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Provided by Clarke

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Imagine a first date with your future kitchen

Designing a custom kitchen is one of the most exciting (and challenging) projects you will ever undertake as a homeowner. A kitchen is the space where you gather, entertain, create delicious meals, and so much more. It’s the room that many real estate experts say will add value to your home and, when designed well, it will help sell your property faster than most other home investments. 

So where do you start? Some homeowners browse online, feverishly pinning inspiration to their Pinterest boards, while others visit designer sites and amass physical files of pages torn out of design magazines. Research-minded homeowners often contact friends and family who have built a home or upgraded a kitchen recently to learn about their journeys. At times, this phase can be exciting, yet in the end couples are often left with lots of options and little direction. 


Beyond Inspiration You Need Expertise to Create Your Ideal Kitchen

At the Clarke Showroom, your appliance research includes professionals chefs demonstrating unique Wolf appliance features and offering an opportunity to taste the results.

Many kitchen designers suggest starting your kitchen project with appliance research because these selections will dramatically impact your layout and cabinet choices. Early appliance selection saves time and costly redesigns later. According to Claudette Andrew of Westborough Design Center, “Once we discuss vision and lifestyle, I always recommend my clients start researching appliances. Many people don’t realize all the exciting options available, especially if they haven’t remodeled a kitchen in a while. Doing that research up front saves time and helps prevent redesigns when they realize they’d like to add a steam oven, built-in coffee system, or wine storage to their space.”

Today’s luxury appliances are complex and a stroll through an appliance store doesn’t reveal all their features, benefits and operational considerations. However, New Englanders have a unique resource to learn about high-performance appliances: Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Showroom and Test Kitchen.  A great way to launch a kitchen project is to attend a complimentary Product Demonstration at Clarke (these take place at their jaw-dropping showrooms in Boston’s Seaport, Milford, Massachusetts, or South Norwalk, Connecticut.) This is where many homeowners enjoy that “first date” with their future kitchen. 

At Clarke’s Test Kitchen you’ll see various appliances demonstrated, taste the results, and have an opportunity to ask a Clarke Chef all your questions. There are two different product demonstrations to consider: the Wolf Product Demonstration or a Wolf Convection Steam Oven Demonstration. The general Wolf Product Demonstration showcases various Wolf appliances and offers an opportunity to compare various considerations, like the benefits of a griddle versus a charbroiler, among many others. The second demo concentrates on a singular appliance — the Wolf Convection Steam Oven — which most people add to their kitchen plans once they see it in action. 


The Oven That Changes Kitchen Designs

You’ll learn all about your many Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove appliance options and how they will fit into your lifestyle while touring a Clarke Showroom with your Clarke Showroom Consultant.

“The Wolf Convection Steam Oven is a game-changer for so many visitors,” shares Clarke Boston Showroom Manager Jeremy McCulla. In fact, 8 out of 10 visitors make the switch from a traditional double oven to a single Wolf Convection Wall Oven combined with a Wolf Convection Steam Oven after learning about its versatility. “Cooking with steam has endless benefits from keeping your food’s nutrients intact to creating the ability to rejuvenate leftovers to their original restaurant taste and consistency,” shares McCulla. 

With its signature “Gourmet Mode,” the Wolf Convection Steam Oven provides more than 60 presets that allow you to input the type of food you are cooking, and the oven will set the correct temperature, humidity and cooking time to create the perfect meal.  “So many homeowners envision traditional double ovens because they want to ensure oven space for large family gatherings and holiday cooking,” explains McCulla. “Yet, that second oven is typically only used a few times each year. When we demonstrate the incredible versatility of Wolf’s Convection Steam Oven, almost every homeowner wants this to be their second oven.” 

Whet Your Design Appetite with a Full Showroom Tour

In just one hour at a Clarke Showroom, you can learn all you need to know about high-performance appliances in a private tour with your Clarke Consultant.

Beyond your delicious first date at a Clarke Product Demonstration, you can schedule a complete showroom tour to whet your design appetite. Here you can gather ideas from dozens of extraordinary full-scale designer kitchens. Your Clarke Showroom Consultant will introduce you to surprises like custom refrigeration, wine storage, coffee systems, warming drawers, and much more. Want to learn more about induction cooking? These are the people who know the facts and can help you sort out what you need. While Clarke Showroom Consultants are not designers, they are the people designers rely on for appliance recommendations. Even if you’re not totally blown away by the showroom (highly unlikely), you’ll still understand why you came… it’s the expertise of these consultants that will make your custom kitchen design journey both easier and truly a pleasure. 

Melissa Gulley, owner of Melissa Gulley Interior Design, uses the Clarke Showroom frequently when starting a new project with a client. According to this Newton, Massachusetts-based designer, “There is no better way for my clients to see all the products and options available and to have complete confidence in the choices they are making.”

No Cash Registers = Zero Sales Pressure

Clarke is not an appliance store; it’s New England’s official Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove resource center. If you’re inspired to purchase any of these appliances, your Clarke Consultant will be happy to provide a referral to a trusted retail dealer in your area. “So many homeowners think Clarke is too good to be true,” said Clarke Corporate Showroom Director Marco Barallon. “They want to know what the catch is, and there is no catch. This is a very unique place where you can take your time, feel no sales pressure and gather the information you need to make informed decisions about the most important space in your home.”


This content was written by the advertiser and edited by Studio/B to uphold The Boston Globe's content standards. The news and editorial departments of The Boston Globe had no role in its writing, production, or display.