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Betsy Cornell

South Shore Standout and Top Producer

Cornell stands in front of fall foliage. She wears a long burgundy dress and leather boots.Betsy CornellBetsy Cornell knows how to read the real estate market and advise clients accordingly.

What sets you apart from other real estate professionals?

“I approach real estate with both analytical acumen and a sense of accountability, given my early career as a CPA and executive director on Wall Street. My clients receive unparalleled end-to-end support throughout their home search or sale process, extending well beyond the closing. I’ve found my straightforward and researched approach establishes mutual trust with my clients. Whether analyzing comparable properties or clarifying capital gains tax, I’ve built my reputation of being knowledgeable and driven. As the director of The Private Brokerage for the South Shore, I’m able to leverage the resources of this top-producing team throughout Boston, the South Shore, and the Cape to provide my clients with access to the most personalized, sophisticated, and confidential real estate support available.”

Speaking of financial markets, how has the recent shift in the market affected business?

“It’s paramount for my clients to properly price and market their properties as we adjust from a historically strong seller’s market back to more normalized conditions. We’re still experiencing strong buyer demand, despite fluctuating interest rates and broader economic considerations. Therefore, it’s essential to think strategically about the timing and exposure of each property to maximize value.” 

How is your marketing approach unique?

“I take pride in ensuring that the properties I represent are showcased to highlight their full potential. From listing photographs to property tours and advertising, I obsess about both the big picture and the smallest of details. Whether it means calling in a painter and landscaper or grabbing a paintbrush and wheelbarrow myself, nothing is more rewarding than helping a client capitalize on the investment in their home.

Contact Betsy Cornell at 617-571-4668 or [email protected].

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