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2022 Salute to Nurses Letters: Tufts Medicine

Tufts Medical Center

Ferdie Cigarel, Dialysis Clinic Inc., Tufts Medical Center

A few months ago, I passed out in the elevator on my way home. Fergie was the only person who was on top of everything. He pulled me out of the elevator, started fluids, and got me to the hospital. He’s a very special person. —Nominated by James Murphy

Tess Doyle, Tufts Medical Center

Very sensible and clear. —Nominated by Jim Colbert

Teresa Fogaren, Oncology, Tufts Medical Center

I met Terry Fogeren in October 2018, when I had my first appointment at Tufts Medical Center Oncology, Eighth Floor South. I was worried about my health and how many years I would have with my spouse, two children, and their beautiful families. I have five grandchildren—that’s a lot to live for. I was 66 years old. 

Numerous tests were taken on that initial visit. Beside blood tests, I had to have a bone marrow aspiration and a fat biopsy. Terry was the first nurse to do the bone marrow biopsy in a way that didn’t make me cry. When the results were in it was definite that I had amyloidosis. From the start, Terry was my constant source of support and encouragement. She’s spent hours explaining my condition and treatment plans.

I can’t say enough positive things about the medical teams on 8 North and South. I think they are all angels on earth. Terry’s advocacy for me has been outstanding. She often called in the evening to check on me and reassure me that I was doing well. Although I know she works with many patients, she’s always made me feel that I was her most important one. I suspect she makes all her patients feel the same way. —Nominated by Kathy Flaherty

George Guara, Tufts Medical Center

George didn’t just empathize with my complex medical conditionhe was compassionate. He cared about my goals and values and incorporated them into my care plan. He listened carefully, advocated for my concerns, and was concerned about how my recovery would go. He was never frustrated when I got mad. He was concerned about how I was coping with everythingnot only physically, but mentally as well. He brought himself to where I was, in my most vulnerable state. Thank you. —Nominated by Eric Macharia


Lauren Keefe, Tufts Medical Center

Lauren has taken me from severe class 2-3 diastolic congestive heart failure/restrictive cardiomyopathy on the verge of transplant to where I am now: off the list, and actually looking forward to my future. She did all this while restoring my faith in my team, and helping me heal from the trauma that a diagnosis like this at age 29 can bring. I do not believe I’d be here today, let alone where I am at right now, without Lauren’s expertise, compassion, fierce advocacy, and her ability to connect with me and meet me where I was. My journey isn’t over yet, but knowing I’ve got Lauren on my side makes it all a little bit more OK. —Nominated by Morgan Trombly

Jill Lopes, Tufts Medical Center

Jill Lopes, Tufts Medical Center

After being admitted on Jan. 31, I underwent a burr hole placement and a craniotomy with a brain resection. As you can imagine, I was terrified and experienced a lot of pain. Jill, a Pediatric ICU nurse, made me feel safe and cared for me greatly. A nurse demonstrates compassion with kind words, supportive reassurance, and competent care and Jill had all of these qualities. She demonstrated her clinical competency by keeping me safe during my seizures. She always made sure my pain was well-controlled Her nicest quality was her ability to remain professional while making me smile and laugh during uncertain times. Jill was always in communication with the doctors and made sure I was getting the best care possible. Overall, Jill was an outstanding nurse and a wonderful human. Tufts should appreciate what an amazing nurse they have in the PICU. It was my privilege to have met Jill, and I’m lucky to know her. —Nominated by Cailin Lawlor

Jill Lopes, Tufts Medical Center

Jill has been there for me through two Prenatal ICU stays. This time, I was in the Emergency Department. She came down to see me as soon as possible and hugged me and made me feel safe and better during one of the worst times of my life, just by being her selfless, caring, and genuine self. She hugged me while I got my shot and was the only bright part of my stay. —Nominated by Sophia Revett

Amy Mawn, Tufts Medical Center

Amy goes all-out for the surgical patients in the orthopedics department. She genuinely cares about everyone she meets. She’s very compassionate. For instance, a patient had trouble getting pain medications after surgery, so Amy went to the pharmacy and got them for her. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for her patients, and they all feel at ease when it’s time for surgery. —Nominated by Jill Donovan

Anne Rumizen, Tufts Children’s Hospital, Tufts Medical Center

Anne is a kind and compassionate nurse with whom I’ve had the privilege of working for 12 years now. She is professional and so caring to our pediatric patients. She is an excellent mentor and resource. She is an integral part of our department and we will be lost without her. She is retiring and should be recognized for her many years taking care of children in Boston. —Nominated by Michelle Kennedy

Veronika Testa, Tufts Medical Center

Veronika is our clinic RN in the kidney and blood pressure center. She helped the dialysis unit provide COVID vaccines to all our dialysis patients during the pandemic. She works hard to coordinate initiation of Tolvaptan, one of the only FDA-approved treatments for polycystic kidney disease. She acts as a liaison between the medical team, patients, and insurance companies, and advocates for all patients as if they were family. We are thankful to have her on our team and as a member of our nephrology family!—Nominated by Alyson Carey

Julika Wocial, Tufts Medical Center

With an open mind and an open heart, Julika has a true thirst for knowledge and a passion for nursing. She quietly leads by example. The Critical Care Unit would not be the same without her. —Nominated by Gillian Taglieri

MelroseWakefield Hospital

Alianna Martino, MelroseWakefield Hospital

Absolutely top-shelf. —Nominated by Joyce Pantano

Lowell General Hospital

Bonnie Boie, Lowell General Hospital

Waking up from emergency surgery is scary. Then being told I had cancer, an ileostomy, and a decent-sized incision was a lot. I had no idea how to take care of my ileostomy, so Bonnie, who is the ostomy and wound care nurse, walked me through all of it many times. She answered all questions and made me and my mother (who was helping me) feel confident that we could do this. She’s always caring and attentive when answering emailed questions about my wound or ileostomy. She’s a miracle worker, and anything she suggests always works. She is kind, and I am so grateful that she was my nurse. —Nominated by Amie Teixeira

Cindy Gaston, Lowell General Hospital

Cindy was extremely caring, patient, and compassionate. She made my hospital stay much easier than it would have been otherwise. The health-care system has endured such a toll over the last two years and Cindy has kept a positive outlook in communicating with her patients. —Nominated by Jeanne Wagner



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This content was produced by Boston Globe Media's Studio/B in collaboration with the advertiser. The news and editorial departments of The Boston Globe had no role in its production or display.