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Laura Lowe and Scarlett Tamburro

Rewriting the Real Estate Rulebook

Scarlett Tamburro and Laura Lowe headshotsThe Agency-Laura Lowe and The Agency-Scarlett TamburroLaura Lowe (right) and Scarlett Tamburro believe that the same is never enough.

The Agency is a global, boutique real estate brokerage that believes more of the same is never an option. Behind each of our agents are the knowledge and resources of an entire global team. Quality over quantity is our non-negotiable.

The Agency is also redefining women in real estate with industry leaders like Laura Lowe and Scarlett Tamburro, who embody the culture of the company by viewing luxury as an experience, not a price point. Lowe covers Franklin through all of Cape Cod, while Tamburro is focused on the Boston area.

Contact these agents at 508-317-8986 or 617-281-2911

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