs and treats me with the respect and compassion I need. She is more than a nurse—she is a friend. – Nominated by Tabitha Castonguay

Mackensie Farrell, Boston IVF Bedford

Mackensie has made the process of tackling infertility bearable. She communicates quickly, answers all of my questions precisely, and shows true compassion when treatment cycles fail. – Nominated by Deven McKechnie

Jennifer Iordachescu, Boston IVF

Just talking to Jen on the phone calms me down. She always answers my questions patiently and makes sure my concerns are addressed. She’s very prompt in calling me back every time I have a freak out with my medications or results, and she’s always there for me. She makes the IVF process much less stressful. – Nominated by Nilou P.

Jennifer Iordachescu, Boston IVF Stoneham

I’ve had the pleasure of being supported by Jenn from 2018 to early 2023. I’m a Boston IVF long-haul veteran who’s been through this mess non-stop. I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant and thrilled. Jenn has been my voice of reason and knowledge for years. When she had sad news, she delivered it with kindness and encouraged me to be optimistic, giving me hope that one day I’d win this terrible race. Jenn was great at providing guidance, education, and medical analogies that I could understand. Even when I was sinking fast, overthinking every little twinge or sensation, or simply forgot what gauge needle to use for a shot, Jenn spoke to me as though my feelings were valid and important. Yes, I was “that” girl. Infertility and IVF trauma ran deep, and it showed. Where other nurses might have dismissed my questions or been annoyed, I never felt judged by Jenn. She was always pleasant and polite. She understood that as the gatekeeper, her approach set the tone for my experience going forward. 

I stayed with Boston IVF because of the nurses at the Stoneham office. And in the end, it was those nurses who helped me to have success with this little nugget. IVF nurses, and particularly Jenn, are a special breed. It takes a deep understanding of the tragedy that is infertility. It also takes a sense of positivity through peril that’s either innate or it isn’t. You can’t teach that. Jenn demonstrates that daily.
Nominated by Kristen Luongo

Ryan Jacob, Boston IVF

After a miscarriage earlier in the year, I embarked on the IVF process in spring 2022. IVF is complicated on many levels: physically, emotionally, and even socially. No one really understands until they are in it. Ryan was the one who often took my calls, answered my questions, and shared my care plan. Ryan was so kind, patient, and supportive. Once my embryo stuck last June, she even called to congratulate me. And now I have a son. The nurses who are part of the IVF and fertility protocol are so essential. They, too, experience loss and must share good and bad news. I couldn’t have done this without a nurse like Ryan, and hope that she and other nurses like her get honored. – Nominated by Megan Palame

Ryan Jacob, Boston IVF Waltham

Ryan is nothing short of outstanding. My wife and I were overwhelmed with all the steps needed to choose a proper sperm donor, start egg retrieval, and transfer the embryo. We constantly emailed Ryan for recommendations, assistance, and advice. She’s always patient and answers every single one of our millions of questions. If she’s unsure about something, she double-checks and follows up without us having to reach out multiple times. Ryan is also super speedy with her responses, which are especially important during time-sensitive tasks, such as when buying sperm and starting or ordering new medications—for example, starting birth control pills at the beginning of egg retrieval. She made sure that our potential egg retrieval date worked perfectly with our schedule. She also took extra time to clarify what some of my labs meant and reassure me when I felt anxious. Thank you, Ryan. – Nominated by Brittany Pietruszka

Meghan Kennedy, Boston IVF

Meg is a rock star. As part of my IVF journey from 2019 to 2023, she was compassionate and available to answer my questions, call me with any new plans, and explain my test results. She was the one with whom I shared my pain and frustration and she always helped me with the available options. She is the best. – Nominated by Shruti Panchal

Jillian MacEachern, Boston IVF

Going through IVF is challenging, with many ups and downs. Jill made the biggest impact on our journey. She was there when I needed to cry things out. She felt like a built-in friend who gets it. I was having trouble trying to get a preconception appointment with a maternal fetal medicine doctor. I was getting the runaround, and I needed the consultation in order to proceed with treatment. When I called Boston IVF to speak to Jill (for the third time that day), she heard the stress in my voice. She said, “I will get this taken care of. I do not want you stressed; it is the last thing you need.” Within five minutes I had the appointment. 

Jill was the bright light in our journey. I was upset when one of my previous nurses moved to a different role at the clinic. When Jill came to Dr. Thorton’s team, she quickly became my favorite nurse. I asked to speak with her whenever I had to call for a question. I will never forget getting THE call from Jill. She was so happy for us; you could hear the compassion and excitement in her voice. My husband and I are a little more than halfway to meeting our sweet baby girl. We cannot thank Boston IVF, Dr. Thorton, and all the nurses (especially Jill) enough. Thank you, Jill, for always being in our corner and being our advocate. You are so appreciated. – Nominated by Morgan DiPerrio

Lisa Maschivecchio, Boston IVF Waltham

I’ve known Lisa for several years now and throughout my journey, she has been there for me and called to check in on me after procedures. She even emailed me recently to see how my pregnancy is going. She always follows up, has excellent communication, and her voice and interactions always put me at ease. – Nominated by Amanda Esar

Nicole McAuliffe, Boston IVF Albany, New York

Nicole has been fantastic. She always calls back, and if she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll get it. She is very polite and you can tell she cares by every interaction. Going through IVF is not always easy, but she makes it easier through her communication and compassion. – Nominated by Kiersten Mcbain

Nicole McAuliffe, Boston IVF Albany, New York

I did six rounds of intrauterine insemination and Nicole was my nurse. Nicole always answered my questions quickly and professionally. I felt true compassion from her every time my IUI failed. She has a wonderful, caring personality and I truly appreciate her being there for me. – Nominated by Laura Pasquini

Kendra McCormick, Boston IVF

Kendra McCormick deserves to be celebrated from the rooftops. I’m a patient who’s experiencing infertility and multiple losses. IVF can be treacherous, but Kendra has always made me feel heard. She has celebrated my highs (positive pregnancy test for the first time in my life) and supported me through my lows (miscarrying twice and lackluster PGT-A results). She’s listened to me cry more than once and is a huge support when I feel defeated. She takes the time to answer my questions, no matter how many of them I have, and always validates my concerns and emotions. 

It takes a special person to be in fertility medicine, and Boston IVF hit the nail on the head with Kendra. Even though she does this every day, the importance of my journey isn’t lost. Most of our interaction has been via phone calls with test results, instructions, and next steps, so we didn’t meet in person until I happened to have an appointment at her center for monitoring. She went out of her way to meet me and put a face to my name. She made me feel like her only patient, when I know I’m one of many. She said that her 2023 resolution is to get me pregnant with a viable pregnancy, so I know she is invested in my husband and my journey to parenthood. I look forward to Kendra being on the other end of the phone and am blessed that she is part of my life. I am so thankful for her. – Nominated by Whitney Fernandes

Nicole Ouellette, Boston IVF Bedford, New Hampshire

Nicole has answered probably hundreds of emails with a plethora of questions. She comforted me when our IVF cycles failed, gave great advice, and was truly the best nurse I have ever encountered. I am eternally grateful to her. – Nominated by Jessica Locke

Nicole Ouellette, Boston IVF Bedford, New Hampshire

My husband and I have been going to Boston IVF for years. I’ve been in contact with a lot of nurses via phone and email, but Nicole Ouellette always made sure I was well taken care of. If I had any questions, or even just needed a prescription refilled and couldn’t call because I was at work, she answered my emails right away and got it done ASAP. Even now, when I’m 15 weeks pregnant, she doesn’t hesitate to answer my questions. Nicole is the best of the best. – Nominated by Jamie McKenna

Victoria Paddock, Boston IVF

Whenever Boston IVF calls, nothing makes me happier than finding out Victoria Paddock is on the other end of the phone. Vicki is sunshine in human form—her genuine kindness, candor, and compassion are rare and admirable. Vicki is an invaluable resource with a versatile wealth of knowledge; she constantly advocates for her patients. Infertility diagnoses and treatments are never easy to digest, but everything’s a little more palatable with Vicki on your team. As someone who’s undergone four IVF transfers, I’ve faced unknowns, including reproductive tests, procedures, seemingly endless medication instructions and schedules, and more bloodwork and ultrasounds than I can count. Navigating this has been extremely difficult, and Vicki has been a source of light and continued hope through it all. Everyone should be so lucky as to have a Vicki on their treatment team. – Nominated by Abigail DeSomma

Bonnie Paetow, Boston IVF

Getting pregnant was hard enough, and living on an island made travel, bloodwork, and basically everything else more difficult. Here’s an example: I’d have to get up early, get my bloodwork done, go to work, and then leave work after about an hour to go pick up my blood. Then I’d have to drive to the ferry and ship my blood off-island. A taxi would then pick it up and deliver it to the local hospital off-island. This delayed any results that Waltham needed for the morning to determine whether we had to shoot up to Waltham or not. Bonnie helped to keep me calm and knew who to call and how to see if it was on schedule. She was a bright light through the whole process. She understood our struggle and brought some peace and quiet and humor to the whole process, which is what we really needed. We were lucky to have her during our journey. (Bonnie no longer works at Boston IVF, but she is still a nurse, I’m just not sure where she is now.) – Nominated by Janet Giles

Kjirsten Ree, Boston IVF

Kjirsten, along with the other nurses on Dr. Pauli’s team, was amazing to work with. IVF can be emotional and heart-wrenching. Kjirsten was always prompt with providing results to me. She once called to discuss them within five minutes of their appearing on the patient portal. She explained the results fully and listened to my concerns. Early in my IVF testing, we realized I was getting sick based on my complete blood count results. Kjirsten calmed my fear that I wouldn’t be able to continue the testing process (we ended up only having one test that needed to wait). She confirmed some follow-up testing needs to ensure I was better for the road ahead. She quickly answered questions about medication or injections so that there’d be no delay in my IVF treatment. Finally, Kjirsten always shared in the joy of my success story. Her happiness in our success gave us confidence and comfort for the road ahead. I would love to nominate everyone at Boston IVF because they were all amazing, but since I can only pick one, Kjirsten is it. – Nominated by Rebecca Richer

Bryna Runeman, Boston IVF

Bryna is the nurse you want to have when navigating the difficult journey of IVF. She is always available, knowledgeable as can be, and genuinely cares about her patients. We could never have done this without her. – Nominated by Holly Galvis

Nikki Seggerty, Boston IVF

I genuinely looked forward to calls from Nikki and miss her since she moved onto a different doctor’s team at Boston IVF. She was personable and caring and made me feel like a person, not just a patient. IVF is incredibly difficult, both physically and emotionally, and having Nikki on my team made it less daunting. I appreciated her thoughtfulness and consideration when delivering follow-up instructions and answering questions. She is an incredibly compassionate nurse and I am so lucky that I got to work with her for the time that I did. Thank you, Nikki, for all that you do. – Nominated by Amanda Clarke

Nikki Seggerty, Boston IVF

Nikki is one of the kindest humans I’ve ever met. Throughout the journey back in late 2020, we had countless phone calls, emails, and communication. She is always there—listening, comforting, and celebrating with us. I can’t appreciate her enough for what she did for our family and me. I’m so grateful that I have her to walk through one of the most difficult times in my life. Nikki is, and always will be, part of our family. – Nominated by Julie Demusz

Nikki Seggerty, Boston IVF

Even though Nikki was no longer the supporting nurse for my IVF doctor, she continued to check in to wish me luck or see how I was doing. She always listened, showed compassion, and comforted me through the hardest two years of my life, going through IVF. – Nominated by Ashley Marston

Lihua Yu, Boston IVF

I was rotated a few times between several nurses. The one who shone is Lihua Yu. She made sure that I heard from her same day, and she even worked during Christmas. I had a lot of trouble getting two of the nurses to reply to my emails and phone calls, but not Lihua. She is wonderful. She is also calm, which helps a lot when you’re dealing with infertility. I don’t know what I would do without her help at Boston IVF. – Nominated by Phung Vo

Donna Zimmerman, Boston IVF Quincy

When people require medical help, it is often on the most difficult days of their lives. With infertility treatment, those days easily stretch into years. Throughout my infertility journey, Donna Zimmerman has been a light in a very dark place. She answers my countless questions with patience and understanding. Donna replies to emails and voicemails on weekends and after working hours. Infertility robs women of so many things, but Donna can give so much of it back; she treats all of her patients with compassion, kindness, and respect. 

I can only imagine what a day in her life must be like: telling some women that their dreams of pregnancy are about to come true, while having to break the news to other women that the treatment didn’t work this time. Donna handles it all with grace. As someone who has been on the receiving end of both types of news—the good and the bad—I can attest to her innate ability to comfort and care for her patients, whether it’s the best day of their lives or the worst. Anyone who has been in the Boston IVF office knows that it’s a very busy place with hundreds of patients; and yet, the journey can feel lonely. Donna makes me feel like I’m not alone, and I will forever be grateful for her calming demeanor, wealth of knowledge, and quick sense of humor when I need a laugh.– Nominated by Jill Parker

Boston Medical Center

Courtney Alongi, Boston Medical Center

Courtney is very supportive of fellow nurses. She always asks me, as a new nurse, if I need any help. She answers the call light right away and is usually the first to help. She brings positivity to the team. – Nominated by Jing Archambeau

Demitria Buccieri, Boston Medical Center

Demitria is a skilled nurse with a passion for caring for her patients. You would never know that Demitria was a recent new graduate. She has an incredible bedside manner that I’ve seen many times when she is caring for patients, especially those at the end of life. She has stayed late after many shifts making sure these patients are comforted, putting their needs before her own. She is a strong communicator and great advocate. Thank you, Demitria, for your kindness and compassion. It does not go unnoticed.
Nominated by Tayla Ryan

Antonieta Camara, Boston Medical Center, BMC Women’s Health Primary Care

She is always patient. Answers all my questions and makes sure I understand. She cares about her patients. – Nominated by Michele Dennis

Jaquelyn Collins, Boston Medical Center

Jaquelyn is deeply committed to providing exceptional care to patients on 6W. She always has a positive attitude and is a true leader on the floor. She gracefully steps into many roles, such as charge nurse and nurse preceptor, training many new graduates and new nurses. Her patients are very lucky to have such an intelligent, kind, compassionate advocate. She is an asset to Boston Medical Center who provides “Exceptional Care Without Exception.” Thank you, Jaclyn, for all that you do. – Nominated by Tayla Ryan

Lane Davenport, Labor & Delivery, Boston Medical Center

Nurse Lane helped me deliver my daughter and exceeded expectations throughout the entire process, acting not only as an excellent nurse but also a coach and incredible support system for my husband and me. She was very tuned into my progress, always there to explain the various changes I was going through and let me grip her shoulder during contractions as I got my epidural. Her advice and coaching, her calm and encouragement, her understanding and knowledge from start to finish were all vital to my experience. She is truly exceptional and deserves recognition, as I’m sure she provides this care to all of her patients. – Nominated by Melissa Bloch

Kaleen Donovan, Boston Medical Center

Laughing woman with long layered dyed blond hair standing in front of indoor bokeh background.
Kaleen Donovan

Kaleen was my mother’s oncology nurse. We had been offered immunotherapy as a last option for my 92-year-old mom, who was scared and quite frail after chemotherapy and radiation treatments had not worked. Kaleen is an angel on earth, along with the entire oncology team. She not only made sure that we received top-notch medical care, but also checked on my mom’s mental health and brought her blankets and tea during her treatments. She made sure we understood everything that was happening and took time to get to know my mom as the matriarch of a very large family. Mom just had her 94th birthday, and we are forever in debt to Kaleen and the entire BMC family for the additional time and memories with Mom. – Nominated by Carol Morrissey

Michael Flynn, Boston Medical Center

I admire Michael’s calm, caring bedside manner that I’ve seen time after time in the 10 years we’ve worked together. Whether he is caring for a 95-year-old lady with COVID or a 30-year-old cardiac patient, he displays great patience. No matter how challenging his assignment is, he never gets frustrated and always give his patients the best care possible. He is a steadfast preceptor for new nurses and has touched the hearts of many nurses, patients, and families. He is always a willing helper, whether with advice or moving patients, and is a knowledgeable peer. – Nominated by Lisa Rebello

Beth Gallant, Boston Medical Center

Beth was very attentive to the patient, used therapeutic communication, smiled while doing the assessment, and gave a touch to strengthen the patient so that they felt safe while being treated.
Nominated by Marilyn Nelson

Nancy Giacomozzi, Boston Medical Center

In her nursing informatics role, Nancy brings many years of clinical, managerial, and educational skills to the table—and she rolls all this experience into helping us integrate computer documentation into our workflow. You may think electronic documentation makes things easier, but that’s only true if it fits into and reflects our nursing practice. Nancy works diligently to make this happen. She listens to the staff, and she gets it—she is present, responsive, and accountable; keeping foremost the fact that the nurse’s primary responsibility, even while documenting, is to care for the patient. Thank you, Nancy. – Nominated by Donna Amado

Ardelin De Jesus, Boston Medical Center

My colleague Ardelin is one of the hardest workers I know. Ardelin does whatever her patients need, and more. She spends extra time with them, really communicating and making great connections. She’s always sure to help colleagues as well. – Nominated by Demitria Buccieri

Lauren Keaney, Boston Medical Center

As a resident, working with nurses as you rotate back through an area can be hard, but working on the Pediatric Wards at BMC is always great when Lauren is on. She’s understanding of resident schedules, works with us, and creates an environment where nurses and doctors can learn from each other. She has so much experience and is so good at her job. In addition, Lauren is amazing with the kids and keeps them company when their parents are off the floor, or they need more supplies, or extra medical attention and teaching. I love when Lauren brings things to our attention and advocates for the patient, or joins us in our team advocacy, to help patients connect to larger community and hospital resources. Lauren is truly part of the BMC institution and the pediatrics department. – Nominated by Janani Sundaresan

Sarah McKeon King, Boston Medical Center

I can’t say enough about the compassion and care Sarah provides me in my “journey” as I navigate the difficult process I’ve found myself sort of stumbling through. Sarah has been nothing short of amazing. She’s supportive and nurturing, and has pointed out qualities that I didn’t realize I had. To me, this is invaluable at this moment in my life. I appreciate everything Sarah has done for me as an RN.
Nominated by Cassie Somers

Soo Ko, Boston Medical Center

Soo Ko is caring and compassionate, kind and never afraid to advocate for patients and colleagues. She is always willing to help her colleagues on the floor. If you are having a tough day, Soo Ko always is there to try to help make things better. – Nominated by Sandra S.

Soo Ko, Boston Medical Center

Soo Koo is an incredible nurse who far exceeds her co-workers’ and patients’ expectations. She truly demonstrates the core values of BMC—to serve without exception with her leadership, knowledge, and compassion. – Nominated by Cecilia Thai

Kelly Miller, Boston Medical Center

Brunette nurse in cornflower blue scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck stands in hospital hallway (which has been edited with a blurred effect).
Kelly Miller

Kelly is a nurse’s nurse who moves mountains for our special population at BMC. Kelly’s calm, quiet nature heightens her ability to provide compassionate care and to be a trustworthy colleague, but her real strength is in caring for patients with mental health diagnoses and cognitive disabilities. She shows great patience and empathy for this group. For various reasons, many of these patients stay in our hospital for a long time. Kelly makes their stay the best it can be. She recently made sure that we celebrated a patient’s birthday and bought the patient her favorite puzzle books and a special treat. She has also given haircuts, provided clippers for a proper shave, and made sure patients had reading glasses to do their favorite activities. As a colleague, Kelly is an expert. Her guidance and knowledge are sought after and we like to have her around for emergencies because of her calm demeanor. She is an excellent charge nurse and a premier preceptor, teaching our new hires and new grads. I want everyone to know what a great nurse Kelly is, and how much we love working with her on 6 West. – Nominated by Colleen Webb

Ellen Munger, Boston Medical Center

Ellen provided me with extraordinary care during my times with her. She’s highly skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I look forward to my appointments, knowing that she’ll be there. She provides excellent care without exception. – Nominated by Valerie Worrell

Adrienne “AOB” O’Brien, Boston Medical Center

AOB is an amazing operating room (OR) nurse educator who guides our orientees (nurses and surgical techs) through orientation, coaching them along the way and mentoring them long after orientation goals have been met. This allows new OR staff to learn and integrate into our team safely, always keeping patient safety in the center of all considerations. She is compassionate, kind, super smart, and committed to our patients and our staff. Thank you, AOB. – Nominated by Donna Amado

Christina O’Connor, Boston Medical Center

Christina is an operating room (OR) nurse and preceptor for new OR team members. It is hard to teach while performing patient care; explaining the why behind each intervention while modeling professional communication, team skills, and behaviors always. Christina does this with finesse and compassion for the learner, the rest of the team, and, of course, the patient on the OR table. I wish we could clone you, Christina. Thank you. – Nominated by Donna Amado

Mercy Omere, Boston Medical Center

Mercy Omere has cared for countless patients on the night shift since 2008. Not only does she provide excellent care to her patients, but she also serves as a mentor and role model for our novice nurses. She displays a sense of calm and teaches our new nurses how to be an excellent nurse. – Nominated by Ann Carey

Elizabeth Robinson, CATALYST Clinic, Boston Medical Center

Liz Robinson is the lead nurse at BMC providing substance use disorder care to adolescents and young adults. From Day One, Liz formed trusting and compassionate relationships with patients, who reach out to her for support with everything from housing to STD testing. They look forward to interacting with her. Liz pioneered a system for young people to receive long-acting, injectable medication for opioid use disorder in their primary care clinic, and she supports the clinic’s daily functioning in any way necessary; no task is too daunting or too menial. You might find her carrying a Tracfone across campus for a vulnerable young adult, or you might find her lecturing in nursing school. No matter what, she’s organized and efficient, bright and strategic, and always a pleasure to be around. She is making an enormous difference and truly providing exceptional care without exception.
Nominated by Juliana Scherer

Tayla Ryan, Boston Medical Center

Tayla is one of the most helpful nurses I have ever met. She is always ready to give anyone a hand. She is kind and compassionate to all her patients. Every day, she comes to work with a bright smile and a great attitude. Thank you for everything you do for BMC. – Nominated by Avery Kilgore

Jeanne Sheehan, Boston Medical Center

Jeanne is an operating room (OR) nurse who often takes charge in the Moakley OR. Jeanne is a critical thinker and regularly brings questions forward for clarification, seeking the standard of care and best practice. She looks for more information and requests education for the team when necessary. Jeanne is clinically excellent and a strong patient advocate and proponent of safe patient care in surgery. Thank you, Jeanne, you are a pleasure to work with. – Nominated by Donna Amado

Cecilia Thai, Boston Medical Center

I have been lucky to work with Cecilia. She always goes the extra mile for her patients and colleagues. She has the kindest heart and is an incredible nurse. – Nominated by Demitria Buccieri

Marilyn Vachon, Boston Medical Center

Marilyn has been a registered nurse for decades, and her vast knowledge and support of new practicing nurses are incomparable. She is approachable and provides a safe, productive environment for new nurses. Navigating the complex and intimidating hospital setting can frighten new nurses, but Marilyn has helped orient many of them into successful careers. Marilyn is also one of the most caring and attentive nurses I have seen. Her holistic and integrative approach helps her patients in the hospital and sets them up for success once they’re discharged. For example, when a patient who was discharged left their medications at the hospital. Marilyn drove them to the patient’s house after her shift. – Nominated by Kelly Miller

Colleen Webb, Boston Medical Center

In the seven years I’ve known Colleen as a staff nurse on 6 West Menino, I’ve seen her as a trusted, compassionate teammate with great energy. Colleen also worked as a visiting nurse in the local community. Many patients already knew her from her skillful get-things-done attitude. Colleen’s eagerness to learn and take on challenges has led her to help students become future nurses. Coleen’s untiring pursuit of excellence leads her to volunteer on various hospital committees, such as the Informatics and Nurse Practice committees. The moment I met her, I thought, “Here is a nurse with great talent who has made all the difference to her patients, families, peers, community, and the future of nursing.” Colleen has an equal passion to climb mountains and hike trails with the same energy she puts into nursing. I hope the community gets to meet a nurse with such hope and commitment as Colleen has shown to me. – Nominated by Michael Flynn

Colleen Webb, Boston Medical Center

As Colleen’s colleague, I’ve seen her superstar nursing abilities and phenomenal patient care on many occasions. She is the definition of an advocate, and even in the busy hospital setting, her patients always remember her name. She is smart, trustworthy, funny, and brave. Being in the hospital can be scary. Colleen does whatever she needs to do to ensure her patients feel safe, supported, and heard. I remember she once sang familiar church hymns to a confused and scared patient during a bedside procedure. The patient focused on Colleen’s singing, calming them enough to get through the procedure with ease. It brought everyone is the room to tears. Colleen also educates nursing students, helping to bring future superstar nurses into practice. – Nominated by Kelly Miller

Colleen Webb, Boston Medical Center

Nurse with wavy hair pulled back with headband wears mauve scrubs and stands in hospital hallway
Colleen Webb

Colleen is a nursing inspiration and leader on our 6 West unit. She mixes wisdom and compassion with knowledge and is leading the next generation of nursing down a strong career path. She displays talents as a caregiver and an educator and is a source of advice to all her colleagues who trust her to be both diplomatic and blunt and an advocate. I have watched her teach her nursing students clinical skills and compassion effortlessly, and she’s as diligent in her delivery of care, an expert in geriatrics and cardiology. She is a leader on informatics and working with Epic technology upgrades and active on our unit practice council as well. She is an outspoken leader on our unit. – Nominated by Lisa Rebello

Briarwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

Vinea Price, Briarwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

Vinea gave our family member suffering from terminal cancer extraordinary daily care in every way possible. She demonstrated nursing skills in a consistent manner to the patient and extended great communication and care equally to our family. Her genuine compassion helped her patient face life’s most difficult challenge with dignity. Our gratitude is beyond words, and we can’t think of a better nurse to nominate for this recognition. – Nominated by Bob Trethewey

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Shuli Aronson, Brigham and Women’s Neonatal ICU

Shuli was my daughter’s primary nurse during her NICU stay. From our admission into the Growth and Development Unit, Shuli made my husband and me feel welcome. She knew, more than we did, that this would become our second home, so she made us comfortable. She took so much time and care to prepare us for all the obstacles being a new parent to a preemie brings. 

She advocated for our daughter numerous times, always with our daughter’s best care in mind. She knew when our baby was ready — and more importantly, not ready — for advancements, and guided us through what was right for our daughter’s progress. She educated us on every aspect of our daughter’s care in the NICU and taught us all of the tasks we needed to learn to care for her at home. Shuli always answered our questions patiently. The NICU is never where you expect your baby to end up for six weeks, but Shuli made sure that we still felt like the parents. She cared for our baby in the big, lifesaving ways and in the small ways, like when she set up a whole “first Christmas” photo shoot on Christmas Day. We’ll have these memories forever, and Shuli will always be part of them. We couldn’t appreciate her more and we will never forget her. – Nominated by Jacquelyn Cuomo

Megan Falcone, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Young woman with shoulder length blond hair wearing dark blue sweater.
Megan Falcone

I never had a more caring, kinder nurse than Megan. I was taken to the Tower at Floor 11A, Room 14, for a week-long recovery from surgery on my lower right lung. Megan was there on my second day, I think; it was a weekend. She introduced herself: “My husband’s Italian, I’m Irish. He makes the meatballs.” She attended to my needs — walks, hygiene, etc. — as if she were an old friend. On Sunday, as she was about to take me for a walk around the block, she noticed I was going to AFib [atrial fibrillation]. “Not on my watch!” she said. She took me back to bed, settled me down, and called in the doctors, who changed my meds. What might have happened if she didn’t notice that? Another time, when I had an embarrassing “accident” in the bathroom, she took care of it and me. – Nominated by Francis “Frank” Iafolla

Elizabeth Foley, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Liz was very thoughtful and knowledgeable about what I was experiencing. She went out of her way to give me the best care and attention. All of the nurses on Floor 12 were great, but the focus Liz gave to my case really made me and my family feel comfortable knowing we were in great hands. – Nominated by Daniel Ranahan

Patricia Ryan-Kanelos, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Patricia Ryan-Kanelos defines selflessness and kind-heartedness. Patty is assisting, long distance and in person, with the care of her brother, who had a stroke in Florida. She also takes great care of her aging parents here in Boston — all while serving as the charge nurse in the operating room at the Brigham, where she has worked for 30-plus years. – Nominated by Kathleen Ryan

Ellen McKeon-Levine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

I’ve worked with Ellen for the past 11 years. She’s great to all of our patients, showing them care and comfort. She works hard every day and never complains. Ellen lights up every room that she enters and is caring to everyone she meets, even if it’s just 10 minutes helping to get a patient onto the table. She is the kind of nurse you hope to get when you need any kind of procedure. She tells every patient she’s working for them and always makes sure they are comfortable and are relaxed for the procedure. She is a GOAT [greatest of all time] of the nurses in Angio/Neuro and deserves to be recognized. – Nominated by Angela Schiavone

Julie McGillicuddy, Brigham and Women’s Neonatal ICU

Julie was one of my daughter’s primary nurses during her six-week stay in the NICU. During such a scary time in our lives, Julie always was a bright light. She provided excellent care for not only my daughter but also for my husband and me. She wasn’t our daughter’s first primary nurse, but we met Julie about a week into our NICU stay and connected. After watching her care and love for our daughter’s roommate, I knew we had to have Julie on our team. The patience with which Julie taught two new, scared parents of a four-pound baby was remarkable. She never made us feel unprepared (which I’m sure we were) or self-conscious about any questions we had. 

Our first week with Julie was the week of Thanksgiving, and she insisted on taking family photos to capture our first holiday together. Even though dressing a preemie is tricky with all the wires attached to their tiny bodies, Julie helped us put our daughter into multiple Thanksgiving outfits so we could capture these memories. We called every morning to learn how our daughter had done overnight, and when Julie was her nurse, the two of them were always cuddling while Julie did her charting and notes. It warmed our hearts knowing that she was being held and loved by someone who truly cared when we couldn’t be there. After a scary incident the day before our daughter was to be discharged, Julie advocated for her to the doctor and nurse practitioner team. We trusted Julie, as she knew our daughter best. She believed we could be great parents and gave us all the tools we needed to succeed when we got home. We were so lucky she was our nurse on our last day in the hospital, it was the perfect sendoff as she walked us out to the elevators. She has made a lasting impact on our family and we are forever grateful for her.
-Nominated by Jacquelyn Cuomo

Medical ICU, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and 3 West, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

They say it takes a village, and that’s true — it takes doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, nursing personal care attendants, and housekeeping. 

Last August, my husband Jim hemorrhaged from his blood thinners. He was in shock when brought to the emergency department at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The ED staff saved his life, and he was taken to the surgical intensive care unit. From there, he went to the medical ICU for two months. All the nurses were kind and compassionate. My husband is a quadriplegic from a spinal cord injury at age 14. Because he was intubated and later had a tracheostomy, he couldn’t speak. The nurses patiently tried to read his lips. They made sure he was listened to and never ignored. He could only communicate by making a clicking sound with his mouth. One of the nurses, Helen, made signs as a reminder to never completely shut his door so he could always be heard. This made him feel less anxious and valued. Michelle comforted me when he was in one of many critical events. There was Kayla, who noticed critical changes on his ventilator settings and was prepared when he had cardiac arrest. 

Jim was critically ill and the staff kept me updated and cared for me, too. There were many bad days, but his care was always the best. Everyone rooted for him to get well. After two months he was transferred to Spaulding in Cambridge to get stronger. The staff were excellent there, too. They listened and supported us. Kara was one of the best listeners. Casey, Amanda, Jay, and Brad were compassionate and caring. They encouraged Jim to get dressed and out of a hospital gown, to just feel normal. 

After two and a half months at Spaulding Jim was discharged to continue care at home. Deborah, the nurse from case management, arranged for us to be home for Christmas. Jim was back in the MICU this January and March, and again received expert care. I know I’ve left out the names of so many nurses and staff who cared for Jim, but you are all forever in our hearts for your expertise and kindness. – Nominated by James Miczek

Obstetrical Nurses of CWN 9/10, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

I am proud to have been a nurse for the past 37 years. It is much more than just my job; it’s who I am, to my heart and soul. Throughout my career, I’ve seen the greatest of humanity in my colleagues. I have always felt so fortunate to be part of this incredible group. In this past year, especially, I have frequently felt and seen compassion and care by amazing nurses. I watched my husband lose his year-long fight against an aggressive and deadly skin cancer in August. The nurses from Old Colony Hospice were irreplaceable in helping him and my entire family travel this devastating journey. His care in our home, where he wanted to live his final days, was extremely difficult. These nurses cared for him and taught us to do the same. I’m forever grateful for their invaluable support. My co-workers from the BWH postpartum unit were also amazingly supportive throughout my husband’s illness and following his death. They showed us endless compassion. I have never felt such care. They carried us.

My daughter was expecting her first child during this difficult time. I worried about her well-being, but was comforted in knowing I would be with her while she had her baby at my hospital. Incredibly, days before her delivery I was diagnosed with COVID-19 and I couldn’t work or be present for her delivery or postpartum stay. I was heartbroken, again. My incredible coworkers of BWH CWN didn’t miss a beat. They not only cared for my daughter and her husband and baby in the most skilled and loving ways, but also included me, home sick in my bed, as part of the amazing experience. One dear friend placed my nursing school graduation picture in my grandson’s crib so I could be close. My daughter said the nurses miraculously made it possible for her to move through her sadness to experience the joy of becoming a mother. To call these gifts “above and beyond” is an understatement. As nurses, we are guided by our hearts, and we often have to change our plans quickly to provide what our patients and families need at any particular time. These nurses were a blessing during this emotional roller coaster of the past year.
-Nominated by Colleen Myers

Mantar Singh, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Nurse with mustache and beard wearing turban.
Mantar Singh

Mantar was polite and attentive to all the medical details, all the while answering questions thoroughly. He advocated for me to be able to exercise a bit away from my windowless room, and got me access to the chapel. I believe that my faith is powerful medicine that promotes healing tremendously. I’m so lucky to have him on my team of other nurses, visiting doctors, oncologists, and my primary care doctor, who all stopped by since I was admitted. Mantra also went over to a distressed, wailing patient and comforted her just as her doctor arrived. Thank you, Mantar, for being such a good sou. – Nominated by Denise Randall

Sean Viera, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Sean is a hardworking nurse on an extremely busy Burn/Trauma/Renal Transplant unit, where he’s now one of the more senior nurses because so many others retired over the past year. Sean works hard to provide excellent patient care, often taking the harder assignments to lessen the load on his colleagues — all while also being the charge nurse, which is already a busy job. Sean is often asked to train new nurses and does so with enthusiasm, pushing them to be the best nurses they can. Beyond working hard every shift, he almost always picks up an additional shift each week to help with the staffing shortage, improving patient safety and work satisfaction for his colleagues. Sean deserves recognition for his commitment to his patients and colleagues. – Nominated by Shannon Viera

Nicole White, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

I can’t say enough good things about Nicole and all the other nursing and support staff on 8S and 8B, where my daughter, Leah, who is a kidney transplant recipient, has been admitted more than 20 times throughout the past year. Nicole demonstrated superior nursing skills with compassion and humor. She was a significant emotional support during the past 11 challenging months of complications from the transplant. Nicole and the rest of the staff were always there for my daughter’s complex medical needs and to ensure clear communications among her many doctors and providers. I don’t know how we would have made it through such a difficult year without the compassionate, professional care we received.
Nominated by Bill Rapp

Joanna Woodman, Wound Care Center, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Always showed me dedication to finding the best solutions for patients. Extremely informative as well. – Nominated by Musaab Tariq

Brookhaven Hospice

Stephanie Swanson, Brookhaven HospiceStephanie is warm, friendly, and very much cares for the well-being of my dad, Walter. Since I’m from out-of-state and can’t visit my dad regularly, Stephanie is diligent about phoning me with updates regarding his health. She also consults me on potential new medications, and when deciding if my dad needs hospitalization or not. Stephanie is highly professional and an excellent clinician, always showing compassion and understanding. I highly trust her with my dad’s care.
Nominated by SueAnn Mckeon

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