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Custom design for discerning clients

Duckham Architecture and Interiors

Kent Duckham: older white man with arms crossed smiling
 Kent Duckham, founder of Duckham Architecture & Interiors

Duckham Architecture & Interiors is a Needham-based firm specializing in architecture and interior design for custom residences.

When Kent Duckham founded the firm, he did so with an in-depth understanding of New England’s history and reverence for classical New England architecture. The firm takes great pride in its work and the relationships they build with their clients. Brainstorming is the part of the design process that Duckham Architecture & Interiors love the most—the synergy that happens when clients begin to feel like it’s their house, and ideas begin to flow. They believe that each client deserves a rich, personal environment to call home. 

Not committed to any one style, Duckham Architecture & Interiors builds timeless homes that focus on richly articulated details with unwavering attention to historical accuracy. They use the highest quality materials and work relentlessly to integrate the home into its natural environment. One of highest compliments they receive is that the new home looks like it has been there forever. 

The firm’s architecture and interior design are seamless and truly reflect a comfortable lifestyle. They would welcome the opportunity to work with you to create the home of your dreams.

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