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eXp Luxury Realty

Luxury services for every price point

Amber Jamanka is the founder of Move with Amber and the visionary leader of Team Alchemy, powered by eXp Realty. Her particular focus is on delivering luxury services tailored to every price point.

A woman with short, light hair poses wearing a black blazer and slacks in front of a brick building.
Amber Jamanka curates an all-encompassing luxury experience for clients.

Jamanka was one of the first agents in the country to become an eXp Luxury Division member. While this distinction reflects her experience within the high-end real estate market, she is committed to bringing the same level of professionalism, attention, communication, and excellence to all her clients.

For Jamanka, luxury transcends property; it’s about curating an all-encompassing experience where clients feel taken care of and are assured that they’re in capable hands. To realize this level of support, she has assembled a team of real estate experts, including legal advisors, tax specialists, contractors, painters, movers, and inspectors, among others. As a satisfied client said, “Amber isn’t just the most organized and efficient Realtor, but also the most supportive ally you could have.”

Jamanka’s passion for enhancing lives has a strong foundation. She earned a master’s degree in public health from Boston University and certification as a SUCCESS Coach®. Her quest for excellence extends to real estate professionals globally, leading her to found Team Alchemy, part of a nationwide partnership operating in all US states, and poised for international expansion across the 24-plus countries where eXp operates.

The very definition of “alchemy” signifies transformation, and Team Alchemy’s mission is nothing short of revolutionizing real estate agents’ careers, one agent at a time. Collaborating with Team Alchemy grants agents access to an abundance of resources: comprehensive training, competitive commission splits, live mastermind groups, powerful lead generation tools, stock options, brokerage ownership, passive income, and ultimately, a blueprint for complete financial independence.

Connect with Jamanka and Team Alchemy today, either as a client or a partner, and elevate your real estate journey to the pinnacle of luxury and success. Reach her at [email protected], 617-281-3333, or


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