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Nicole Choate-DeRosa

Women-owned Experts in Real Estate Closings

Nicole Choate-DeRosa in front of glowing blue "Closed" signNicole ChoateNicole Choate-DeRosa of Coast to Coast Closings LLC

Nicole Choate-DeRosa has made a name for herself as a prominent closing attorney and title representative throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire for more than a decade. In 2022, Choate-DeRosa branched out, opening Coast to Coast Closings LLC. 

The company has quickly become a prominent competitor in the real estate closings arena as Choate-DeRosa and her team have concentrated a great deal of their resources on creating unique marketing programs to help real estate agents and loan originators thrive in their businesses. 

In her career as a closing attorney, Choate-DeRosa has assisted more than 2,000 buyers and sellers with their real estate needs and has built strong relationships with the real estate and mortgage community. She has a passion for supporting women entrepreneurs on all fronts, including her own office, which consists of several women attorneys, paralegals, and support team members. 

Choate-DeRosa believes in rolling up her sleeves to get the hard work done. She utilized her skills, laser focus, and determination in her personal fight against breast cancer in 2021. She is a mom of four who works tirelessly to find balance between work and family, and she is an advocate for charitable initiatives that give younger generations confidence and self-esteem. As such, she has served the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lowell in many capacities throughout her career. 

Home buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and loan officers can find a host of complementary resources on the Coast to Coast Closings website at or by calling 978-649-8342.

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