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Luxury Realty Partners

Where clients are family and service is personal

Luxury Realty Partners recognizes that every home purchase or sale is different. They are equipped with resources that meet every individual’s needs. Their commitment to clients extends beyond business; you become part of the family.

Four women dressed in black business attire pose together in front of a building with an ornate glass door.
The Luxury Realty Partners Team (l to r): Ester Tos, Olga Ban, Anya Kogan, Alice Matov

Anya Kogan — Founder 

Kogan is the visionary leader who unites the team. Her educational background in business and IT equips her with valuable skills when negotiating deals. With over a decade of experience specializing in new construction and custom homes sales, Kogan is known for being detail-oriented, proactive, and personable.

Olga Ban — The Real Estate Expert

Ban brings a wealth of experience in real estate development, condo conversions, and construction/remodeling. This knowledge equips her to instruct and negotiate on behalf of her clients, whether they are buying or selling homes. Ban leverages her expertise in sales, business development, and management to provide top-notch services. 

Ester Tos — The Legacy Expert


With a rich legacy in real estate, Tos brings professionalism to every opportunity — whether it’s guiding first-time homebuyers through the complexities of purchasing, or negotiating for a seller, as well as maximizing return on investment for seasoned investors. Every client’s best interest is a priority. Drawing from years of experience passed down through generations, Tos is committed to making each transaction smooth and rewarding for her clients. 

Alice Matov — The Rising Star

Matov, a student at Babson College, excels academically while making significant strides in real estate. As a valuable asset to the team, she collaborates with agents, gaining valuable insight into the nuances of the real estate market. Matov showcases her entrepreneurial spirit by venturing into independent real estate investments, demonstrating her dedication to mastering the industry.

Luxury Realty Partners see themselves as trusted advisors, dedicated to ensuring clients make the best real estate decisions. Their blend of local expertise, industry experience, and a family-oriented approach sets them apart.

For more information, visit or call 617-604-1800. Follow them on Instagram @luxuryrealtypartners.


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