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2024 Salute to Nurses Letters E-M

East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

Constance Almeida, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

Constance is a joy to work with. Her smile and joy can light up a whole room. She has consistently demonstrated that this job is more than just answering calls. One day, there was a suicidal call; she stopped what she was doing to meet up with the caller, as they were close by. Her compassion and understanding saved a life. I wish there were more nurses like Connie.

Nominated by Elizabeth Ortega

Ada Álvarez

Ada Álvarez, Neighborhood PACE, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

Ada Álvarez has taken excellent care of my mother and has been a very special support for her. She is an outstanding nurse, dedicated to the individuals in her care, and very patient. In a few words, she deserves all the best in the world. We need more excellent nurses like Ada in our hospitals.

Nominated by Ambar Benavides

Eliza Kenney, Neighborhood PACE, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

Eliza is our one and only clinic nurse. Staff and patients alike all sing her praises. She keeps everything running smoothly. She takes the time to get to know our patients inside and out. She treats them with dignity, respect, and compassion, which is essential for any form of health care, but especially for our underserved geriatric population. She is not afraid to stand up for her patients and will continue to advocate for them until their last breath.

She puts our patients, their families, and our peers at ease. She always jumps at the opportunity to help someone in need. She is elevating the standard of nursing every day and in every way. I am proud to work alongside her and know I can truly rely on her for whatever our patients need. If we could clone Eliza and make about 1,000 more replicas of her, our healthcare system would be better positioned to handle the increasing need.

Nominated by Asmae El Alami

Eliza Kenney, Neighborhood PACE, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

Eliza helps with medication, home care, and any nursing matters. She is empathic and uses a comprehensive approach to support the whole person.

Nominated by Jonelle Winkler

Kathiana Monestime, Neighborhood PACE, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

I would like to nominate my nurse, Kathiana Monestime. She saved my life on January 2. I went out with my son earlier in the day, and when I came home, I felt chest pain and couldn’t catch my breath. I called my PACE nurse, Kathiana. She told me to push my emergency pendant and stayed on the phone with me until help arrived. I was taken to the hospital. The doctors said I was lucky to have gone in when I did, or else I wouldn’t be here submitting this letter. She’s my super nurse.

Nominated by Marie Bolduc

Daniela Poles, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

Daniela has been my provider for many years. She is caring, emphatic, compassionate, knowledgeable, and always helps me with all my health concerns. She deserves this recognition for all the hard work she puts into each patient she treats.

Nominated by Eliana MacDonald

Rutha Sium, Neighborhood PACE, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

Rutha is an excellent, hard-working nurse. She demonstrates her care for patients by working to heal their wounds and listening to them when they are in need. She takes the time to hear them out, shows that she cares for them, and is there to help them. She works very hard to get through all her patients each day and finds a way to make them feel better, happy, and comfortable. She makes sure that anyone can feel good and have the supplies they need for their care.

I admire her and the way she takes care of patients with love and compassion. She gets done with her work and still has time to call patients at home to check on them and see if they need any supplies. I am glad and lucky to have met her. She is a wonderful person, and she loves the work she does for her community.

Nominated by Milvian Arroyo

Rutha Sium, Neighborhood PACE, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

Rutha Sium demonstrates exactly what a nurse should be at all times. She is courteous, patient, knowledgeable, and willing to learn from others. Rutha is a wonderful nurse and should be acknowledged for her thoroughness, work ethic, and respect for her patients.

Nominated by Michelle Miranda

Katherine Topazio, Neighborhood PACE, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

Kathy coordinates hospice care for the East Boston Neighborhood PACE program, which has almost 800 participants. She is not only a nurse but also a death doula. She is kind and incredibly compassionate. Kathy has eased the transition to end of life for participants and their loved ones, ensuring they have physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual support. She is available day or night, even on her days off. Kathy makes death less scary.

Nominated by Lukas Akerley

Elliot Hospital

Catherine (Cathy) Burpee, Elliot Hospital

Cathy was my labor and delivery nurse for the majority of my labor. She was beyond wonderful and helpful to me as my labor progressed. She was patient, kind, and quick to offer alternate positions to help ease my pain. Thinking back on the entire experience, I really couldn’t have asked for a better nurse to be by my side the whole time. I’ll be forever grateful for her kindness and steady hand during the delivery of my child.

Nominated by Jessica Brown

Kim Hochman, Elliot Hospital

She was there on the overnight shift and made sure I was warm and had enough blankets. She did her vitals checks quietly and painlessly. She assisted me to the restroom so I did not fall or have any problems. She was compassionate and understanding, and always seemed to have a smile while she went about her rounds.

Nominated by Judith Pierce

Emerson Health System

Delaney Ahearn, Emerson Health 

Delaney was our nurse for the birth of our son. I had a very traumatic pregnancy, filled with complications, and I was anxious about birth. I was induced due to pregnancy complications, and Delaney was a calming force while explaining everything as it was happening. She stayed after her shift to assist with the transition to the postpartum unit after a significant post-birth hemorrhage. Delaney was a blessing to have by my side through the process. Thankfully, we have a healthy baby boy, and I would ask for Delaney again in the future!

Nominated by Emelie Perry

Christine Aruda, Emerson Health

Chris is a dynamic and multifaceted nurse with great skills. Every time I see her, she is moving and working to take the best care of her patients while supporting her team. Her intelligence is clear. She always thinks critically and performs amazingly during an emergency. I have said it before, and I will say it again: I want Chris to be my nurse if I land in the emergency department. I trust her completely.

Nominated by Casey DeWalt

Tiffany Blais, Emerson Health 

She made us feel so comfortable in a very stressful situation. Our son had breathing issues right after my C-section. She kept us informed and was unbelievably comforting and reassuring. She checked back in multiple days during my stay. She was one of the most important people in getting through one of the hardest situations of our lives. We are truly grateful.

Nominated by Sarah Powers

Tabitha Brand, Clough Birthing Center, Emerson Health

Tabitha was such an amazing nurse. I had two rough deliveries, and she was the most empathetic and compassionate person I have ever worked with. Her bedside manner was amazing. She was so sweet and caring and could even make me laugh after a difficult time. She made sure I had whatever I needed and checked back in even if she wasn’t my nurse that day. She also remembered me almost three years after my first birth. She made me feel like more than just another patient, which is so important. She has made a lasting impression on my heart. We need more nurses like Tabitha!

Nominated by Caitlin Katisch

Tabitha Brand, Clough Birthing Center, Emerson Health

Tabitha helped to take care of our daughter when she had a week-long stay in the special care unit after birth back in 2019. She made a lasting impression on our family with her love and kindness towards us all. 

Upon being admitted to Emerson for the birth of our son in 2023, we were greeted in triage by her familiar face, and we couldn’t have been happier to see her again. Later that night, she got to see how much our daughter had grown when she came to meet her baby brother for the first time. That will be a moment we will remember forever. Tabitha was there for the two most important moments of our lives, and our family will forever be impacted by and thankful for her care, kindness, and love!

Nominated by Shaina Mahdavy

Julie Clement, Emerson Health 

Julie has always provided thoughtful and compassionate care, making me feel like a person, not just another patient. When there have been difficulties with my procedures, Julie has been the go-to resource for smoothing things out.

Nominated by Craig Williams

Rachel Coupal

Rachel Coupal, Emerson Health

My baby was born on Halloween. He had some respiratory distress and was admitted to the nursery at Emerson Hospital in Concord. Due to the exceptional care at the hospital, on his second day of life, we finally named him. We chose to name him Emerson due to the outstanding care he received. 

Narrowing it down to one nurse who made the most impact was almost impossible, but I chose Rachel. Here is a piece of a letter I shared with the unit: “Lastly, Rachel on the mother-baby unit. She worked the night shift. Wow, what an amazing nurse. She is right where she belongs. I was able to tell her the meaning behind Emerson’s name, and the whole time I was crying like a baby, she comforted me and was so kind. She was so patient and respectful, and she made the two nights postpartum easy to get through. Honestly, words cannot even explain the exceptional care I received from her.” 

This nurse constantly checked on me. I had worries that my baby was breathing too fast (once he was able to be in our room overnight). She sat on the edge of the bed with me and listened to his respiration. Also, even after she knew he was okay, she grabbed the charge nurse to come in and listen. She made me feel like I was the only one she was taking care of when I, indeed, knew that wasn’t the case. 

Nominated by Chelsea Cwalina

Rachel Coupal, Emerson Health 

Six hours after I gave birth to our daughter, I had a postpartum hemorrhage and lost two liters of blood. Rachel acted quickly and calmly and saved my life. I’ll be forever grateful for her gentle compassion and kindness during what was a scary time for my husband and me. Thank you for doing what you do, Rachel!

Nominated by Rachel DeLuca

Molly Cox, Emerson Health 

Molly is always smiling and promoting teamwork. She advocates for her patients and goes above and beyond to make sure they have a good experience. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and kind. As a newer nurse, she has done a great job growing clinically, and her patients and teammates are very lucky to have her.

Nominated by Kelly Harmon

Chris D’Amelio, Clough Birthing Center, Emerson Health

Chris was our overnight nurse for two days after delivering our son via C-section over a holiday weekend. She was extremely attentive, kind, and encouraging throughout our stay. Because the birthing center was so busy, we were put in a small postpartum room for our recovery. Well, that wasn’t good enough for Chris, and she had us moved to a much larger room during the night. She made us feel so comfortable, and we were so lucky to have her care for us for those two nights. I will never forget her.

Nominated by Allison Stateler

Casey DeWalt, Emerson Health

As a nurse educator in the emergency department, Casey works tirelessly to support the staff by providing training and guidance. She has a vast knowledge of emergency nursing and uses her creativity and imagination to make education fun and memorable for staff. She is kind and creates an environment where staff feel comfortable coming to her with questions or ideas. She is always willing to jump in at the bedside and help the emergency department staff. When she is at the bedside, she is a role model for new staff and treats each patient with kindness and compassion.

Nominated by Amanda Maillet

Alexandra (Lexi) Dutkewych, Clough Birthing Center Labor & Delivery, Emerson Health

I gave birth to my son on September 12, 2023, at Emerson Hospital. I experienced some severe complications that resulted in me being transferred to another hospital’s ICU for a few days. While I was gone, Lexi ensured that my husband and baby were well taken care of and all their needs were met. Knowing that my baby was in great hands and that my husband had an amazing support system from the staff while I was in the ICU made the time I spent away from my newborn a little less scary. 

When I transferred back to Emerson, Lexi was the first to greet me with welcoming arms, and my room was filled with “welcome back” decorations and thoughtful notes taped to the wall from many of the nurses. Lexi was there every step of the way and has made a lasting impression on our family.

Nominated by Victoria Beaulac

Amy Farrar, Emerson Health

My sister lost her baby on Christmas of 2022. Amy worked through the night on Christmas Eve, her day off, to be with my sister, a fellow Emerson nurse, as she delivered my nephew asleep. Amy has gone above and beyond for so many of her patients. She truly exemplifies what it means to be a compassionate, caring, and genuinely good person.

Nominated by Elena Elliot

Tommi Gill-Sammet, Emerson Health

The CCU (Critical Care Unit) is a very intense floor, and Tommi manages the team of nurses who work there. She is always calm and compassionate. She leads with strength and by example and, at times, handles very difficult situations. I have never seen her break under the intense pressure when there is a serious situation. She is an example of what a good leader looks like.

Nominated by Mel Patten

Cara Grimard, Emerson Health 

I see Cara every day as the director of labor and delivery. She has handled some difficult situations on the unit when sometimes things don’t go easily or as planned. She is not a nurse who sits and watches by the sidelines but one who will be in the operating room or at the bedside, whatever is needed for the patients. She supports her staff fully and always thinks of them first. I am very proud to have her on the team and to know she is always on the front line, putting our hospital in the best light.

Nominated by Mel Patten

Amy Gullotti, Emerson Health

Technically, I have been a patient of Amy’s for 26 years, and while other patients may not share this timeline, I know hundreds would call themselves lucky to have been under the care of my mom, Amy Gullotti.

Amy’s advocacy for her patients is incomparable. Whether it be advocating for their medical care, making them smile on a hard day, or ensuring patients’ families have the right resources, Amy will stop at nothing to make sure her patients go home happier and healthier than when they entered her care. When going home healthy is not an option, Amy will go above and beyond to make severely ailing patients comfortable, often treating them like her own family. 

Her nursing experience and advocacy skills saved my life at age 11, and 15 years later, I have yet to witness more impressive, extraordinary nursing skills than Amy’s. Amy’s dedication to nursing doesn’t end with her patients. She often spends her limited free time mentoring future nurses or working to improve nurses’ rights and safety. What is most striking about Amy is her dedication. Her work does not end when she leaves the hospital. At home, you can find Amy on the phone, coordinating patient care or managing improvements with her staff. It was always clear to me that her patients were more than just patients to her. As her daughter, a physician assistant (PA) student, I can say without a doubt that my mom, Amy, is my greatest inspiration to become a compassionate provider.

Nominated by Madison G.

Ashley Horgan, Naka Infusion Center, Emerson Health

Ashley’s smile and compassionate and competent care always made me feel more human and less like a cancer patient.

Nominated by Craig Williams

Alyssa Howarth, Clough Birthing Center, Emerson Health

The birth of our fourth child was my third experience at the amazing Clough Birthing Center at Emerson Hospital. I was induced the night before, and in the morning, I knew the baby would be born that day. The morning nurse arrived, Alyssa, and instantly put my anxieties to rest. She was warm, compassionate, funny, and down to earth. I truly felt that my preferences were at the forefront of the delivery, along with the safety of both myself and my unborn baby. 

Alyssa was amazing in assisting me in everything a fantastic labor and delivery nurse does, but she also went above and beyond, showing how knowledgeable she was. Alyssa answered all my questions, explained tasks thoroughly, made me feel like I was truly in charge of the birth, and even helped involve my husband when he was nervous and wanted to help. I could tell she truly loves her job. She treated me professionally but also as if she were the nurse for her own loved one. Alyssa empowered me through birth, and I am beyond grateful for her intelligence in the field, her bedside manner, and her assistance in bringing our final baby into the world. I will never forget this experience, and I hope Alyssa knows how much she is appreciated.

Nominated by Kristyna Belliveau

Dayna Kowesky, Emerson Health

Dayna is committed to the growth and development of new nurses. Serving as a preceptor and mentor, she specializes in customizing the learning experience for each individual new colleague based on their past experiences. She serves as a charge nurse on the unit and really knows how to meet patients where they are and makes very caring connections. She partners with patients in their care plans and ensures they have the very best experience.

Nominated by Kelly Harmon

Lisa Meinhold, Emerson Health 

A dedicated nurse educator invested in the success of new critical care nurses, she goes above and beyond to create learning opportunities that are meaningful for experienced registered nurses as well as newer ones. You can always find her on the unit side by side with the nurses, coaching and mentoring them for success.

Nominated by Kelly Harmon

Nancy Mizzoni, Emerson Health

Nancy Mizzoni is the epitome of compassionate care, clinical competency, excellent communication, and trust in patient care, serving as a steadfast advocate for the well-being of both staff and patients at Emerson Hospital. As an obstetrical nurse educator, Nancy’s commitment to excellence shines through in her unwavering dedication to enhancing staff proficiency while working alongside them during neonatal emergencies.

In the fast-paced environment of obstetrics, where every moment counts, Nancy’s compassionate approach is evident in her response to neonatal codes. With a calm demeanor and quick thinking, she ensures that every newborn receives the critical care they need, demonstrating a deep understanding of the delicate nature of neonatal emergencies and the importance of timely intervention. 

Moreover, Nancy’s commitment to staff development is unparalleled. She goes above and beyond to equip her colleagues with the skills and knowledge to handle emergencies confidently. Her patient guidance and encouragement create a supportive learning environment where staff members feel empowered to enhance their clinical competency. 

Beyond her role as an educator, Nancy’s genuine concern for the well-being of both staff and patients makes her a trusted friend and advocate within the hospital community. Her selfless dedication to Emerson Hospital and its patients is evident in her tireless efforts to give her all, going above and beyond to ensure that every individual receives the utmost care and attention. Nancy serves as an inspiration to all who have the privilege of working alongside her.

Nominated by Kelly Lombard

Yudaya Nanziri, Emerson Health

On January 5, I fell, resulting in injuries. After being examined at Emerson Urgent Care in Littleton, I was referred to Emerson Emergency Care for a CAT scan. I was admitted as an inpatient when the results confirmed that I had a broken hip. On the afternoon of January 6, I underwent surgery to repair my hip. While I was pleased with my care during my hospital stay, I was especially impressed by one person on the nursing staff who went above and beyond expectations.

That person is Yudaya Nanziri. She worked the night shift on January 7 and 8 before I was released to rehab. The early days of recovery were difficult at best, and she was responsible for my care during those hours. She attended to my needs with professionalism, poise, compassion, and grace, making a difficult situation much more bearable.

Nominated by Joan McGuire

Katie Perrone, Emerson Health

Katie advocated for me when I couldn’t do so for myself. She was my nurse on the maternity floor after I gave birth to my firstborn. To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. As badly as I wanted to breastfeed, I immediately knew it was not for me. While I felt others were pushing me to give it another chance, she stood up for me and made me feel validated. She made me feel capable and empowered in a situation that made me feel helpless. I still keep in touch with Katie and remind her how grateful I am that we crossed paths. My birth experience wouldn’t be nearly as memorable without her by my side.

Nominated by Annie MacIntyre

Deb Stitt, Emerson Health

Deb is an experienced nurse on a busy, complex medical floor with many newer nurses. She provides gentle guidance and understanding to her colleagues. Her patients are always well cared for, and you can often find her working with nursing students. She truly embraces the concept of investing in the future of her profession through her dedication of time and knowledge sharing.

Nominated by Kelly Harmon

Lisa Taylor, Emerson Primary Care 

Lisa is always helpful and cheerful. She has gone above and beyond to help me obtain and manage a new prescription. She responds to all my (too many!) messages quickly and helpfully. I am so grateful for this level of service, which has been consistent my entire time with this practice, no matter what my needs have been.

Nominated by Marian Dyer

Amanda Wonders, Emerson Health

Mandi was everything to me during the birth of my second son. I wanted to do it with no pain medication this time. Not only did she listen to me and support me, she was in the trenches with me from start to finish. She never left my side and interpreted every need I had. She provided counter pressure with every contraction that virtually took my pain away. She was like an angel to me, and I genuinely know I couldn’t have given birth this way without her support and compassionate care. She is a very special nurse who was born for this job. Thank you, Mandi, you mean the world to me. 

Nominated by Jacquelyn Carluccio

Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of New England Beverly

John Adamczyk, Encompass Health

John took amazing care of my grandmother, Clare Weber, in 2023. He treated our family with respect, compassion, and care that I will never forget. His presence was gentle and calming during the time we decided to transfer her to hospice care. He is very knowledgeable and can put a smile on anyone’s face. Thank you, John, for your excellent care. I am forever grateful.

Nominated by Jillian Cunningham

Marinela Hoxha, Encompass Health

Marinela was very attentive to everything I needed. She displayed grace and knowledge in her job, and I was never worried about my health. I knew I was in safe hands. Even after her rounds, she would double-check that all her patients were comfortable and did not need anything else. She was very approachable even though she was very serious at times; that only meant she wanted me to get the best care. All the nurses there were great, but Marinela went above and beyond.

Nominated by Camilla Deoliveira

Essex County Correctional Facility

Abigail Ragusa, Essex County Correctional Facility

Abigail, or Abbie, is the assistant director of nursing at the Essex County Correctional Facility in Middleton, Mass. Abbie consistently demonstrates care, compassion, and integrity to all she encounters even during the most trying times, including working in a jail during the COVID pandemic, getting through the day with a staff shortage, working long hours, and caring for very sick inmates. She is a hero and an inspiration. They say you can tell a lot about the quality of a person’s character by how they behave and do their job when they think no one is watching. Over the years, Abbie has proven to be an intelligent, authentic, resilient, and steady professional. We are very fortunate to have her at the Essex County Correctional Facility.

Nominated by Jane Sutter

Florence Sawyer School

Karin Frostholm and Audra Maria

Our school nurses, Karin Frostholm and Audra Maria, work tirelessly to ensure our students and staff are healthy. They serve on numerous committees, juggle home and work, and do so with grace while caring for our most vulnerable students (whose ages span from 3 to 14 — quite an age range). They are always ready with a smile and immensely skilled at caring for children when they are at their most needy. We could not operate as successfully as we do without them. Our nurses, Karin Frostholm and Audra Maria, deserve to be saluted.

Nominated by Mark Levine

Franciscan Children’s 

Lea Adams, Franciscan Children’s

Lea is a standout nurse. She cares immensely for her patients, families, and staff. Her compassion and family-centered care approach help to mitigate stress and anxiety for our children and families. Lea also coordinates with other staff to help support the patient and family holistically. She constantly loops in child life specialists for coping support for procedures, medical education, sibling and family emotional support, and event and holiday planning. It is a pleasure to work with Lea and see firsthand the joy and care she brings to our children and families.

Nominated by Christina Listernick

Danielle Hutcher, Franciscan Children’s

Danielle is a coworker of mine and always radiates positivity and eagerness to help in any way she can. I am a child life specialist, and it is always appreciated when nurses seek support for kids during potentially traumatic medical experiences; Danielle is never shy to do so. She cares for her patients with patience and poise. She brings smiles to the faces of our children at Franciscan Children’s. We are lucky to have her!

Nominated by Aubree Ronan

Brigid Marquedant, Franciscan Children’s

Brigid is everything a nurse should hope to be. As a newer nurse making the switch to pediatrics from the adult ICU (Intensive Care Unit), it’s easy to say I was scared. However, Brigid took me under her wing and has helped show me how to be the best nurse I can be and to be the nurse our patients deserve. She gives every bit of herself to this job and the kids. I hope that someday I can be half of the nurse that she is. She goes above and beyond for our patients and their families, and we are all so lucky to have someone like her on our inpatient team.

Nominated by Kacy Cameron

Francesca Niro, Franciscan Children’s

Francesca is one of the most compassionate and hardest-working nurses I know. She is always available to help coworkers and prioritizes her patients and families. She is a source of comfort to every family she works with. She fiercely advocates for her patients and possesses strong clinical skills. We are lucky to have her as a nurse.

Nominated by Jenna DelSordo

Shayla Weekes

Shayla Weekes, Franciscan Children’s

Shayla has always wanted to be a nurse. She began her nursing career at Whittier Street Health Clinic, but her calling was to work with children. She moved to Franciscan Children’s for that reason. She has become a gifted, compassionate, and caring nurse, giving children the best care they can receive.

Nominated by Miniard Culpepper

Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School

Ursula Crowell, Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School

Nurse Ursula (Nursula) treats students and faculty with the utmost care and compassion. Whether checking a faculty member’s blood pressure during lunch, tending to a student’s vocational injury, or helping students with panic attacks, among hundreds of other issues, Ursula treats everyone with kindness. She has also trained all faculty and staff to respond to student medical emergencies.

Nominated by Kelly Haggerty

Harbor Health Services

Martha Petrosius, Harbor Health Elder Service Plan

Martha is the most compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, and professional nurse I have had the pleasure of working with. Her clinical skills are unsurpassed. As a nurse myself, I was truly impressed by how she cared for my aunt. She never stopped fighting and advocating to get her the care she needed. For example, she worked to bring my aunt home to spend her last moments with her family. When we were unable to arrange ambulance transport, Martha fought harder than I have ever seen to accomplish this. I can honestly say that without Martha, end-of-life for my aunt would have occurred alone in a clinical place instead of at home surrounded by family. I will never forget the compassion Martha showed me and my family during that most difficult time. I will forever be grateful to her.

Nominated by the family of Colleen Wilbur

Hasbro Children’s Hospital

Tiffani Milso, Hasbro Children’s Hospital

Tiffani showed so much compassion to our son, who was very sick. He was diagnosed in March 2023 with a very rare autoimmune disease, but at the time, no one knew what was going on, so they had to run many tests. Tiffani always made sure to let us know what was going on and spoke to doctors on our behalf with any concerns we had that we felt might not have been addressed. On a night we received particularly scary news, she checked on me and offered a comforting hug.

Tiffani is so caring and really loves what she does. It’s not just a job for her. You can tell this is something she enjoys and something she was meant to do. The amount of care and compassion she shows for not only her patients but their families in difficult times is outstanding. We appreciate and love Tiffani so much. Our son never stops talking about her! He adores her. She really listens to her patients’ and families’ concerns. Tiffani is amazing.

Nominated by Melinda Rivera

Healthcare at Home

Brandi Pike, Healthcare at Home

Brandi Pike is a ray of sunshine. She is kind, knowledgeable, compassionate, exceptionally bright, and proactive. Brandi advocates on my behalf with my healthcare providers, for example, getting them to put me on nebulizer treatment. She arrives at every visit with thorough knowledge of my chart and offers expert opinions with a warm smile on her face. Brandi educates me on my vital sign readings each visit. Brandi always has time to inform. Each visit with Brandi makes me appreciate how wonderful a nurse she is and how fortunate I am to be in her care.

Nominated by Ann O’shea

Hebrew SeniorLife

Judy Alcindor, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center at NewBridge on the Charles, Hebrew Senior Life

In February 2022, my family had the difficult decision of moving my dad with Parkinson’s to a long-term facility at the young age of 72. Heartbroken and unsure of his future, we trusted the staff at NewBridge to help us make this transition. Judy went above and beyond, and we felt so lucky that it instantly put us at ease. 

On December 31, Dad had to be transported for an emergency surgery. Judy called us, checking in on him, and welcomed him back upon arrival, standing there waiting for him in his room with open arms. We are lucky that she absolutely loves my dad and goes above and beyond for him every day. His and our biggest fear of a long-term facility is no longer a fear but a blessing. I appreciate all the staff there who engage with my dad and keep his dignity in such a hard fight.

Nominated by Tricia Downing

Larysa Chou, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center Boston, Hebrew SeniorLife

I am writing to nominate Larysa Chou for her incredible work as a nurse for my mother. She completes each task with thoroughness and empathy, noting each patient’s unique needs. She goes to extreme lengths to care for her patients. She manages everything very diligently and is always proactive when issues arise, solving each problem effectively and thoughtfully.

Nominated by Alla Grinberg

Monique Denaud, Hebrew SeniorLife, Hospice Care

Monique is an exemplary hospice nurse with a long history of excellent patient care. She is able to professionally coordinate the care of her patients and work collaboratively with the interdisciplinary team to provide the best care possible. Monique has an incredibly calm, compassionate demeanor with which she is able to approach challenging situations, which is very comforting and reassuring to her patients and their families. We consistently receive positive feedback from families about Monique’s care, and her team consistently expresses their appreciation for her positive engagement and collaboration. Monique is a hospice rockstar!

Nominated by Julie Bailey

Nadejda Iurii, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center Boston, Hebrew Senior Life

Nadejda exemplifies compassion, clinical competency, excellent communication, trust in care, and advocacy for patients through her consistent and attentive approach. She consistently demonstrates empathy and understanding towards patients’ needs and concerns. She takes the time to listen actively to patients, validating their feelings and providing emotional support. Whether holding a patient’s hand during a difficult procedure or simply offering a comforting presence, she makes sure patients feel cared for and valued. Additionally, her attention to detail and critical thinking skills allow her to anticipate potential complications and address them proactively, minimizing risks to patients’ well-being.

Excellent communication skills are a hallmark of her practice. She effectively communicates with patients, their family members, and other members of the healthcare team, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. By keeping everyone informed and involved in patients’ care plans, she promotes transparency and trust, enhancing the overall quality of care. She always prioritizes patients’ well-being above all else.

Nominated by Larysa Chou

Alexandr Kleynerman

Alexandr (Sasha) Kleynerman, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center Boston, Hebrew SeniorLife

Over the past year and a half, I have grown to appreciate Sasha’s compassion for patients, workers, and families who come together on this busy floor. I am an African-American woman on a Russian floor. If it weren’t for him, I would be in the dark about many things that people are saying and doing. I am learning the Russian language because of him and, of course, the patients. Sometimes, the communication between the patients and myself is not going well, and Sasha comes to smooth things out and handle the situation. Other times, I mispronounce certain words, and Sasha tells me the correct way to say them and explains why they are said in a certain way. Like family, we fuss and fight, but ultimately, we always find common ground and understanding. I just want to give praise to him because he is a good man. He understands me, and I understand him. I care for this nurse so much; I wish the best for him and his family.

Nominated by Asia Kemp

Janet L’Heureux, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center Boston, Hebrew SeniorLife

Janet is the charge nurse, and she is amazing, caring, and compassionate. She consistently advocates for her patients and her staff. When a staff member feels stressed or challenged on the floor, Janet always gives a helping hand. She has a person-centered approach to each patient she engages with. Janet works on a memory care floor, which is fast-paced, and many challenges may happen all at once. No challenge is too large; she solves each one head-on and with precision. 

Janet is so supportive to patients receiving end-of-life care and their families. She ensures patients have what they need, whether it’s a warmer blanket, calming music, or support for a medical need. She supports the families while they are going through this difficult time and is always willing to be an active listener. Janet is the glue that makes this floor run smoothly. She is a great model of what a person-centered care champion looks like. She works so hard and is willing to go the extra mile to give patients the best quality of life.

Nominated by Jana Galvin

Nataliya Maychuk, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center Boston, Hebrew SeniorLife

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Nataliya Maychuk for her tremendous work as a nurse for my mother. Nataliya works with extreme diligence and care towards her patients and holds extra compassion towards each person. Though it is a very taxing and difficult job, she attends to each patient with individual knowledge, professionalism, and kindness. I have noticed on every occasion that she will take the extra step and go the extra mile for my mother and every patient. Nataliya approaches each patient’s situation with intelligence and concern. She is always accurate and timely, not only in her treatment but in her communication with the residents’ families and visitors.

She is always the first to arrive and ready to work before her shift even begins. In the toughest times of COVID or flu, she is a constant and a source of reliability. I have the utmost regard for Nataliya. I thank and recognize her for her continuous compassion, talent, and support.

Nominated by Alla Grinberg

Memory support team nurses, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center at NewBridge on the Charles, Hebrew Senior Life

I want to nominate my memory support team nurses at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center at NewBridge on the Charles. My nursing team always goes above and beyond in providing person-centered care to a challenging population. When it comes to exemplifying Hebrew SeniorLife’s cultural beliefs, this team truly fosters collaboration and success together. They are always willing to help each other out. The acuity of patient cases has increased in the past two years, and my nurses come to work with a lot of compassion, empathy, and patience. Honestly, this team is one of a kind.

Nominated by Lozel Greenwood

Anna Qiu, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center at NewBridge on the Charles, Hebrew SeniorLife

Anna demonstrates accountability and compassion and is a role model of patient-centered care every day she works. When she arrives at work, she cares about the well-being of her nursing team and ensures that everyone is well-informed about the patients as well as the plan for the day. She is very thorough in her nursing assessment of her patients, especially regarding skin and wound care. As a member of the wound committee, she continually strives to educate staff on how to best care for and prevent further breakdowns, which is appreciated.

In regards to caring for patients with dementia, she provides empathy to the families as well as to the staff who are involved with care. Anna does not hesitate to speak up for the staff or advocate for what’s best for patients’ safety and quality of life. Anna delivers nursing care excellence every day she works.

Nominated by Lozel Greenwood

Delaney Roberson, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center Boston, Hebrew SeniorLife

Delaney is a kind, patient, and caring charge nurse. She provides her team with outstanding leadership and always gives a helping hand. From the beginning to the end of her shift, she greets all patients and staff. She makes rounds to all her patients and takes the extra step to converse with them. She may be busy, but she actively listens and always shows interest in the stories they share, taking the time to engage with each patient. 

On our floor, there are many patients with many needs. She leads the team as a role model. She may see a large amount of call lights go off at the same time, and you will see her supporting the team by going to each room to answer them. When a patient is in crisis or agitated, Delaney is one of the first to help support and respond to the patient. Delaney enters any crisis with calmness and kindness. I have seen her de-escalate a patient, and it’s a magical experience to witness because she is able to help the patient quickly just by using her relationship, kind words, and calmness. In addition, Delaney knows her patients well. She is able to support the patient by understanding their wishes and wants. 

She is happy to help bring a patient to a special activity or the hair salon, knowing this will improve their quality of life. Last summer, Delaney volunteered to be the nurse on a special trip to the Pride Parade to provide nursing care to the patients who wanted to attend. She was very much needed and was, without a doubt, so helpful to the patients who attended.

Nominated by Jana Galvin

Klotilda Xhuti, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center Boston, Hebrew SeniorLife 

I would like to nominate Klotilda Xhuti for her constant dedication to helping patients, outstanding compassion, excellent care, and advocacy for her patients. Klotilda is always ready to help not only patients but also her coworkers. She is a great team player who is highly skilled and consistently displays and promotes high ethical standards.

Nominated by Tatyana Arber

Joslin Diabetes Center 

Joyce Keady, Joslin Diabetes Center

I am the Chief Medical Officer at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston. Joyce Keady has helped Joslin’s Pediatric Care team navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to our new normal, and she has played an instrumental part in preparing our workforce for the most significant changes in the last 30 years. She is absolutely committed to both her patients (who adore her) and the pediatric nursing team at Joslin, for whom she serves as nurse manager. She does this year after year with quiet humility and grace. I can think of no one more deserving than Joyce Leady for this great honor.

Nominated by Sanjeev Mehta

Kerry Milaszewski, Joslin Diabetes Center

Kerry advocates for patients every day at our clinic. Working in clinical research and patient-facing care, Kerry arrives daily with a smile, reciprocated by the patients and staff lucky enough to work with her. 

Her strong knowledge of diabetes covers all facets of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, but she is especially successful in training and assisting patients in insulin pump therapy. From educating patients about different pump options to submitting prior authorizations and adjusting insulin regimens, Kerry’s unbridled enthusiasm has made patients excited to learn more about diabetes each and every day.

Nominated by Ted Carbone

Katherine Nelson, Joslin Diabetes Center

Katherine Nelson embodies compassionate care, clinical expertise, and unwavering advocacy at the Joslin Diabetes Center. As a dedicated diabetes educator, she consistently demonstrates a profound commitment to enhancing the lives of her patients through her innovative approaches and thoughtful demeanor.

Katherine’s compassionate nature shines through in every interaction she has with her patients. Whether she’s explaining complex treatment regimens or simply lending a listening ear, her empathy and genuine concern for their well-being are palpable. Katherine’s ability to connect with patients personally fosters trust and creates a supportive environment where individuals feel empowered to manage their condition effectively.

Beyond her compassion, Katherine’s clinical competency is unparalleled. With a deep understanding of diabetes management principles, she navigates the intricacies of the disease with confidence and precision. Her creative approach to problem-solving allows her to tailor treatment plans that are not only effective but also adaptable to each patient’s unique needs and circumstances. Katherine’s innovative strategies empower her patients to take control of their health and navigate the challenges of diabetes with resilience and confidence.

Katherine exemplifies the qualities of a true healthcare leader: compassionate, creative, and thoughtful. Through her unwavering dedication to her patients, she embodies the values of the Joslin Diabetes Center and serves as an inspiration to her colleagues and the community at large. Katherine’s contributions to diabetes care are immeasurable, and she truly deserves recognition for her outstanding achievements.

Nominated by Ashley Pickering Brown

Kent Hospital

Christen Andrade, Kent Hospital Breast Health Center

Christen is not just a nurse; she is a friend to every patient, a compassionate caregiver, a supporter of family, and a leader for the Kent Hospital Breast Health Center. She is able to see and treat every person as a person and an individual. She has started a nonprofit organization to support breast cancer survivors, which she manages in addition to her full-time job. She knows each patient well enough to know who will benefit most from what the organization has to offer. She goes above and beyond for her patients and her colleagues. She has an incredibly caring soul and deserves to be recognized and honored for her hard work.

Nominated by Micaela Weaver

Martin Baginski, Kent Hospital

When I came into the emergency room (ER) for a severe allergic reaction, nurse Martin Baginski was extremely caring. He told me what he was doing every step of the way and what each medicine was for. He listened to my story about what led up to my reaction and didn’t dismiss my past experience with my allergens. He listened and relayed the information to doctors, which helped form a treatment plan. He even made sure I got medication for the bad headache I had after everything I went through. He was so nice and sweet, making my ER hospital visit less stressful and traumatizing. He calmed me down and told me everything would be okay. I’ve never felt more cared for. 

I’m doing much better now and navigating my new life with an EpiPen. Out of all the doctors and nurses, nurse Baginski really stood out to me because he really listened to me, and I felt heard and cared for. Thanks, nurse Baginski, for everything!
Nominated by Sara Schmidt

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Chrissy Ackroyd, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center 

Chrissy is the nurse you want. She will pursue every avenue until she finds the best plan of care for your specific wishes. And she’ll be by your side, supporting you and your family, constantly reappraising and modifying the plan as needed. She is highly intelligent and able to think clearly while juggling multiple issues simultaneously. Although Chrissy does not suffer fools, she has a beautiful compassionate soul. Chrissy is tops.

Nominated by Nancy Todd 

Kelly Gallagher, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Kelly has been a dedicated Lahey nurse for over 20 years and has spent the last 13 years working in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. It takes a special person to care for this acutely ill population, where there are often more bad days than good ones. Kelly is a leader and role model to all of her colleagues. She comes to work every day not knowing just how much the rest of us look forward to working a 12-hour shift by her side. I love Kelly, and she deserves recognition for being a fantastic nurse.

Nominated by Stephanie Wilson

Aracely Hardcastle, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Aracely Hardcastle, a transplant nurse, takes care of our live donor patients in the operating room. She is responsible for ensuring we have everything we need to do both cases that go simultaneously. She is present for all living donor cases. She goes out to meet both patients. She is compassionate, caring, and attentive to their needs. She answers all their questions with her loving patience. 

Her skill and knowledge in the operating room is unrivaled. We absolutely could not do these cases without her expertise in live donor procedures and protocol. Thanks to her guidance in the OR, we are one of the most prestigious live donor programs in the country.

Nominated by J.Pilar Cardona

Sylvia McEwen, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Sylvia has been a friend and colleague for many years. I am nominating her not only for her unwavering care, professionalism, and dedication to her job but also for her strength and tenacity for survival. Sylvia was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with metastases to the liver. By the time it was found, her prognosis was incredibly grim. She immediately started treatment and was told that she would only have a few years at best to live. She was immediately determined to have decades, not years. 

She has chemotherapy every other week, and for 21 months, she never once missed a day of work. After doing an incredible amount of research on her own, she found a doctor who could give her the possibility of having decades. She is currently undergoing a liver transplant, and after she recovers, she plans to advocate for all patients with colon cancer and prove that it is possible to have hope. She has plans to work at a provider level to educate and advocate for people with her diagnosis.

Nominated by Bethany Anderson

Haley Philbrook

Haley Philbrook, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Haley exemplifies genuine compassion in nursing. She was my nurse at the Oncology Center at Lahey Medical Center in Peabody, Mass., during my treatment for breast cancer. I was a young cancer patient, and she made every effort to connect with me and to help me forget about the reason I was there. She took a genuine interest in my kids and family and remembered things about me when I came in each week. She took amazing care of me when I was at the most critical point in my cancer treatment. She made my trips to the infusion center manageable during a very difficult and devastating time in my life. 

There were times I wasn’t able to get chemotherapy treatment because my blood counts were low, and she always delivered the news with compassion and kindness. She was always open with her communication and advocated my needs and concerns to the oncologist when I was unsure. Haley gave me the absolute best care when I was in the worst position possible. She gained my trust and made me feel better on some of the worst days of my life. I can’t thank her enough for getting me through those days. Haley is the ultimate best nurse, and I am thankful for her every day.

Nominated by Kristen LeBlanc

Ann Quinn, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

I have worked with Ann for 10 years. She truly embodies what a nurse should be. She treats every patient with kindness and compassion. She has a wealth of knowledge from decades of experience and communicates this clearly and patiently. Ann consistently stays positive no matter the circumstances. Lahey Clinic is lucky to have her!

Nominated by Nancy Murphy

Kay Stephen, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Kay’s compassion and empathy for her patients and families is a perfect example of why nurses choose this profession. She approaches everyone with kindness, respect, and sensitivity, which shows her patients they are well cared for. I’ve watched Kay hold hands, offer a shoulder to cry on, pray for and with patients, and allow herself to be vulnerable with them in a safe space. Her actions are touching and heartwarming in their time of need. This world could use a lot more Kay’s!

Nominated by Laurie B.

Lawrence Memorial/Regis College

Debra (Deb) Cremens, Lawrence Memorial/Regis College

Some people you encounter in life truly leave the most beautiful footprints on your soul. Deb Cremens is an angel (I mean nurse!) who does just that. She is compassionate, patient, knowledgeable, and kind. Her passion for nursing and helping others in need is admirable. Deb is not only a registered nurse but also a professor, sharing her knowledge and expertise with the next angels in line. I am confident that anyone who has been in Deb’s care, or even in her vicinity at one time or another, would agree. She leaves the warmest footprints wherever she goes and with whomever she encounters. The Salute to Nurses posting said to nominate a nurse who is compassionate, trustworthy, and competent. Deb is that and way more. The medical world, and the world in general, is absolutely a better place with her in it.

Nominated by Christie Sullivan

Lowell General Hospital

Nurses of the Oncology Care Unit (OCU), Lowell General Hospital

The nurses of the OCU are sincerely one of a kind. Their passion for what they do, day in and out, is unmatched. Whether supporting a patient through receiving a cancer diagnosis, supporting a patient through their last days, or helping each other through the ups and downs of both the unit and life, each and every one of them is an inspiration.

Nominated by Ashley Terranova

Lowney Medical Associates Hyde Park

Susan Judge Burns

Susan Judge Burns, Lowney Medical Associates Hyde Park

Susan is the second coming of Florence Nightingale. Her exemplary clinical skills, combined with a high level of empathy, put her in a category of her own. Susan thinks outside of the box and overcomes resistance with persistence. I have a very complex medical history, including colon and ovarian cancers with numerous laparotomies, three cervical spine fusions with hardware, and orthostatic hypotension, to name a few. Through it all, Susan always employed multifaceted interventions and worked with a wide array of physicians and specialists. She worked tirelessly on her days off and weekends to ensure the best outcome for me. The patient is always her first priority, and she is not deterred by the many obstacles nurse practitioners face in our current world of medicine.

On several occasions, doctors have told me there was nothing more that they could do. Susan assured me that she would pursue the medical issue further. On every occasion, Susan successfully found alternative medical therapies to resolve the ongoing situation. I have been admitted to many of the best hospitals in Boston. However, I trust nobody more than Susan Judge Burns. I hope that my brief synopsis illustrates her outstanding skills. Patients need to know that you care before they care what you know. Kudos and accolades to Susan!

Nominated by Cindy Watson

Lynnfield Middle School

Chris Sheils, Lynnfield Middle School
Chris has been the school nurse for my three children for eight years. She provides a safe place for them when they do not feel well or just need a break from the mental load of their school day. She often provides snacks and water to all the children when they need it. She is a prime example of what being a nurse means. 

When my dad passed away right before the school year started, she provided her office as a place the kids could go if they needed space. The school should be proud to have her, just as I am to call her my friend. When my boys are in school, I can find comfort in knowing they are safe and well cared for. Thank you, Chris, for all your love and patience with your students. It does not go unrecognized.

Nominated by Danielle Desrochers

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital 

Emily (Emma) Fleming, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital

Emma is the full-time triage RN for our pediatric practice. She is incredible, in one word. She is a whiz on the computer, and her charting is impeccable. She is very knowledgeable about pediatric illness and protocols and provides wonderful advice and triage to our patients.

She is caring, kind, and empathetic with parents and patients. She is able to diffuse parents’ fears and frustrations with grace and kindness. She spends the time that each patient needs, even working past her shift to thoroughly complete a call or situation with a family if necessary.

She frequently also goes far above and beyond for patients, acting as a care manager (as we do not have one in our department). Emma will call specialists, radiology, pharmacies, etc. — all in the process of gathering relevant information to help a family or the primary care team.

She truly raised the bar of pediatric triage here at MVH. She helped create a more efficient triage process, which led to better patient care and satisfaction of families and providers. Emma is a delight to work with as a coworker and manager. She truly is an ambassador for our pediatric team, and we are so incredibly lucky to have had her join our team! She is one of the most incredible pediatric nurses I have ever worked with, and she deserves the utmost recognition for her talents and efforts.

Nominated by Desma Warren

Mass Eye and Ear

Yonten Chodon, Mass Eye and Ear

My husband was operated on at MGB, but because there were no beds available there when he was out of the recovery room, he was put in a Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary (MEEI) room. He had special problems recuperating and much pain. Although her work generally, of course, was with MEEI patients, involving very different care from what my husband required, my husband said, and I saw, that Yonten went way over the necessary duty every single time she was called for, which was often, and whenever room visits were part of her rounds. She made his stay bearable despite much pain and much unexpected difficulty with recuperation. Hats off to Yonten and much, much gratitude from both of us.

Nominated by Anne Rosenfeld

Berlyne Sinous

Berlyne Sinous, Mass Eye and Ear

Berlyne is one of the most skilled and compassionate nurses I have ever worked with. She has such a command of the operating room workflow and approaches any stressful or demanding situations with the utmost calmness and grace. She cares for patients deeply and goes above and beyond to ensure they are comfortable and well taken care of. She is the utmost team player and collaborates seamlessly with others. When I am in the operating room with Berlyne, I am always at ease. I know everyone on the team can depend on her, and I always know my patients and I will be well taken care of.

Nominated by Nandini Venkateswaran

Massachusetts General Hospital 

Alessandra Basile, Massachusetts General Hospital

Alessandra took care of my wife, Joan, while she was in the MGH Ellison critical care unit for 10 days in December. She made her feel very comfortable through some very uncountable times as she approached the end of her cancer treatments and was made ready for hospice care at home. I could go home each night knowing that Alessandra and her team were taking care of and watching over my wife and her needs. She also comforted me when I was there daily, dealing with all the ups and downs of emotions. While almost all of the MGH Ellison 16 staff were very good, Alessandra gave extra effort to make my wife and myself comfortable with the hospital stay. I’ll forever be grateful to her.

Nominated by John Brandt

Kelly Bradbury, Massachusetts General Hospital

I have volunteered at the cancer center for a few years and have never seen such a dedicated and compassionate group of caregivers. I nominate Kelly on behalf of the team for their kind care, heart-sent smiles, encouraging hearts, and gentle hands. 

As a cancer survivor, I have personal experience with the work they do. Every patient is important and special. Family members and friends who accompany patients are treated with the same gentle kindness. Kelly and her team do everything with passion and hope. I hear them laughing with their patients, and when each patient leaves after treatment, team members thank them for coming in. Imagine that — having a healthcare worker thank you. It’s like hearing, “Thank you for letting me be a member of your healing community.” 

Please honor Kelly and her team for their exemplary professionalism and simple human grace.

Nominated by Penny Richards

Alison Bradley, Massachusetts General Hospital

I had Alison as my night nurse after I had delivered my second baby through C-section. She was the nicest, sweetest, and most helpful nurse I’ve ever had. I was not myself; I couldn’t get up and walk. She fed my newborn all throughout the night while taking care of me. She helped me walk and helped me in the bathroom. Giving birth and postpartum is very hard, and she was such a great nurse. She was definitely my favorite during my stay. Thank you, Alison, for great care.

Nominated by Nicolle Kemmett

Diane (Dede) Curtin, Massachusetts General Hospital

Diane (Dede) feels like family to us. My mom, my son, and I have seen Dr. Arvikar on a regular basis for rheumatology issues. Dede takes care of all that happens outside of the appointments, and we are forever grateful for that. She is on top of things, and her clinical knowledge is exemplary. Questions about our diagnoses, issues with prescriptions, and suggestions on what to do when the pain is too much are all a quick answer away on the portal or the phone. 

I have overseen the care of my mom and my son, who is autistic. Dede remembers each of us and truly cares, seeing us as more than a medical record number. We trust her implicitly and enjoy connecting with her because she is always pleasant and kind and knows the answer. She is a gem and deserves to be honored!

Nominated by Lisa Staff

Zoila Doherty, Massachusetts General Hospital

Zoila is a long-term MGH employee with excellent clinical and observational skills. She started as a medical assistant many years ago, and I worked with her then. Recently, she intervened in an issue of obtaining lab work. She quickly and efficiently solved what could have been a major problem. She is respected by all the staff.

Nominated by Diane Smith

Rose D’Orazio, Massachusetts General Hospital

Rose, my mother, has been my role model and inspiration for as long as I can remember. She’s the reason I am a nurse today. As a young girl, I’d watch my mother dress in her blue scrubs and leave for work. To me, in those blue scrubs, she became a superhero. I knew her as my mom, but the world knew her by her alter ego, Super (ER) Nurse. 

I graduated nursing school at age 20, and I couldn’t wait to become a nurse like her, to make her proud and be as good as I knew her to be. She always told me nursing was a calling, and I agree. She makes a difference in her work. She isn’t just a great nurse but a caring one who leads with compassion and empathy. And her drive to better herself and her practice led her back to school multiple times. She obtained her Associate of Science in Nursing young, as I did. After having three children, she returned to school to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. In her 50s, she went back to school again for her Master of Science in Nursing. Today, she works as a practice manager within MGH Revere but she’s also spent time as a clinical instructor, endoscopy nurse, and ER nurse, and she holds many committee chairs. 

She has always gone above and beyond, and I couldn’t be prouder. I would love to see my mother recognized because she deserves it — she’s impacted so many, cared for thousands, and inspired many young nurses like myself. I love you, Mom.

Nominated by Victoria Mills

Nichole Edwards

Nichole Edwards, Massachusetts General Hospital

I am a pediatric oncology nurse. I understand when you hear the words, “you have cancer” your world changes in a second. This is something my husband and my family have dealt with for the past year. After my husband’s surgery, he thought cancer treatment would be done. Unfortunately, he soon learned he would need to have additional treatment, including radiation. My husband decided to have his radiation at MGH in Danvers, rather than drive into Boston every day and it was there we met Nichole Edwards.

Nichole was the nurse we met with every Monday during my husband’s almost eight weeks of radiation therapy. She always walked into the room with a warm smile and would sit down as if she had no one else to see that day (obviously not the case). Her mannerisms can only be described as caring, compassionate, and empathetic. She cared about how my husband was feeling, physically and emotionally.

Though our visits were never long, she always asked about any symptoms or worries my husband was having and assured him when it was a normal side effect or was honest if she did not know why he might be experiencing something. Nichole took the time to listen, she was there for us. We always met with the radiation oncologist, Dr. McIntyre, after seeing Nichole and knew she updated him on my husband’s treatment course. Nichole and Dr. McIntyre were always on the same page — they make a great team and in turn gave us so much hope.

Caring for pediatric patients, we care for the patient and the family. I always thought in adult nursing, it was only the patient that had to be cared for. Nichole did not just care for my husband, she also cared for me, and that was greatly appreciated.

Nominated by Colleen Nixon

Mary Fay, Massachusetts General Hospital

Mary Fay is the nurse director of the Mass General Cancer Center in Waltham. As our nurse director, Mary has created an environment where her nursing team thrives in a collaborative atmosphere. In addition, Mary is an advocate for all patients who receive care at our center. At present, our cancer center is undergoing renovations, and Mary has led our nursing team to ensure that we can accommodate the needs of our cancer patients and those who receive medical infusions at our site. We are all grateful to Mary for her efforts.

Nominated by Amy Comander

Cheryl Griffin, Massachusetts General Hospital

Cheryl Griffin has been a nurse in my primary care physician’s office for many years. As an elderly patient, I have had many questions and concerns that I have addressed to Cheryl so that she can communicate them to my physician.

Always taking notes and reiterating what she writes to ensure all the details of the concerns are communicated is a testament to Cheryl’s clinical competency. If Cheryl calls back with an answer to my concern or question, I know the communication has been carefully relayed!

Just recently, I had a question about a new prescription. At 6:30 p.m., Cheryl called me to give me the doctor’s update on my path to follow with taking the new medicine.

For her compassion and understanding of the concerns of a patient’s well-being, clinical competency, excellence in communication, and trustworthy care, I nominate Cheryl Griffin in the Boston Globe’s Salute to Nurses 2024.

Nominated by Patricia Previte

Valentina Herrera, Massachusetts General Hospital

Nurse Val is the most intelligent, dedicated, caring, and detail-oriented nurse I have ever come across. Her drive for perfection is unmatched, and she fights for what she knows is best for her patients, even if she gets pushback from the residents. Her level of experience and willingness to help attract other nurses asking for her opinion. She keeps the cleanest rooms and provides services many other nurses overlook. She is a consummate professional!

Nominated by Andrew D’Alessandro

Sue Kappler, Massachusetts General Hospital

My baby was in the special care nursery for 42 days. Sue not only helped my baby but also helped me not feel alone during the tough times. She gave me advice and listened to my concerns. No matter what I said, she always made me feel as though I had a voice, and if I wasn’t getting through to someone, she would make it happen.

Nominated by Laurel Peters 

Christina Kim, Massachusetts General Hospital

My son, Jonathan, was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2021. Nurse Christina Kim from the Massachusetts General Hospital sarcoma team was the very first nurse we met on his team. From the first phone call, nurse Christina demonstrated an incredible amount of compassion by providing not just medical support but also emotional support to my son and entire family. She did all this while offering complete open communication during and now after his cancer journey. 

Nurse Christina has a special way of translating complex medical information into understandable terms. We like to call her our translator. I was a very nervous mom during my son’s cancer treatment, which I think most people would find very overwhelming and most likely bothersome. I had so many questions, and each and every time, nurse Christina promptly responded to me with compassion and empathy. She built trust with not just me but my son, which still to this day fosters a wonderful partnership for the continued health of my son. When he speaks about nurse Christina, he says she is “the kindest, smartest, most supportive nurse. She should have been a science teacher because she can break down the most detailed, confusing information in a simple format for me to understand.” 

As of this past November, Jonathan is two years cancer-free. He still needs to go back a few times a year for scans and appointments. Nurse Christina told us at his two-year checkup, “We are part of Jonathan’s life forever.” Jonathan and our entire family are so grateful and thankful to nurse Christina Kim for being part of the amazing sarcoma team that saved his life.

Nominated by Nancy Gardner

Tiffany Le, Massachusetts General Hospital

Tiffany showed compassion and excellent safety awareness during my time under her care. I was in the neuro ICU following brain surgery, and being a young adult with half my head shaved, she was kind enough to braid my hair to make me feel just a little more human! Sometimes, the little things can go a long way in these vulnerable times in a patient’s life. 

The most important interaction with her was when I wasn’t feeling well during a time I was out of bed; I lost consciousness, and she caught me during this syncope episode. I am grateful for her awareness and ability to keep me safe. I thank not only her but the entire nursing staff on Lunder 6 at MGH for the compassionate care, expertise, and skill they demonstrate each and every day.

Nominated by Mia Marchena

Tara Logan, Massachusetts General Hospital

I first met Tara Logan over a year ago, and she has continuously impressed me with her knowledge, patience, communication, and personal investment in the patients she cares for. As an left ventricular assist device (LVAD) coordinator, she brings extraordinary expertise to advanced heart failure interventions at MGH. Still, it’s the way she makes others feel valued that really makes her shine. I’ve often wondered if you can teach this kind of genuine kindness and acceptance, and I don’t know if you can. Every patient, social worker (like myself), physician, and nurse feels comfortable in her presence. She never has another agenda other than being the most competent support to those around her and investing in her patients. 

The most important things about Tara are: First, she is a caregiver in every sense of the word. Second, she is honest and loyal. Third, she is constantly looking to increase and share knowledge. Fourth, she makes me want to be better in my role every day. 

People feel better after seeing her. Amid traumatic and life-changing decisions, Tara makes people feel safe.

Nominated by Johnna Marcus

Anais Morales-Ortiz, Massachusetts General Hospital

I was admitted to the MGH Emergency Department Observation Unit early on the morning of Jan. 24, 2024. When Anais began her shift at 7 a.m., she was attentive, caring, and informative. She answered all my questions about the various procedures prescribed for me, helping me understand the difference between an EKG, ECG, and a cardiac CT. She had exceptional interpersonal skills and a calming demeanor, making an uncomfortable situation bearable. I was released later that day while Anais was still on duty. I was fortunate to have Anais providing care during my visit. She is an exceptional nurse and quite worthy of a salute. Thank you!

Nominated by Marilyn Grant

Michael O’Donnell, Massachusetts General Hospital

Mike is a former Emergency Department (ED) nurse, and when you first meet him, you can tell he’s been around the block a couple of times and has some stories to tell. That’s what I liked about him; there was no judgment coming from him. The first time I saw him, I had to get an infusion of Von Willebrand factor to prepare for my dental appointment. I had just been diagnosed with acquired Von Willebrand, a rare clotting disease, and needed this infusion for my dental cleaning so I basically wouldn’t bleed out on the dental chair. 

After the dental appointment, I had a PET scan scheduled. It was my 52nd birthday, and this was not how I had envisioned spending it. I was in the midst of all this testing to uncover the source of my anemia, which would eventually lead to my diagnosis of multiple myeloma. But at that moment, when Mike was starting an IV in my arm, I had my head down and got very sad. He wasn’t looking at me but picked up on it right away and asked, “Are you ok?” 

I thank the schedulers who put me with Mike for my chemo appointments once I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. It’s great to have some consistency when things are scary and unknown, and Mike was that consistency. He was always up for a great chat, very thoughtful, and he knew that I was a fellow employee at MGH and that I was focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Unlike most white men I meet, he was not afraid to talk with me about this topic and was very thoughtful and had insightful things to share. You could tell he’s really thought about it, wanted to do something, and was open to learning more. 

As a nurse who could put an IV into anyone, he was always in demand. But he always made time to chat with me, and his emotional intelligence was much appreciated as part of his care for me as a patient. I find the best nurses are those who provide excellent care for the patient that includes something beyond the clinical realm.

Nominated by Aswita Tan-McGrory

Katherine Parady, Massachusetts General Hospital

Katherine Parady personifies excellence in nursing. Because the operating room is an unknown environment in a restricted area behind locked doors and patients do not often remember their intraoperative team, excellence in clinical practice is often not recognized. Katherine provides impeccable care, respect, and emotional support for every patient and is a true advocate for them during the most vulnerable moments in their lives. She has an incredible way of making patients feel at ease in the limited time she has to connect with them before surgery. Katherine’s extensive knowledge of nursing, critical care, and surgical care makes her an invaluable resource to her colleagues, yet her focus is always on the needs of her patients. She works diligently to collaborate and coordinate care provided by the multidisciplinary team in the operating room. 

Katherine has mentored generations of nurses and provided never-ending support to both her patients and colleagues. Her dedication and compassion have impacted the surgical experience of every patient she touched and made the vascular operating room a great place to work and learn. I personally salute Katherine for her devotion to excellence in patient care, her kindness, professionalism, commitment to lifelong learning, and sharing her experience and wisdom with all who make up the future of health care.

Nominated by Marcia Salvucci 

Alichia Paton, Massachusetts General Hospital

Alichia has gone above and beyond for all her patients as the nurse practitioner for the Living Donor Liver Transplant Program at MGH. She built the whole Living Donor Liver Transplant Program from the ground up. No task was too big or too small, from answering phones to requesting medical records to creating and implementing policies for the program and much more. She has overcome challenges with grace and a high degree of professionalism. Above all else, her empathy and kindness for her patients is beyond measure.

Nominated by Melissa Rosenthall

Lauren Patterson, Massachusetts General Hospital

Lauren always gets to the core of how to best care for patients, and she voices and champions patient care in a straightforward manner. She collaborates with the entire team to deliver the best and timely care. In my most recent interaction with her, I had a patient with a new diagnosis of acute leukemia who needed certain diagnostic testing before we could start therapy. She was able to communicate with the diagnostic testing services to optimize the time frame to allow the patient to initiate therapy. These seemingly small acts have large impacts on individual patients. On another day, she helped communicate the care another patient needed on a non-oncology floor to ensure optimal care for that patient. In short, Lauren goes above and beyond.

Nominated by Rupa Narayan

Laura Rice, Massachusetts General Hospital

Laura is an amazing nurse who is very passionate about her work. I worked with her in the psychiatric unit during the pandemic. I’ve never witnessed a nurse who cares about her patients as much as she does, always looking for the best way to interact and reach whomever she is dealing with. She has such a caring nature, all while working at a nursing home and caring for her two small children. She is a true gem to the patients and staff she works with, both compassionate and empathetic. She is attentive to their emotional and physical struggles and tries to reach them on their level.

Nominated by Cathy Follett

Marcia Salvucci, Massachusetts General Hospital

Marcia Salvucci is a senior RN currently working as a nurse practice specialist in the operating room at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. I have known Marcia for approximately 20 years. In that time, I have known her to be one of the most compassionate and thoughtful caregivers I have ever worked with in my 37-year career as an RN and clinical nurse manager. 

Marcia is not only a fabulous person — friendly, brilliant, and kind — but also an experienced community nurse, a vascular RN scrub specialist, a team leader for neurosurgery, interventional radiology, and vascular surgery, and now a nurse practice specialist serving one of the largest operating rooms in the country. Marcia incorporates the business side while always holding on to the personal touch with everything she does. Marcia recently underwent a project saving the hospital thousands of dollars in expenditure on surgical kits and instruments. Marcia is warm, caring, and brilliant — a role model for any person.

Nominated by Scott Farren

Abigail Shaughnessy, Massachusetts General Hospital

I have worked with Abby as a healthcare provider for many years. She consistently goes above and beyond with patients and provides exceptional care no matter the circumstances. She recently moved into a leadership role in the department, but her previous position was not quickly filled because of staffing shortages. Abby continued to work with her former patients to help them, essentially doing two jobs. Once a new nurse was hired, she continued to work with our patients and train the new hire, even though that was not a part of her new role in the department. I also learned from nurses who filled in for her during the transition that her relationship with our patients and her work was pretty hard to replicate.

Nominated by Daniel Hoch

McLean Hospital

Matthew Canavan-Palermo, McLean Hospital

Matthew has the ability to interact with the teenage residents, the young adult certified rehabilitation counselors (CRCs), the medical and therapy staff, and the other nursing members of our team. He carefully and compassionately navigates the difficult lives of these residents and supports the CRCs and fellow nursing staff. He does all of this with an easy manner and is someone you feel comfortable reaching out to. The job has changed so much in the past couple of years, yet his care and concern for those he works with has not wavered. I can think of no one I would want caring for my teenager or working alongside my young adult! Matthew is a charm and a great asset to the 3 East Residential program!

Nominated by Barbara Parisi

Carolyn Chance, McLean Hospital

Carolyn gives so much attention and care to the residential unit of OCD Institute for Children and Adolescents (OCDiJr). Since our night nurse got laid off last fall, Carolyn has stayed late, making sure every resident can be supported and that staff has clear directions on how to help them after hours. Carolyn has created extensive guides — including pictures, detailed explanations, etc. — so evening staff can work with patients to support them. 

Carolyn is well-versed in how OCD can make basic nursing tasks, such as urine samples or vital signs, challenging and finds creative ways to work with residents and provide them with their care. Carolyn is also used to working with teens and kids; she knows how to explain difficult concepts clearly and concisely. Carolyn is essential to the success of this unit and supporting kids in their mental health treatment.

Nominated by Lucy O’Sullivan

Carolyn Chance, McLean Hospital

Carolyn Chance is a valued member of the OCD Institute for Children and Adolescents (OCDiJr) and a constant reminder of the strength, dedication, and compassion necessary when working in the mental health field. I recall some of the most challenging days we have had on our unit — moments where we’re working with limited time or resources, with a patient experiencing challenging circumstances, or with everything that could go wrong going wrong — throughout it all, Carolyn remains kind, well-humored, and passionate for the well-being of both our residents and staff. 

With the many different “hats” she wears, from nurse to cheerleader to IT support to manager to personal encyclopedia, she fills our unit with the kind of care and expertise I can only hope all patients and staff in our hospital system have the chance to work with. She energizes me each day I have the opportunity to work with her, and I remain grateful for her attitude and dedication throughout my time at McLean.

Nominated by Rachel Reynolds

Heather Ciaramitaro

Heather Ciaramitaro, McLean Hospital

Heather Ciaramitaro works as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. She consistently shows outstanding compassion and understanding to both our adolescent patients and their families. She is frequently recognized as providing a sense of security for patients and their families during a difficult time in their lives. She is thoughtful and caring and has excellent clinical knowledge. All patients who work with her benefit significantly from her care.

Nominated by Peter Adams

Heather Ciaramitaro, McLean Hospital

Heather is one of the most skilled psychiatric nurse practitioners I have ever seen. She has the calmest demeanor but is so wildly knowledgeable about psychiatric medications and therapy. She has this wonderful ability to make each of her patients feel supported and challenged at the same time. She is the best NP I have ever seen on a psychiatric unit.

Nominated by Catherine Lopes

Heather Ciaramitaro, McLean Hospital

Heather Ciaramitaro is an excellent nurse in all aspects. She is compassionate, competent, patient, and trustworthy, and she always goes above and beyond for each of her patients. Heather gives 110 percent to all of the patients and families she serves. She makes sure to attend all family meetings as a supportive colleague to the clinical staff and as a support person for patients and families. She is extremely thoughtful and handles delicate moments in a family’s life with the utmost respect. She strikes an important balance between advocating for what a patient needs and respecting their autonomy. 

She has become someone on our unit that colleagues trust to go to for advice and consultation. Our unit would not run as smoothly without her and all of her wisdom. She had a challenging personal year for various reasons, but she still was able to come to work every day and give 110 percent to patients and families. 

Nominated by Alexa Ventresco

Evelyn Ebai, McLean Hospital

Evelyn has always been a strong advocate for patients. She understands their medical and psychiatric needs. She works very closely with all staff to educate them about the patients’ needs. She communicates with the treatment team concerning issues of care. She has great compassion for our patients. The patients enjoy having Evelyn as their nurse.

Nominated by Karen Slifka

Teresa Henderson

Teresa Henderson, McLean Hospital

Teresa Henderson has worked as a member of the Psychiatric Neurotherapeutics Program for many years. She is an excellent nurse who provides kind, compassionate care to patients suffering from treatment-resistant mental illness. Her work in our Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) service has done much to help patients deal with the stigma related to their treatment. She has been instrumental in developing our ECT Support group program, which provides support and encouragement for patients undergoing ECT or contemplating ECT as a treatment option. In addition, she works with families and other support members of patients receiving ECT to help them better understand the treatment and ways to support their loved ones. 

Working with persons with lived experience, Teresa has helped develop a cognitive retraining program for patients experiencing memory and cognitive issues following ECT. Her interactions with patients and family members inspire hope and assist in the recovery process. 

Teresa goes out of her way to provide the care patients need, whether at the bedside, facilitating groups or providing reassurance with follow-up phone calls, and advocating for patients when they cannot do so for themselves. She is very deserving of being recognized for her outstanding nursing care.

Nominated by Paula Bolton

MaryJo LoNigro, McLean Hospital

MaryJo is a family nurse practitioner who works daily at McLean to help patients manage their medical conditions while getting help with their behavioral health from the awesome staff and clinicians. She approaches each day with an enthusiastic energy that allows even the most reluctant patients to confide in her. The number of times each week she hears from patients that she has been one of the most helpful team members in the facility is a testament to the care and compassion she shows to each and every patient she sees.

Patients often line up at her door to review medical concerns or sometimes just to chat about their stay. It is difficult for her to walk through the halls without patients calling her name, and new patients often come up to her and ask, “Are you MJ? Can I talk with you?” MJ has honed her craft over 25 years, and this recognition is beyond deserved.

Nominated by Robert LoNigro

Elizabeth Murray, McLean Hospital

I have worked in the field for approximately 15 years, and I have never met a nurse more dedicated to her patients, peers, and unit than Liz. Liz is the first person to respond to a crisis, medical emergency, or any other issue the staff or patients may need help with. And she goes above and beyond to ensure that her peers are working together and happy. 

She builds a personal relationship with each patient who comes through and ensures they know they are cared for and will have unwavering support. She is the glue that holds this ship together, and working in the biggest of the McLean units, I feel she deserves the recognition. This is no easy task. I feel like all nurses deserve recognition, but everyone deserves the experience of working with Liz Murray.

Nominated by Samantha Sullivan

Greta Nascimento, McLean Hospital

Greta Nascimento is an RN at McLean Hospital who deserves recognition for her outstanding performance attending to the needs of geriatric inpatients. Greta’s warmth, clinical skills, and compassion are evident in her daily interactions with both patients and colleagues. Despite the often hectic hospital environment, Greta calmly tends to patients’ needs. 

Greta is keenly aware of the indignities often associated with psychiatric care. She strives to respect each patient’s individuality and unique needs. This can be seen when she layers blankets along a drafty window to keep a patient warm, when she searches for a patient’s undergarments without which they feel exposed or uncomfortable, or when she brings in shoes from home for a patient who lacks her own.

Similarly, Greta gives of herself when she problem-solves with colleagues to address systemic problems that preclude optimal care. Greta does not shy away from hard work or uncomfortable situations. She is organized, efficient, and eager to work with colleagues to best meet patients’ needs. Despite the ambiguities about how to best care for patients with psychiatric conditions, Greta’s kindness, warmth, and caring are never in doubt.

Nominated by Lynn Goldsmith

Barbara Parisis, McLean Hospital

“Sully” has consistently been a source of clinical care and compassion for our staff and residents throughout very challenging times, both systemically and personally. She cultivates a space of high-quality care that is necessary for the vulnerable population we serve.

Nominated by Roger Pottanat

MelroseWakefield Hospital

Joselin Benitez, Tufts Medical Center Community Care

Joselin is the only nurse at our practice. She works for three doctors and two nurse practitioners. This office is very multicultural, and even with all the language barriers she faces daily, she has provided excellent care and advice to our patients. 

In the little over a year she has been with us, she has become a superstar in our office. She has worked hard to understand everything there is to know about state rules and regulations for children’s vaccines. She has also done follow up on every patient who has been in the hospital or emergency room. I admire the hard work and dedication she provides to all our patients, staff, and providers. We truly value and appreciate our rockstar nurse.

Nominated by Donna Miller

Eileen Giordano, MelroseWakefield Hospital

Eileen is a force of nature in all the best ways. She is a stalwart advocate for patients and coworkers and works tirelessly to ensure the best outcomes. Eileen rarely sits still and can often be found walking a patient to the right location, covering a break in the OR, or assisting a coworker. She is a gem.

Nominated by Christine Schultz

Vanessa Pasquariello, Melrose Wakefield Hospital

Vanessa exuded such kindness on a very difficult day. I lost my first pregnancy due to a miscarriage and was subsequently scheduled for a dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure. Vanessa came and introduced herself. She was compassionate regarding my situation and beaming with warmth, reassuring me that I was in good hands and that she would ensure I was comfortable and safe. She even managed to make me smile and laugh a bit before my procedure. She and the whole team were incredibly kind and nurturing. Although it’s a circumstance that I hope and pray I don’t find myself in again, I would be so grateful to be under her and her team’s care again. Thank you for being a silver lining and ray of sunshine when I needed it most.

Nominated by Rebecca Regan

Danielle Patturelli, MelroseWakefield Hospital

Danielle is a superb nurse leader who has never lost her sense of compassion for others. On December 20, I needed to have a cardiac procedure and was very anxious and frightened. Danielle met me in the waiting room, letting me know she would be working that day as the unit director and reassuring me that her staff, the doctors, and everyone involved would be there for me. While I knew the exceptional reputation of the unit, it was wonderful to hear. She came back often while I waited to reassure me and keep me updated on the timeline for my procedure. I know the unit and the hospital were very busy that day, but they made me feel as if I were their only patient. 

Every part of the visit that day was beyond my expectations. The doctors, nurses, techs, and everyone involved were kind and thoughtful. My cardiologist woke me to “Merry Christmas, you are okay!” Danielle leads a fantastic team, and I couldn’t ask for a better nurse. Thank you!

Nominated by Eileen Dern

Amanda Young, MelroseWakefield Hospital

Amanda was my preoperative (pre-op) nurse before my major foot surgery. I was very nervous about the surgery and the nerve block I was to receive before the operation. Amanda’s calming way really helped settle my nerves. She ensured all my needs were met and usually took care of them before I said anything. She got my IV in without me feeling it. As a perioperative nurse, I know that the pre-op experience can really impact the operative experience, and Amanda played a large part in making surgery a better experience. 

I actually work alongside Amanda in surgical day care and the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), and this is the same exact care she provides every patient every day. This is only a small snapshot of what an incredible, caring nurse Amanda is.
Nominated by Brenda MacPherson

Merriam Elementary School

Maureen Shirley-Jones, Merriam Elementary School

Maureen is an incredible school nurse. She works tirelessly to ensure that the medical and social-emotional needs of Merriam School students are met and goes above and beyond to support all children. Thank you for everything you do, Maureen; you are appreciated!

Nominated by Kaitlyn Angulo

MGH Institute of Health Professions

Christine Foley, MGH Institute of Health Professions

For many years, we’ve collaborated with Christine in her capacity as the clinical coordinator of our medical-surgical clinical rotations. In her role, Christine interacts with all our clinical instructors across the medical-surgical environment, skillfully orchestrating our clinical placements to guarantee the most enriching clinical experience for our students. Christine consistently goes above and beyond for both our students and clinical instructors, demonstrating exceptional dedication and support.

Nominated by Rachael Salguero and Karen Hunt

Maura Penfield, MGH Institute of Health Professions

Maura serves as the skills lab coordinator for our medical-surgical course at the MGH Institute of Health Professions, where she actively collaborates with all our students and lab instructors. Her dedication extends well beyond her responsibilities; she forms meaningful connections with our students, guiding them to think and act with care and compassion.

Nominated by Rachael Salguero and Karen Hunt

Pat Reidy, Margie Sipe, and Elaine Tagliareni, MGH Institute of Health Professions

Pat, Margie, and Elaine have made significant contributions to advancing nurse education through their work with the Department of Labor Grant at the MGH Institute of Health Professions. Their leadership and advocacy highlight the impact of collaborative work and dedication in healthcare education. This dedication will benefit future nurse educators and the healthcare system at large by addressing critical shortages in nursing education. Your work is so appreciated!

Nominated by Rachael Salguero

Morton Hospital

Rachael Pomodoro, Morton Hospital

Rachael saved my life. After my surgery on January 4, she figured out I was bleeding internally and took immediate action. She called a code, got numerous blood products, and prepared me to go back to surgery. She stayed well past her shift and spoke with me to keep me calm. Even before any of this happened, she was professional and sweet. She deserves this recognition!

Nominated by Cynthia Dougherty

Mount Auburn Hospital

Margaret Daly, Mount Auburn Hospital PACU

This nurse reassured me and helped me to come off of anesthesia at a pace that was safe for me. She went above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable, updated, and cared for. I’ll never forget being greeted with compassion after a nerve-wracking procedure. It was so scary to wake up alone due to COVID-19 risks, and she made it a lot easier.

Nominated by Ashlee Rollins

Erin Ferraro, Mount Auburn Hospital 

Erin is an extremely conscientious and compassionate labor and delivery nurse. She validates her patients’ identities and cultural backgrounds. Erin is a strong advocate for her patients, always thoroughly explaining procedures of care and never being afraid to speak up to other medical professionals when a patient has decided they do not want to pursue a course of action. She goes to the hospital every shift with a smile on her face, ready to help her patients navigate one of the most intimate, private, and fragile moments of their lives.

Nominated by Paul M.

Shirley Gillies, Mount Auburn Hospital 

Shirley provided excellent care when I visited the Quimby Center for Geriatric Care. I had been sick with an upper respiratory infection, including asthma, coughing, and feeling terrible for two weeks. She prescribed the correct medications and was kind and supportive about my condition. I called her later that night with more extreme wheezing, and we updated my treatment plan. I was then able to sleep and am improving today.

Nominated by Anna Whitcomb

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