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2024 Salute to Nurses Letters C-D

Cambridge Health Alliance 

Lizete Barbosa, CHA Cambridge Family Health North


We are so fortunate to have a wonderful team of nurses at our outpatient site, but I work most closely with Lizete, the best nurse I’ve ever encountered. She’s kind, considerate, smart, curious, and always follows up. All the patients on our panel love her, and I feel like I am a better primary care provider because she is on my team.

She’s unflappable even in the face of tough patient encounters and always has a positive attitude that brightens our work environment. It’s truly a privilege to work with Lizete, and I can’t wait for many more years together.

Nominated by Julia Randall, MD

Raquel Colon-Guerrero, CHA Windsor Street Care Center

I am a primary care provider at the Windsor Street Care Center. I have worked with Raquel for close to 30 years. We started our collaborative work before she became a nurse. From day one, I could see that Raquel had all the attributes of being a healthcare provider. First and foremost, she is kind. Raquel is a strong advocate for all patients. She takes care of mostly vulnerable patients, but we also have patients who do not face the same economic challenges. Regardless of their social status, Raquel treats every patient with kindness. She sets an example for the rest of the clinic. Through her actions, she reminds us to be kind, generous, and diligent.


We should all celebrate the courage and determination Raquel had to never give up on her dream to become a nurse. It was not easy to overcome all the obstacles or challenges, but she did it with grace.

Nominated by Gerard Coste, MD

Lynn Cunningham, CHA Revere Care Center

Lynn is a steady and integral part of Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) Revere Health Center. Her knowledge, calm demeanor, and kindness have impacted patients and staff in ways big and small. Congratulations, Lynn, on your incredible career!

Nominated by Amberly Ticotsky


Maureen DiMeo, Cambridge Health Alliance

Maureen has been a colleague for several years, and I have learned so much from her about excellent care for diabetes patients. Maureen is a seasoned nurse who has worked in inpatient and outpatient settings. She is currently the endocrinology team diabetes educator and splits her time between inpatient education and ambulatory care. She is always kind and respectful and looks out for her colleagues and patients.

For instance, we were both working with a patient who had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. He had been started on insulin and was overwhelmed with all the changes he was making to care for himself. I connected with her, and she was able to teach him how to use a continuous glucose monitor the next day. She prioritized his care to ensure he was safe on the new insulin regimen he was just learning how to handle. This young man was very thankful, and, fortunately, I was able to meet them in the clinic and observe her amazing teaching skills. It was so nice to reassure the patient together by demonstrating how we would work as a team to help him with diabetes care. 

Her compassion for people is evident in everything she does, and she always advocates for patients who are without adequate care or are high-risk. She has also made a positive impact through her collaboration on a project to connect high-risk diabetes patients to care at CHA.
Nominated by Monica Akus

Azza Elsheikh, Cambridge Health Alliance

Azza is an inpatient psychiatry nurse on one of our adult units. Azza is compassionate and respectful of all of our patients and families. Our patients have recognized Azza as being helpful in their journey to recovery, particularly for being non-judgemental. Many patients have multiple needs in terms of the community supports needed to help them stay healthy and out of the hospital. Azza works with patients and families to identify those needs and help them develop a successful plan of care. I enjoy rounding on the unit and seeing Azza and her calmness as she engages with patients and helps them de-escalate.

Nominated by Fiona McCaughan

Judith Laguerre

Judith Laguerre, Cambridge Health Alliance

I want to recognize Judith Laguerre’s commitment to our patients of color and those with dementia. UsAgainstAlzheimer’s recognized Judith as a leader in her advocacy regarding the treatment of patients with dementia and supporting their families. Judith has also been able to add her lens of equity and diversity to advocate for system changes. She recognizes the impact of social determinants of health on health and illness, and provides great leadership and teamwork on a busy inpatient geriatric psychiatry unit.

Nominated by Fiona McCaughan

Heather Lee, CHA Cambridge Hospital Zinberg Clinic

Heather Lee is all heart. When we have patients in our clinic who are struggling with food insecurities, homelessness, or mental or physical health conditions that significantly impact their day-to-day lives, Heather is right there providing compassionate care, as well as helping meet tangible needs like food, clothing, blankets, etc. She gives of herself every day and deserves to be recognized for all the lives she touches. 

When we had a patient in an acute psychiatric crisis, she walked the patient to the emergency department and stayed at their bedside until they were admitted. She held the patient’s hand and made sure they knew they were cared for. She checked in on the patient during their entire stay while they were hospitalized. When we had a homeless patient who hadn’t had a bath in weeks, she washed his hair, cleaned him up, dressed his wounds, and donated clothing and shoes to him. 

We have some very depressed patients who struggle to make meaningful connections to health care; they all ask for Heather. She takes on our most challenging patients and gives them her entire attention, presence, and compassion. She really is a nurse who exemplifies the role of caregiver.

Nominated by Norman Belanger

Heather Lee, CHA Cambridge Hospital Zinberg Clinic

The Zinberg Clinic is not easy to come to, but every time I go there, I have nurse Heather to count on. She treats me like I was her mother, makes me feel special, and is always giving words of comfort. She’s very passionate about what she does, and that is the type of nurse CHA should have: the one who goes above and beyond for their patients. 

I wish every hospital would have two nurses just like Heather. The world would be a better place. She is a hardworking and generous woman, buying me coffee with her own money every time I come to CHA. She has even ordered me a taxi. Not even my own children do that.

Taking my care very seriously, she always follows up on my medicine and whatever else I need. If I have a question for the doctor, she always reaches back out very quickly. I am so proud to call CHA my hospital because of her, and I recommend others go there. 

Heather Lee makes a difference; I’m glad to call her my nurse. She is very passionate about what she does. She’s the best!

Nominated by Alvida G. Estsany

Heather Lee, CHA Cambridge Hospital Zinberg Clinic

Heather is a great, compassionate nurse who always does her best to help a patient in need. She will go above and beyond until the issue is resolved. If a patient is out of medications, she will help get the medications needed so that the patient will not be without them, even for one day. Heather will go the extra mile by helping a patient take her groceries to the main floor to catch a cab home, which is not part of her job description as a nurse. She is the best nurse I’ve ever known. I want to acknowledge Heather as a great nurse who genuinely cares about her job and patients.

Nominated by Gertrude Lundy

Caitlin Martin, Cambridge Health Alliance

Caitlin Martin is the glue that helps hold our group of nurses together. She is part of a team of nurses who handle primary care triage within the organization. Caitlin is a nurse her fellow nurses look up to as a strong and compassionate clinician. On many occasions, Caitlin has talked fellow nurses through difficult situations, often getting on the phone herself with patients to ensure they receive the best possible care. Caitlin is a go-to nurse when you need help, a shoulder to cry on, or someone to celebrate little wins with. Caitlin personifies what it means to be a nurse on a daily basis.

Nominated by Ryan Gagnon

Pam McCabe, CHA Everett Hospital

This past summer, there was a patient hospitalized on the adult unit who had suffered the loss of a child. The patient was unable to leave the hospital to attend services. 

Pam is always extremely compassionate, advocating for patients with mental illness like no one else I know. Even in a society focused on the disadvantaged, individuals who experience mental health problems are often overlooked and dehumanized in healthcare settings. 

Pam went out of her way to set up an area where the patient could attend services virtually, putting flowers up and allowing others to come and offer condolences. She looked beyond a patient experiencing severe mental illness and saw a person who needed to participate in the rituals required to grieve for her daughter. This patient (and many others) will never forget these acts of compassion and understanding. Pam has a special gift for making patients feel cared for and important.

Nominated by Judith Rolph

Kathy O’Brien, CHA Somerville Campus

Caring for patients is a demanding task. Caring for youthful pre-adolescents is an even greater responsibility and challenge. Nurse Kathy O’Brien seems to never tire of going the extra mile, working with the child and the parent to help them progress in their health journey. She listens carefully and intently to others. The administrative tasks accompanying this work and reaching out to others beyond the call of duty can be tedious and time-consuming. But O’Brien takes it all in stride, placing the needs of patients and their families foremost. 

She also is a respected and appreciated team member among her professional peers. The healthcare field needs more individuals with the skill and emotional and mental energy to respond like nurse Kathy. She is deserving of recognition and acknowledgment for decades of selfless service.

Nominated by Cloret Carl

Cally Palmieri, CHA Malden Care Center

Nurse Cally goes above and beyond every day to help the patients of Malden Family Medicine Center. We work in an underprivileged area with primarily a non-English speaking population. A patient had been in the waiting room for a very long time lying on our bench, and Cally noticed him there when no one else had. She went over to him, and he was unresponsive. She alerted the doctor and kept the patient calm, reassuring him that everything would be alright. Even though English was not his first language, she was able to communicate with the patient and get him the proper care in his moment of crisis. It took an aware nurse to notice that this patient was not just waiting to be seen but was having a health crisis. 

Cally is a compassionate, caring nurse, always willing to jump in and help whenever needed. In my eyes, she is the definition of what a nurse should be. Whether at work or just out and about, Cally is always a team player.

Nominated by Cheryl Palmieri

Grace Poirier, CHA Malden Care Center

As an office-based addiction treatment (OBAT) nurse, Grace goes above and beyond for our patients who struggle with substance use disorders daily. She is their first point of contact — supporting them through difficult moments, helping them get the resources they need, and sharing the joys of life with them. They know they can call, text, or pop into her office at any hour of the day.

Patients call Grace when they are having panic attacks and she talks them through them. They call her when they lose a pet and need a listening ear. They text her with pictures of their newborns or when they get a new job. They reach out to her when they are worried they will relapse or already have and know that she will listen without judgment and help them get back on track with their recovery.

Patients know they can count on Grace, and during our Suboxone groups, there is a common theme of gratitude and sincere appreciation: “If it were not for Grace and this group, I would not be where I am today. I have come so far, thank you.” Grace is a rock for our patients. She spends countless hours listening to and advocating for them. She is an exceptional team player and one of the most hardworking and trustworthy people I know.

Nominated by Randi Sokol

Tessa Rockwell, Community Behavioral Health Center, Cambridge Health Alliance

Tessa Rockwell is a registered nurse in the psychiatric urgent care at Cambridge Hospital. In this clinic, we interact with clients experiencing a range of psychological crises, from anxiety to suicidal ideation to psychosis. Tessa is the first clinician our clients come into contact with before their behavioral health evaluation. She greets every client with a warm, welcoming, nurturing presence that helps set them at ease. 

Tess goes above and beyond for our clients, whether it is sitting on the floor with a client experiencing an anxiety attack or advocating for patients experiencing homelessness to be connected to crisis stabilization services and connecting them with life-affirming resources. Tess meets our clients with a non-judgmental, empathic spirit that helps support them through challenging times. Additionally, Tess is an amazing support to clinical staff at a busy and stressful clinic.

Nominated by Katie Higgins

Marcia Silva

Marcia Silva, CHA Malden Care Center

When you need a nurse, Marcia is there! Our office sees patients from many cultures and who speak many languages. I knew Marcia was fluent in Portuguese, but I recently learned she had also taught herself Spanish to communicate better with our patients.

She is a tireless advocate for those who need help navigating the medical system, helping make appointments, answering questions, and, recently, making sure a pregnant patient could be taught to use a glucose monitor on a Saturday. This was a relatively urgent need, but the patient didn’t have transportation on Friday. Marcia made time on a busy weekend to ensure she got the necessary teaching and supplies. During this, she also helped a doctor teach a patient with breastfeeding issues and gave immunizations. 

She will check in with patients after visits if there is concern about their understanding or follow-up, ensuring they keep getting the care needed even after leaving our office. Once you are Marcia’s patient, she will always be there for you.

Nominated by Andrea Gordon, MD

Virginia Smith, CHA Broadway Care Center

Virginia Smith, a family nurse practitioner, is one of the most dependable members of our care team. She demonstrates compassion to all of our patients, especially our kiddos. She inspires others daily and is a very reliable provider. She is always willing to take steps to improve patient care and contributes weekends to offer flexibility to families who may not be able to come in during the week. 

Once, a mom and her twins arrived late to the clinic. Unfortunately, due to scheduling constraints, only one twin could be seen. Our medical assistant alerted Virginia, who immediately jumped in to assist. She overbooked her schedule to help accommodate the mom and patient. The mom was so relieved. 

Virginia displays so much care and empathy, handles difficult situations well, and seamlessly provides 100 percent patient satisfaction. She understands how to make a real difference in a patient’s experience. Today, I wish to salute Virginia for her amazing gift of human touch and compassion. She exemplifies our service standard of care.

Nominated by Claudine Alabre

Stephen Winglass

Stephen Winglass, CHA Everett Hospital

Stephen Winglass is a caring, compassionate nurse manager who has gone above and beyond in ensuring patient safety, putting patients first, and embodying our high reliability principles and behaviors. He has created guidelines to standardize processes in the ICU [Intensive Care Unit] and takes on any challenge put forth with a smile on his face. His commitment to our patients is exemplary. We are lucky to have him!

Nominated by Taruna Banerjee

Stephen Winglass, CHA Everett Hospital

Stephen Winglass is the manager of the ICU at Everett Hospital and provides leadership for a nursing unit that cares for critically ill patients and their families from Everett, Revere, Chelsea, and Malden. He also provides leadership for our dialysis program and simulation training for codes and rapid responses.

As our institution has embarked on a journey toward high reliability, Stephen has emerged as a go-to leader and champion, teaching workshops for other staff, modeling the way with tiered huddles and learning boards, and sharing safety stories to change the culture. Stephen brings a can-do attitude to everything he does. He jumps in with both feet, introducing best practice evidence and creating clear protocols and expectations. 

His commitment to patients is always front and center. He holds his staff accountable with kindness and integrity. He is always learning, seeking to improve himself and the systems he leads. His positive energy, warmth, and humor are contagious. Stephen is a phenomenal nurse and nurse leader, and we are so blessed to have him on the Cambridge Health Alliance team.

Nominated by Maren Batalden, MD

Paula Wood, Cambridge Health Alliance

I want to salute a fellow nurse I met at our organization’s new Nurse Triage Call Center. Both Paula and I came from ambulatory clinics in our organization. She started a few months before me, and since I transitioned to this new triage nurse role, she has been one of my go-to nurses when I have questions or issues. She is such a calm soul. Patients she has spoken with before me very often commend her care and kindness in doing all she can for them. She is an individual that flies under the radar but needs to be acknowledged. Thank you, Paula, for all you do!

Nominated by Sara Furtado

Cape Cod Hospital

Lisa Kingston, Cape Cod Hospital

After I had heart bypass surgery, my intensive care unit nurse, Lisa Kingston, was outstanding and caring. She knew what I was going through as a patient, but she challenged me to get out of bed quickly and encouraged me to walk early in my recovery. She was doing 12-hour shifts, and I was extremely lucky to have her for the first few days of my recovery. She was excellent in preparing me for what was ahead in my recovery. She even took time to visit me in my next level of recovery after I moved on from the intensive care unit.

Nominated by Bob James

Care Dimensions

Erin Kelleher, Care Dimensions

Erin Kelleher is my daughter, and I am a registered nurse myself. Although I am a proud mother of a daughter who has cared for patients with love and dedication for over eight years, I am writing this letter as a member of a patient’s family. In December 2023, my 89-year-old mother passed away at my home. She had a wonderful hospice nurse through Care Dimensions, but my daughter, who is also a Care Dimensions nurse, stayed with me for three days straight to help provide care to my dying mother. Because of my daughter’s love, I was allowed to be a daughter and not a nurse for my mother. She made sure my mother was comfortable and at peace, which was an immeasurable gift to me. 

My mother passed away on December 11 in a comfortable bed and comfy pajamas, with calming music playing, in front of a beautifully lit Christmas tree, surrounded by her loving family. Thank you, Erin Kelleher, not just from your proud mother but from a forever grateful member of a forever grateful family.

Nominated by Marianne Barker

Charlton Memorial Hospital

Jill Dos Reis (Sawler), Southcoast Health’s Charlton Memorial Hospital

My sister spent 24 days on the telemetry floor of Charlton Memorial Hospital in August 2023. During this time, she was in heart failure. She went through a procedure to implant a pacemaker, which resulted in an infection that required the pacemaker to be explanted. She was struggling on a daily basis with the worries of her health as well as having to remain in the hospital for an extended length of time. During these days, the nurses who cared for her went above and beyond. They cared for her health as well as her mental health. They gave her comfort and compassion.

Jill understood the importance of the little things, including knowing how important it was for my sister to be able to simply shower. This hospital floor didn’t have a shower readily available since patients there tend to have short hospitalizations. Jill made it her mission to clear a shower room for her, enlisting maintenance to help have the space available and in excellent condition so my sister could shower. This moment may seem small, but it is a perfect example of how Jill understood that meeting this basic need would be critical for my sister’s mental health. I am beyond grateful for the care Jill gave my sister. Knowing that I could call Jill for updates during the hours I wasn’t at the hospital, and that my sister was being cared for by someone I could trust, gave me comfort. I will forever be grateful for the compassion Jill showed. She always leads with patience, kindness, and love. She is truly a hero. 

Nominated by Karen Sigman

Jill Dos Reis (Sawler) and Kaitlyne Silva, Southcoast Health’s Charlton Memorial Hospital

In August 2023, I spent 24 days on the telemetry floor of Charlton Memorial Hospital. The nurses who cared for me were the most compassionate, caring, competent, and trustworthy I have ever experienced. They went above and beyond their roles to ensure I was comfortable and had everything I needed. They would follow up with me after every discussion with the many doctors to make sure I understood the conversations and explained everything in clear terms if I didn’t. They advocated for me with doctors and hospital management when I felt I didn’t have a voice or wasn’t being heard. I appreciate all the nurses I interacted with, but I want to nominate Jill Dos Reis (Sawler) and Kaitlyne Silva, who were my main day and night nurses, respectively. Jill and Kaitlyne are so much more than my nurses; they are my friends for life, and I genuinely respect and love them.

Nominated by Julie Cummings

John Medeiros, Southcoast Health’s Charlton Memorial Hospital

John is very compassionate in his care of patients, always looking for the best treatment. He is very knowledgeable and always willing to help if the emergency room needs more staff. He is 110 percent genuine!

Nominated by Lisa Leonardo

Edwin Villarrubia, Southcoast Health’s Charlton Memorial Hospital

In early December 2023, a family member was admitted after a severely traumatic spinal cord injury. Our person has numerous complicating conditions, which made even partial recovery challenging. We were very fortunate to have a progressive and talented staff of nurses attending over three weeks of multiple surgeries, setbacks, and victories.

They all deserve accolades, but I cannot ignore the leadership of Mr. Villarrubia. He is vital to his staff and patients. He made himself available to my family every day. Even though the physicians were wonderful, he put himself in the patient’s place and talked about how he would feel if faced with similar issues. He may not have actually intubated or administered medications daily, but we trusted him as a friend and could review any care issue with him. He even told us how to voice complaints (although we had none) should there ever be a need. People remember this type of patient care and empathy; this very steady, level-headed day-to-day care can calm patients and their families during a crisis. The entire ICU [Intensive Care Unit] staff is to be acknowledged, but Mr. Edwin Villarrubia, in particular, will always be appreciated.

Nominated by Nancy O’connell

Community Nurse Home Care

Shannon DeMello and Tanya Sherman

I cannot let another day go by without nominating this dynamic duo. Tanya and Shannon work so well together, never failing to communicate with each other about Ralph’s condition, progress, or any problems. Whichever nurse came, she always explained what she was doing, why, and what she hoped the outcome would be. And they were always so meticulous in doing his dressings.

After almost two years, these two wonderful, caring nurses became like family — seeing our family as it truly is with its highs and lows. Hugs were not out of the question on some rough days and on some good days too. A birthday cake even appeared on Ralph’s birthday! They answered any questions Ralph or I had openly and honestly and always encouraged us. If a call to the doctor was needed, they made it while in the home with us. It was always open communication, no secrets. Ralph and I could never ask for better nursing care than these two wonderful nurses gave us. We are forever grateful.

Nominated by Barbara Wright 

Cooley Dickinson Hospital

Lynn Eline, Cooley Dickinson Hospital

Lynn is a compassionate, caring, patient, and kind nurse. She listened when I needed her help and when I had questions, and she gave excellent care. I was pretty much able to do most things for myself, but she made sure I could before she left me alone to proceed. She was understanding and kind when I asked for a snack after surgery and made it with skill to perfection. Lynn, in my book, is the perfect nurse!

Nominated Jennifer Negron

Ebony Forand, Cooley Dickinson Hospital

Ebony is a team player. She is pleasant, attentive, respectful, and knowledgeable. She is a strong nurse with excellent skills in prioritizing care and alerting fellow staff of sick patients’ needs. I feel confident and happy when Ebony is around. She is a new addition to the organization, and we are lucky to have her.

Nominated by Christine Kellogg

Sheryl Lafountaine, Cooley Dickinson Hospital

Sheryl is the most amazing charge nurse I have ever met. She is constantly going above and beyond for her patients, coworkers, and even strangers. She not only makes sure everyone is greeted with a smile and kind words but makes sure we are well-fed. She is always bringing in home-cooked meals and goodies. She does so much for everyone. Sometimes, we have patients who are difficult to place and end up staying for extended periods. Sheryl will take the patient’s laundry home, wash it, fold it, and deliver it back to the patient with a smile. Sheryl is a one-of-a-kind human being and an absolutely terrific nurse. She is an inspiration to all.

Nominated by Elizabeth Lambert

Cynthia Marlin, Cooley Dickinson Hospital

Cynthia became the chief nursing officer at Cooley Dickinson Hospital in January 2023. Since then, she has worked tirelessly to ensure the organization is providing top-notch care. She is always patient and focused and continuously advocates for what her nurses and the organization need to provide the best possible care. She comes in early, stays late, and is always available. 

With the current challenges across the board in health care around staffing and high volumes of patients, times haven’t been easy. Still, she consistently comes to the table with suggestions and is always willing to help do whatever it takes to get the best possible solution. She has been known to walk through the unit, helping clean patients up or reposition them. She goes down to the Emergency Department and helps turn over rooms if that’s what is needed. She’s a true team player and demonstrates leadership in a way that is inspiring to us all. Cynthia not only advocates and cares for our patients this way, but she also does so for the nurses across the organization. When times are tough, there is a great sense of confidence and pride to know she is at the helm.

Nominated by Lynnette Watkins

Sandra Saravia, Cooley Dickinson Hospital

Sandra is the epitome of an incredible labor and delivery nurse. I went into labor with my first child on Nov. 16 — I was so excited but so scared. I had my birth plan, but it quickly went out the window after I arrived at the hospital. Sandra was by my side every step of the way, making sure I felt safe, comfortable, and, most importantly, heard. As an ER nurse myself, I know how hard it can be to advocate for yourself. Sandra made sure I did just that and helped me bring my beautiful baby girl into the world safely. She constantly reminded me how strong I was and kept telling me, “You got this, mama,” right when I wanted to give up. Although my birthing experience went nothing like I envisioned, I am so grateful for the nurses who were present. I’m even more grateful to call them my coworkers.

Nominated by Callie Hubbard

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Jennifer Andre

Jennifer Andre, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Jen Andre is a devoted, hardworking, compassionate, and attentive nurse in a challenging clinical practice. Jen joined Dana-Farber in 2022 as one of our program nurses in the Center for Neuro-Oncology, supporting a busy clinical practice and set of practitioners. Jen quickly learned the ropes of caring for patients with brain tumors — no easy feat — through endless curiosity and sheer determination. 

Since day one, for every patient I was seeing, Jen would ask me not just to review their clinical course and major active issues, but to also go over the details of their diagnosis, review their brain MRIs, and map out their treatment possibilities. This level of engagement in the minutiae of clinical care is usually reserved for physicians, but Jen wanted to understand her patients from all angles. Over time, Jen has developed a superb knowledge of neuro-oncology, which she pairs with a boundless desire to help our patients. She strives to see and speak to as many of our patients as possible every day, adding much-needed insight into their lives and struggles that are not easily captured in a 20-minute doctor’s visit. It is not uncommon for patients to look directly to Jen with questions or concerns — she is their “go-to person.”

The last few years have seen many changes and challenges to health care across the country, and Jen has been invaluable in helping us navigate these somewhat turbulent times. 

Nominated by Ricardo McFaline-Figueroa

Emma Dann, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Dana-Farber brings cutting-edge care to communities beyond Boston through six regional campuses in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Emma Dann is the vice president and associate chief nurse for Nursing and Patient Care Services in this expanded Dana-Farber system. I have had the privilege of working with this innovative executive nurse leader for the past eight years. My sentiments below are echoed by many nurses in every corner of Dana-Farber.

Emma is passionate about her work. She influences me and my nursing colleagues to aspire to the highest standards. Emma challenges us to think creatively, always listening intently and guiding us to recognize new paths and ways to best care for our patients and families. She is our role model and a caring colleague.

This inspiring mentor knows no limit in knowing her nurses and supporting our professional growth. Emma is authentic and trusting. She embraces challenges as new opportunities. We deeply appreciate Emma’s open expressions of gratitude for contributions that we have made.

I speak personally and for many Dana-Farber nurses in thanking Emma for her trust, caring, and the immense joy she brings each day she walks through our doors.

Nominated by Fran Leonard

Danielle (Dani) Fitzpatrick, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

As a repeat customer, I have witnessed and directly benefited from Dani’s boundless energy and unsurpassed professionalism. Despite the demands of being an infusion nurse, she treats me as if I am her primary concern, patiently explaining every element of treatment and ensuring my comfort from the moment I arrive. Her passion for her profession is only matched by her genuine care for her patients.

Nominated by Dan Devine

Carolyn Goldhammer, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

My wife, Susan, has been fighting her cancer for six years now. With twice-a-week infusions, it takes quite a toll. Carolyn makes a tough situation a tolerable experience. Dana-Farber has such a valuable nurse who takes special care of my wife, Sue, not to mention all the staff who do what they do.

Nominated by Joe Manfredi

Margaret Julio, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

The second I heard Margaret ask, “How is our little Frankie doing today?” my heart rate would decrease immediately to a steady pace. When my four-year-old was diagnosed with cancer and spent seven months receiving chemotherapy at the Jimmy Fund Clinic, our nurse Margaret became like family.

Her calm, humorous demeanor brought solace to us in our most trying time. Quickly realizing Frankie was not a fan of the arts and crafts frequently provided by the Jimmy Fund, Margaret would talk to him about Boston sports teams, his favorite topic. When Frankie was having a tough day or not wanting to talk, she would bring a smile to his face. In those seven months, she was the person I talked to the most, as Frankie’s chemo medicine slowly dripped through his port each day. She always made Frankie feel comfortable, and the friendship and support she provided for me was immeasurable.

Margaret’s kindness is something I will hold with me for the rest of my life. When asked in a work training what my favorite sound in the world was, I instantly replied, “The voice of Frankie’s oncology nurse.”

Nominated by Marnie Eaton

Cheri Manzi, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Cheri is such a pleasure to be around. She is always positive and cares for the patients as well as the staff around her. She is always willing to help and goes above and beyond to provide the most outstanding care to our patients.

Nominated by Heather Morley

Jennifer Stefanik

Jennifer A. Stefanik, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Jenn Stefanik has been my lead neuro-oncology nurse since I came to Dana-Farber in February 2019. She has been a rock for me and my family. She communicates complicated clinical information effectively and with compassion, and in two years of treatment, she has never failed to be responsive to questions about treatment or get back to me with answers.

Since I completed treatment and went on long-term monitoring, we only see her every three or four months, but we will always be grateful.

Nominated by Christopher Barnett

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