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Stacey Alcorn and LAER Realty

Keeping it Real

“While reality shows might have you believe that the real estate business is all high-end property tours, catered open houses, agent infighting, and endless spa days to stay primped and pressed, the actual business is more akin to walking through muddy construction sites, a Dunkin’ run for lunch, agents supporting one another to get everything done, and finally making it home just in time for homework and sports drop offs,” says Stacey Alcorn.

LAER group- Ten women dressed all in blackLAERThe women of LAER Realty: front (l to r): Sarah Lyman, Stacey Alcorn, Sarah Lewis (with baby Jackson). Back (l to r): Wendy Maguire, Robin Sendelbach, Darshana Shah, Kristen Keegan, Mona DeRosby, Olga Rotaru, Katherine Meisenheimer.

Founder and CEO of LAER Realty Partners, Alcorn should know. The firm closes more than $1.5 billion in residential sales annually, making LAER Realty one of the largest brokerages in Massachusetts. Alcorn says real-life real estate is tiring, gritty, and always humbling. As a leader, she works closely with some of the highest producing woman real estate agents in the Commonwealth — and says that the high performing women at LAER are nothing like the ones portrayed on TV. 

“Our female agents are fearless,” says Alcorn. “They wake up every day and fight on behalf of their clients in a highly competitive market. They articulate masterful arguments to get their buyer’s offers accepted among 20 other offers. They clean out houses, artistically stage spaces, and critique and compare photos to find just the ones that accurately present the home they are selling. These women play calendar Tetris all day long, mindfully meeting the needs of each client while also finding time to show up and be present for their own family commitments.” 

Alcorn believes that one of the keys to LAER Realty’s success is the firm’s many standout team leaders, women who support and build one another up. She is proud that her agents set the bar for successful real estate agents, not on TV, but in real life. 

You can reach Stacey Alcorn at 978-957-1700 or [email protected].

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